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Still buzzing

I'd like to say, having done this a couple of times before, that our story-writing session was a serene experience...but of course it was the usual mayhem. The kids had a blast, loved their story starters and learned a lot from the processes.

Good luck to all the remaining writers for today!

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Delighted @ Delany

Participating in Writepath is every bit as dramatic as the story continuations. Chaos reigned as usual in Granville, Australia as we prepared and fretted about everything from writer's block and camera shyness to the effect of daylight savings on scheduling. A few sweets (actually, quite a lot) soon calmed everyone down and we were off.

Once again, a great adventure for all involved, and a great team-builder. Thanks Bev and this year's authors. Good luck to all involved - photos…


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A lovely morning in Granville

Well maybe it was unseasonably cold, but the flame of inspiration burned brightly. I'm amazed by the wonderful group of students I have here. Barely 12 years old and they could be writing crime dramas for television! I'll post some reflections from them next week, as they have a major, major presentation to do for the rest of the day (another reason why I am impressed with their whole-hearted participation).

Most of the students are credited as writers in the blog stories, but particular…


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Writing in a time-warp

Well, I do hope this runs again next year; whatever the challenges, the students had a blast!

After fretting endlessly about whether the stories would be online for us to start (given the 10 hour + daylight savings time difference), it turned out the only time management I needed to worry about was my own. Uploading posts took an age and, surprise SURPRISE, there were technical issues at our end. Not to worry though: you were all blessedly asleep!

The opening…


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