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2/9/15 Priory School story 12 Barry Hutchison

How long have I been asleep? Days......weeks.....months? Down here in the dark , locked away, out of sight. The others are still sleeping, the boy, the girl, their parents but......I’m not the only thing awake down here. Something’s with us , something lurking in the shadows , something.......wrong. I can hear it walking – no not walking, skulking creeping across the floor, over the supplies, over the equipment keeping the others alive. I can…


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2/9/15 Priory School story 13 Bali Rai!/home

The ball sailed through the air, ready to be walloped at just the right time. My contact was sweet and – PING! It flew into the net.

‘YES!!!!!!!!!!’ I screamed, pulling my red jersey over my head and hopping around like a crazy rabbit.

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2/9/15 Priory School story 14 Andy Briggs

Waves the size of houses tossed the trawler back and forth like matchwood. The storm had taken the Captain by surprise. Never in his thirty years at the helm had he seen a front move in with such speed, black clouds moving with preternatural fury.

What had summoned them, the captain didn’t know. He knew the sea held secrets it was reluctant to surrender. Out here there were…


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2/9/15 Priory School story 15 Ali Sparkes

Daisy Smith was afraid of the cracks in the pavement. She avoided stepping on them. Not because of some stupid game at school or an ant phobia or something. No. Daisy had bigger issues than that. She was the only girl in Stimpson who knew the truth about what lay beneath the paving slabs. And worse, she was only one who knew that it wasn't staying down there... not for much longer...

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2/9/15 Priory School story 17 The 2 Steves

I don't care what they say, it's not my fault.

I know I was there and I know how it looks to the outside world, but I'll say it again, it's not my fault.

So, it isn't fair that I'm sitting here in this dark room, with these people (at least I think they are people) staring at me. They all think I'm to blame - and I…


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2/9/15 Priory School story 16 Alan Gibbons

Everybody was excited about the trip to Spain. We hadn't seen my older sister Beth for a month. She was working on the Costa Del Sol for the summer before starting university. The mystery started the moment we arrived at Malaga Airport. Beth wasn't there to meet us. Worse still, when we got to the apartment block where she lived, the caretaker said he hadn't seen her for two days. Suddenly, Mum and Dad were worried. We stood in the street,…


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Write Path October 2015

Hi everyone hope you all had a great Easter and are well and happy. The booking for October Write Path is now open, it will run for two weeks between the 8th - 22nd October with the 8th and 15th being poetry days and the 9th and 16th being primary school days. Charge per group is still £80 with a discount for more than one group from one school (each group can be up to 30 students). Payment as soon as possible to guarantee your place please, if this is going to be a problem please contact…


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5/3/15 Dave Cryer 2

My mum is dead. That is absolutely certain. I saw her body in the coffin. Like a waxwork it was. It wasn’t her. It was like an empty shell. She’d gone and she was never coming back. I saw the lid closed down. I saw the coffin get lowered into the grave. And I saw it the next day when the gravediggers had put all the earth back in and it was a piece of ground again, only this time with a coffin-sized mound of earth lying on top. No headstone…


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5/3/15 Sally Nicholls

I have a photographic memory. I only have to see something once, and I never forget it.

It’s my party piece. It’s what I always do for school talent shows. I get people from the audience to call out names, dates, strings of numbers, bits of poetry. I write them all on the whiteboard, look at it once, then I get them blindfold me and recite them all…


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5/3/15 Catherine Johnson

The day North died I was in the school library. I always thought that if –when - someone close to me died, ceased to exist, I would know, feel it somehow, some way. A shiver, a cold tingling something like that. But seriously, I had no idea.

I was  talking to Emine. We were arguing, not a blood and guts heart and soul argument either, just what we thought the Year Eight in front…


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5/3/15 Helen Moss

It was Dad’s idea, of course. He’s into all that survival stuff. His idea of a family holiday is crossing the Sahara by camel. We had to drink our own pee. Last year it was Siberia. I lost three toes to frostbite. So when the auditions for a new TV show called Extreme Jungle Family Challenge came up he was first in line. The idea was simple; drop an “ordinary” family into the Amazon rainforest with a couple of video cameras and…


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5/3/15 Alan Gibbons

Rathbone House had stood on Coldharbour Lane for eighty years, unloved, desolate, alone. Nobody visited. They knew the stories, you see. They knew its reputation. I made its acquaintance in the long, hot summer of 1976. It changed my life forever.

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5/3/15 Dave Cryer

My name is Heather Heap. Some days I love my name. Some days I hate it. I suppose it’s my dad’s fault. It’s his family name. Mum took his name when they married, but she doesn’t use it for her business which is a hair and beauty salon.

The times I hate it are when people nickname me as Rubbish Heap, Scrap Heap, Scrappy, Dung, Dusty and worse. The times I love it are mostly when I…


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5/3/15 Roderick Hunt

The sudden throb of the engines and a gentle rocking told them that the ship was underway. He struggled to free his hands but the tape cut even deeper into his wrists. 

“We have to get out and stop the ship somehow,” he said. “Axos mustn’t  get to the island before ‘Task Alpha’.”Suddenly her hands were cutting the tape that held him.  “How on earth did you get free?” he…


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Books and World Book Day

Hello everyone I hope 2015 has started well for you, a belated happy New Year to you all. The Write Path books from October have finally arrived and they are fab - I will be sending them and prizes, trophies etc out this week. Apologies for the delay but I will get them to you as soon as possible. 

This year I will only be running Write Path for one special day in March on World Book Day, March 5th. It will be a story day and there will only be 8 available hour long slots so if you do…


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And the winners are................

Well the votes are in from my panel of esteemed judges and we have 3 clear need for me to make a tie breaker decision thank goodness! Our primary and secondary story winners will be sent a trophy shield for them to keep for a year, please bear with me I will have to get the shields back and get them engraved so this may take a while! They will also receive a pack of books for their school library, as will the poetry winners too. The standard of writing and poetry was…


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Several people have asked me whether you are going to be asked to vote this year and I was going to but I realise for lots of you it's impossible to find time so this year will be different - I have been lucky enough to have been able to recruit a crack team of librarian judges. I am so grateful to these ladies for giving up their time to do this. Ladies & gentlemen may I present our dream team!:

Barbara Band

Beth Khalil

Carol Williams

Caroline Roche



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What a fantastic event!

I love Write Path every year and we always have a very high standard of writing but this year has been just fantastic! The poetry days in particular were wonderful with thoughtful stanzas contributed from all our participating schools. I will be working on the book (with help from my wonderful son!) in the next few weeks and hope to get your complementary copies out to you before Christmas. Looking forward to Write Path March now, more details soon. 

Have a good week everyone ,…


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10/10/2014 Miriam Halahmy

It was the only one in the charity shop but Sky knew immediately she had to have it. There was a sticker on its dear stubby nose. £1.50. All the money she had in her purse.

Would she get into trouble?

She glanced over her shoulder. Mum was looking through the books and Emma was pushing hangers on the jeans rail,…


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10/10/2014 Sally Nicholls

“Now don’t forget,” said the woman. She gave me the envelope. “Promise you’ll remember. Give this to your dad the instant you get home, all right?”

“I’ll remember,” I said.

But then at school, I forgot my maths homework, and got put in detention, and then I got into a row with Ms Rasheed because I didn’t go, and I…


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