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Congratulations Elizabeth College. A worthy winner.
Pendle Vale College

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We have a winner!!

Ok I can't quite believe I am writing this at 5.41a.m (got to have a tooth extracted this morning and am very nervous about it!) but here goes. Thanks for all of your votes everyone I have now collated them and we have a clear winner but I must say first that I think all of the students and colleagues that took part are winners really - the standard of writing was so high and I know you all supported the kids magnificently well. However the trophy and medals can only go to one… Continue

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Hi all hope you've had a good day. Busy day for me starting to catch up on things that kind of got left by the wayside last week! I hope you all have plans to vote before the end of Wednesday so that we can find a winner - although I think that all the students that took part are winners the stories are so wonderful. My good friend Craig has designed us a certificate to use to award to students and you can download this from the WP Centrals Apps area on the WP Central page. He has provided both… Continue

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Great end to the week

Wow! I thought WP went well last year but this year my students were amazing! They sat down and started reading, writing and drawing, chatting away madly, so excited about the stories and where they could take them. The hour passed by in a blur and it was suddenly time for the students to upload stories and run for their buses. The students got so involved and excited that I had several phoning home to beg to be allowed to stay at school to chat to Caroline. A huge thank you to Bev for… Continue

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Final admin - very important!

Just when you thought it was all over! I know everyone has worked hard on their particular days and sorry to put something else on you but....! I have a trophy winging it's way back to me and I need a school to award it to! Most people seem to have followed on most days not just their own so when you vote please can you vote for someone each day? Voting via our Gateway makes things so much easier for me, I know a couple of people have had trouble logging on but I think this may have… Continue

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Friday - the partys nearly over!

Friday started early for me - jolted awake at 2a.m. remembering that I had to publish the stories early ready for Mandurah Catholic College to start work in a few hours! There was I sat in the lounge in my pyjamas with the laptop ...............felt just like last year lol! Shortly after I got to work the stories passed to the safe hands of Caroline in Holmesdale Technology College and I understand her students had great fun waving at their counterparts in Australia. Holmesdale were up next and… Continue

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CBL - Brazil has enjoyed every minute of it

We at would like to thank you for this amazing experience. We had LOTS of fun. The kids liked the stories and were excited about writing the next paragraph. We are already excited about Write Path 2010!
CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who has taken part on this incredible event.

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Monk's Walk gives thanks

Although we must have caused a lot of stress for Bev today, Monk's Walk would like to say a massive thank you for letting us take part!! Our students really enjoyed the session and the chance to add their parts of the stories to all the other schools'. Although a little stressful we thought it was really enjoyable and worthwhile experience that we hope to take part in again in the future!! Many thanks from us all!!

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Pendle Vale say thank you

The students here think that the Write Path is absolutely fantastic. The whole experience was amazing. We really enjoyed the video conferencing with Holmesdale Tech Coll. We enjoyed writing and reading the stories. We can't wait for next year.
Thank you to Bev for organising such a wonderful event and thank you to all the authors for starting off the stories.

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Hadleigh High is loving the Write Path 2009!

I'm amazed at some of the fantastic ideas that have come from the other schools this morning. The quality of the writing is truly stunning.... I wonder in a few years time, how many of our students will end up making writing their career as there is some wonderful talent out there.

Our students are now finishing off their parts of the stories. We've had technical problems actually submitting what they have written, but a quick e-mail to me containing the text has easily been… Continue

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Pendle Vale posted

What a great start for us, well nearly. We tried to video conference but hit snags so we left our IT techie to sort it out. Then the call came that we had made contact and we charged back to the lecture theatre. We had a good chat with Holmesdale Tech Coll and our students were very excited.
Then we had to rush back to start the stories. Apologies to Hadfield if you got them late...
Looking forward to the next time slot at 11.30

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Kingswood School

We're posting our experiences today as our Internet connection suffered a major fail yesterday afternoon. Good job it wasn't the morning! What a rush it all was- but a very exciting and enjoyable one. We got our stories a little late as did our previous school, Heathfield, so sorry to those waiting after us. Unfortunately it meant the kids from Heathfield had gone to their next lesson when we took their Skype call but their Head of English and Sue were great spending time talking to our… Continue

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Hadleigh High is ready to roll!!!

12 eager Yr 7s are sitting here waiting for the go ahead at 10.30am to start their stories! Already the ideas are flowing as what could be be coming next from the last school! Looks like it should be a great and very productive hour.

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Fun on Friday!

Comments from students at the end of our day - the beginning for most of you guys.

Heyyy it's Shania from MCC in Australia. For anyone who is wondering there IS a kangaroo hopping around the library as we speak. Seriously. Not i'm just joking... But anyway i hope you guys have a good time writing the stories and i hope you understand what we have written already... And if you get story number 2 that is the writing genius of me and my awesome friend chantelle and yes we know our… Continue

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Friday Story 1 - Robert Muchamore

Paul rinsed the lather out of his hair and almost slipped on the tiles as raced to his bedroom, wrapped in a towel. He jolted with fright as he noticed a man running across the lawn towards his bedroom window. The man was huge, dressed in a visor and black body armour. Paul opened his mouth to scream, but before he got a chance the front door was kicked violently from its hinges and the glass in the patio doors shattered. Men were shouting and running into the house...

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Friday Story 2 - Tim Bowler

Getting rid of the body was the easy part. It was just a question of heaving it over the edge and down into the shaft. There was a heavy silence, followed by a muffled thud somewhere far below them, then nothing. Just darkness and the sound of their breathing. They straightened up, looked at each other, then at him. He said nothing. He simply watched them back, studying their faces one by one. They'd done well so far, better than he'd expected, but he knew the toughest part was yet to come.… Continue

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Friday Story 3 - Cliff McNish

It was long past midnight when the Horror appeared at the end of Westmoreland Road. No one in the run-down housing estate saw it. No one heard it as it burst through the washing lines of the poky little gardens.

Reaching number thirty-three, Savannah Grey’s house, the Horror dropped its star-shaped head on one side, knotted its murderous claws behind its back and tried to work out the most entertaining way to reach her bedroom. There were many ways available, but the Horror was young and… Continue

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Friday Story 4 - Joe Craig

Kris was already half way up his street before he noticed anything weird. He pulled his earphones out and hitched his school bag higher on his shoulder. Why was there nobody else around? Usually when he got home from school his road was pretty busy. There should at least have been one or two people who’d got off the bus with him. But there was nobody.

He walked more quickly, peering into the homes as he went, searching for a sign of life – something that would tell him he was just being… Continue

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Friday Story 6 - Gillian Cross

When I was ten, my great-aunt died and left me a house. I didn’t even know I had a great-aunt, until I came home from school and read her solicitor’s letter. It was headed ‘The late Miss Annabel Marriott.’

Dad was reading over my shoulder. ‘That’s my Aunt Annabel!’

Enclosed with the letter was a note in precise, old-fashioned handwriting. My grandmother left me this house and it changed my life. Now it’s yours. Use it well – and be brave! Annabel There was an address underneath - and… Continue

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Friday Story 5 - Steve Skidmore & Steve Barlow

It was a bad beginning, an even worse middle and the ending is in the balance…

I know this sounds like some mad story opening, but it isn’t! This is real - as real as the snowflakes falling on the parrot that’s sitting on my shoulder.

How could I have been so stupid as to get myself involved in such a crazy undertaking? Why did I listen to my even-more stupid brother? And why did I agree to come to this awful place?

Maybe if I tell you what happened, I’ll find the answers and get… Continue

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