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The results are in!!

Hi Write Pathers, hope you've all had a good half term break? Have been out and about myself and was very surprised to run into Lorraine French, Trinity School in the middle of a country park - we do get about don't we?! I do now know the winners of this years Write Path but before announcing them I want to say how high the standard of writing was this year and how wonderful all the young people that took part are - it's a pleasure to work with such talented students (and their… Continue

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Hi everyone hope you've had a good week. I've noticed there are very few votes on the surveymonkey form for this years winners - I wanted to close this today so please do vote if you can. If you cannot ask the students that's fine, could you please vote on your own behalf for top Primary, Secondary and Poetry school. All members are eligible to vote so our authors can vote too ;0) . At the moment no clear winners so please please try and get your votes in today.…


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Added entries to Library Online website

I have now written about our experience with Write Path on our library website and will continue to add posts when the book is published:

Fantastic experience with Write Path

Write Path 2010 - more!

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All over - bar the proof reading!

I'm sitting here feeling slightly sad right now because it's the end of this years Write Path but what a wonderful couple of weeks it's been. Today's entrants have kept up the high standard and the books are going to be absolutely fab. I hope to send them to print in a couple of weeks but as you probably already realise putting them all together is a bit of a mammoth task. Can't wait to see them though!! So many memories I will treasure from this year, including having a lovely video chat with… Continue

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Write Path Friday!

Well! What an amazoing day it has been, and how fantastic have the stories turned out to be? We have been reading them all day, wondering what would happen!

We t ried to Skype with the previous school but couldn't seem to contact them, sadly :( it could have been our IT. We had a few 'blips' with one story being deleted when the internet disappeared off the screen, just as Jordan finished his story. Thankfully, we had just enough time to get it typed up before he had to go…


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Hello from Jack and Anthony in Guernsey

Hey guys. It feels great to have posted our paragraph on here. It's quite gory, hope it doesn't give you nightmares. Good Luck.

P.S: Watch out for the sewer rats!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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:) yay :)

Students worked brilliantly and we hope that Guernsey will enjoy writing the next part of the stories

i thought it was really fun and produced come good solid work. 'Niall Godfree'.

I thought it was cool and awsome;) :D Dominic Fitzpatrick


It was pretty cool. Missed a maths test tooo!!! YAY! :) Lucy Ong

I thought it was challenging but the end result was good :0 Caroline…


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All of ours uploaded, over to the next school :)

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We have 5 stories not 6 on the 15th?

Hi Bev, already to go here. Got the doughnuts!

Its bound to be a success!

Jan at Delany

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Good Morning Australia

Good morning! I am sitting here waiting for a school in New Zealand to finish stories that our junior school wrote today and looking forward to reading your contribution to the stories that our senior school will be continuing tomorrow. As an adult I still love the idea of time zones and the fact that here is a dark cold autumn night and we are getting ready for bed and you and your students are ready to face the new day! Have fun and happy writing! If you want to see more of where we live,…


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15th October - Sorrel Anderson

On my first birthday a speeding car crashed through the wall of our house and crashed back out again, narrowly missing the cot where I lay sleeping. Or so I am told.

On my third birthday a bolt of lightening struck the roof of our house and the telly exploded, narrowly missing the rug where I sat playing. I have no recollection of the event.

But I vividly remember my fifth birthday, when a man dressed as a clown unicycled - uninvited and at top speed - into and around our… Continue

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15th October - Marcus Sedgwick

London, 1825. A horrific place. It is dark and dirty. A thin, eery

mist creeps through the streets. It is quiet. No! Footsteps! Someone

is running madly down the narrow cobbled streets. It is a man, and

from the look on his face he is terrified. As he runs he looks over

his shoulder. He turns into a tiny scraggy alley, and is gone. Then

some terrible ragged thing looms out of the mist for a moment, and it

too goes down the alley. There is silence for a moment, and… Continue

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15th October - Dave Cryer

My story really begins on the day my own dad was sacked by his own mother, who – yes, you’ve worked it out – is my own gran.

I’m Sarah Parks, but everyone calls me Sparky. I’ll explain why later, but first of all let me tell you how my grandmother booted my dad out of his job.

This might sound a bit weird, but there are four main people in my family and until the day in question – just before Christmas would you believe – all four of us were, for one strange term, all in… Continue

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15th October - Bali Rai

The cave entrance was dark and forbidding, the only light came from my torch. I stood completely still, frozen in terror. Behind me was the monster, relentless in its pursuit. I had no choice. Either I faced my fears or I turned back the way I’d come - back towards the monster. Yeah, like that was a choice…

I closed my eyes and tried to summon up courage. It’s only darkness, I told myself, repeating what my mum used to tell me, when I wouldn’t go to bed. Nothing to be afraid of. My legs… Continue

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15th October - Ali Sparkes

SOMETHING is stuck in my eye. Not a bit of grit. Not a vindictive finger from my brother, either. We all see things, don’t we? Tricks of the light. Well, yeah. And I’ve been seeing tricks of the light for a couple of weeks. Something dark to my left. Something… crouching. Always to the left. But of course, as soon as I turned to look… nothing.

Until this morning, when I sat up in bed and saw it again. To the left. Crouching. I opened the curtains, ready to find it gone again.

But when… Continue

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Hello New Zealand!


We are all waiting to see what you will do with the stories that we have been working on today. Hope you have as much fun as we did!

Mrs Garnett

Elizabeth College / Beechwood School

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15th October - A G Taylor

The sign reads Danger – Live Explosives. Danny and I ignore it as we duck under the black and yellow Do Not Cross tape and step into the entrance hall, which is deathly quiet now all the tenants have moved out. Tower Block #3 has a bad reputation, even by local standards: muggings, burglaries and all the unsolved murders. It’s a good thing it’s finally being demolished, if you ask me. But not until 2pm this afternoon.

As we enter the lift and the doors close, Danny asks, “How much cash do… Continue

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Finally finished at Oakbank

So having concluded that our missing paragraph was gone for good, Samantha was so keen to make sure we didn't let the side down that she rewrote their entire entry last night at home and brought it in this morning! What a star!

Our contribution to Natasha Narayan's story now finally uploaded, I'll ask the students for their votes before we finish for half term in a week.

Brilliant and most enjoyable experience, but was having so much fun with the students I totally forgot to…


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Castercliff calling

Pendle Vale have just hosted students from one of our local primary schools to take part in the Write Path. We had a brill afternoon which started with a VC with Sandbach school in Cheshire. Big thank you to both schools IT technicians who sorted us out and to Eve for agreeing to it and also to my WP team who were excellent helpers with the yr 6 students. They really enjoyed the story writing and we had some excellent ideas, thank you to the schools before us for their contribution to the…


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Hello from Guernsey!

Hello from Guernsey! Wow - what a great start for us, the continuations that we were given today from the previous schools were excellent, so it made our job much easier.

I have had a great lunchtime working with students from our Junior School, Beechwood. What a great group of students! They had a fantastic time and worked very hard to get their ideas typed up while eating cake! (sorry if you find any crumbs in their stories!). Thanks to Mr Veron and Monsieur Andre for bringing…


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