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We have a winner!!

Ok I can't quite believe I am writing this at 5.41a.m (got to have a tooth extracted this morning and am very nervous about it!) but here goes. Thanks for all of your votes everyone I have now collated them and we have a clear winner but I must say first that I think all of the students and colleagues that took part are winners really - the standard of writing was so high and I know you all supported the kids magnificently well. However the trophy and medals can only go to one… Continue

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Hi all hope you've had a good day. Busy day for me starting to catch up on things that kind of got left by the wayside last week! I hope you all have plans to vote before the end of Wednesday so that we can find a winner - although I think that all the students that took part are winners the stories are so wonderful. My good friend Craig has designed us a certificate to use to award to students and you can download this from the WP Centrals Apps area on the WP Central page. He has provided both… Continue

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Final admin - very important!

Just when you thought it was all over! I know everyone has worked hard on their particular days and sorry to put something else on you but....! I have a trophy winging it's way back to me and I need a school to award it to! Most people seem to have followed on most days not just their own so when you vote please can you vote for someone each day? Voting via our Gateway makes things so much easier for me, I know a couple of people have had trouble logging on but I think this may have… Continue

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Friday - the partys nearly over!

Friday started early for me - jolted awake at 2a.m. remembering that I had to publish the stories early ready for Mandurah Catholic College to start work in a few hours! There was I sat in the lounge in my pyjamas with the laptop ...............felt just like last year lol! Shortly after I got to work the stories passed to the safe hands of Caroline in Holmesdale Technology College and I understand her students had great fun waving at their counterparts in Australia. Holmesdale were up next and… Continue

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Friday Story 1 - Robert Muchamore

Paul rinsed the lather out of his hair and almost slipped on the tiles as raced to his bedroom, wrapped in a towel. He jolted with fright as he noticed a man running across the lawn towards his bedroom window. The man was huge, dressed in a visor and black body armour. Paul opened his mouth to scream, but before he got a chance the front door was kicked violently from its hinges and the glass in the patio doors shattered. Men were shouting and running into the house...

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Friday Story 2 - Tim Bowler

Getting rid of the body was the easy part. It was just a question of heaving it over the edge and down into the shaft. There was a heavy silence, followed by a muffled thud somewhere far below them, then nothing. Just darkness and the sound of their breathing. They straightened up, looked at each other, then at him. He said nothing. He simply watched them back, studying their faces one by one. They'd done well so far, better than he'd expected, but he knew the toughest part was yet to come.… Continue

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Friday Story 3 - Cliff McNish

It was long past midnight when the Horror appeared at the end of Westmoreland Road. No one in the run-down housing estate saw it. No one heard it as it burst through the washing lines of the poky little gardens.

Reaching number thirty-three, Savannah Grey’s house, the Horror dropped its star-shaped head on one side, knotted its murderous claws behind its back and tried to work out the most entertaining way to reach her bedroom. There were many ways available, but the Horror was young and… Continue

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Friday Story 4 - Joe Craig

Kris was already half way up his street before he noticed anything weird. He pulled his earphones out and hitched his school bag higher on his shoulder. Why was there nobody else around? Usually when he got home from school his road was pretty busy. There should at least have been one or two people who’d got off the bus with him. But there was nobody.

He walked more quickly, peering into the homes as he went, searching for a sign of life – something that would tell him he was just being… Continue

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Friday Story 6 - Gillian Cross

When I was ten, my great-aunt died and left me a house. I didn’t even know I had a great-aunt, until I came home from school and read her solicitor’s letter. It was headed ‘The late Miss Annabel Marriott.’

Dad was reading over my shoulder. ‘That’s my Aunt Annabel!’

Enclosed with the letter was a note in precise, old-fashioned handwriting. My grandmother left me this house and it changed my life. Now it’s yours. Use it well – and be brave! Annabel There was an address underneath - and… Continue

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Friday Story 5 - Steve Skidmore & Steve Barlow

It was a bad beginning, an even worse middle and the ending is in the balance…

I know this sounds like some mad story opening, but it isn’t! This is real - as real as the snowflakes falling on the parrot that’s sitting on my shoulder.

How could I have been so stupid as to get myself involved in such a crazy undertaking? Why did I listen to my even-more stupid brother? And why did I agree to come to this awful place?

Maybe if I tell you what happened, I’ll find the answers and get… Continue

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Thursday already!

The week is flying by - can't believe only have one day left it's been such fun. Yes ok I may have a few more grey hairs under the hair dye but never mind! Blackheath Bluecoat were our first school today and as they had only joined the day before they were magnificent. Heathfield School carried on, hi Sue! and they passed to my Twitter friend Nicola McNee. The stories were a little late leaving Kingswood but old hands Warblington made up time easily - taking part last year must have given them… Continue

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Wednesday catchup!

Didn't get round to putting a blog post last night - was exhausted! What a start to the day it was yesterday - wonderful contributions from Pakistan and my favourite author featured (anyone who was at the SLA conference can probably guess who that is - Gervase Phinn!). My boys were second and they seemed to enjoy themselves - especially Joe who gave a sterling performance for the video story - I laughed out loud he is a born entertainer. Unity City Academy took up the gauntlet next and we had a… Continue

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Thursday Story 1 - Marcus Sedgwick

It was only after they’d bought the house that they found the writing. It’s silly really. A house is the most expensive thing you’ll ever buy, and you spend less time inspecting it than a new TV.

The house had been such a bargain, and there was so much to sort out in a very short time, that it was only after they’d moved into the ancient place, and begun to pull up old carpets, and uncover old walls, that they found the writing.

It was hard to read, because the words were written…

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Thursday Story 2 - Andy Briggs

Millie and Cavan sprinted into the room. Millie stopped so suddenly that Cavan ran into her.

‘Don’t just stop!’ cried Cavan, glancing over his shoulder to see if they were still being pursued. The eggy smell and ominous sound of bagpipes was still behind him. They weren’t safe yet.

He followed Millie’s gaze back into the room and realized why they had stopped.

‘Wow. That’s... weird.’

The room was clinically white and formed a perfect hemisphere. There were no other…

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Thursday Story 3 - Eleanor Updale

I hadn't been texting, I would have seen the sign; and If I'd read it, I

would never have gone through the gate. It's not as if I go looking for

trouble. If I hadn't sent that text - if I'd finished it just a heartbeat

later - Sam wouldn't have set off to meet me. We would both be at home now:

warm, dry, and safe. It's all my fault. But I didn't know. Why should I

have worried? There was no fear in the air, no strange noises, or any hint

of the terrible smell…

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Thursday Story 4 - Alexander McCall Smith

The room was quiet apart from the persistent buzzing of a large fly. The boy sat back in his chair and watched the fly as it moved from wall to wall and floor to ceiling, pausing only for a moment or two before it continued its erratic flight. Watching a fly can be a relaxing way of passing a few idle moments, but it can also be a trigger for great and exciting thoughts. As he watched the fly one such thought came into the mind of the boy. Immediately he leapt to his feet and rushed to the… Continue

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Thursday Story 5 - Peter J Murray

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?’ Jake asked with a sly smile on his face.

‘Too true!’ Julie frowned. ‘I always know what’s going on in your head!’

The twins stopped outside the boarded-up old house. The rusted iron gate was slightly open…almost beckoning the two eleven-year-olds to enter in.

‘Do you think they’re true…the rumours and the spooky stories?’

Julie looked even more serious than before. ‘I’m not sure about vampires and stuff like that. I think that’s just…

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Thursday Story 6 - Tony Lee

'Put down the knife, Dave. This is stupid.'

Billy Roberts stared across the now empty gym floor at his friend, currently standing by the wall, a sheen of sweat giving his face an unearthly glow under the lights, his eyes wide and piercing as he stared back at Billy while waving the old looking, ornamental dagger in his hand.

'Dave's gone, Billy.' He whispered, licking his lips and giggling as he spoke. 'He opened the box. He found the dagger. The dagger of the fallen.'…

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Wednesday Story 1 - Linda Newberry

It was my favourite place, and I went there to be by myself. I’d found it by accident, in a scrubby bit at the edge of the park, and no one else knew where it was – I took care that nobody could follow me there. Sometimes I’d just sit inside, in the cover of the branches and bracken. Sometimes I took something to eat, or read.

But I suppose I got careless, and on Friday after school I ducked into my hiding place to find that someone had been there before me. They’d left litter –…

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Wednesday Story 2 - Gervase Phinn

Dominic could not believe it.He just could not believe it, When he heard the news, the most horrid and horrible , awful and appalling, dire and dreadful news in the whole wide world, he stood there in school assembly frozen to the spot, his mouth wide open in disbelief and his heart in his shoes. He just could not believe what he had just heard. “Oh nooooo,” he murmured to himself, rolling his eyes heavenwards “Pleeease not that. Anything but that.”

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