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Write Path, 8th October

Wow! What a fabulous Write Path session we had! 13 students, working in teams, to read and add to the fabulous stories that had been carefully crafted today.

Despite the odd technical issue, we completed our session on time, and had a few minutes to pose for a picture or two!

It is wonderful to see students so enthused and engaged with reading and writing. A wonderful time was had by all :)

We would all like to send an HUGE 'thank you' to Bev, and, of course, a big…


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Write Path today!

So, we are all sitting in the library, confident and excitedly waiting for our time slot!

We're a bit nervous, just in case we do something completely wrong...

We are looking forward to skypeing, and are currently practising our smiles!!!

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Write Path :)




Need I say it again?


We had a VERY busy but fabulous time today as it was FINALLY our WP slot!!! We had some fantastic stories (as always) to add to, and the students had a tremendous time, working out where they'd like to take their particular story. Many of the students also then predicted what would happen next, and as far as I can tell, they were all WRONG! So well done to the Great Yarmouth High School students for…


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Write Path Friday!

Well! What an amazoing day it has been, and how fantastic have the stories turned out to be? We have been reading them all day, wondering what would happen!

We t ried to Skype with the previous school but couldn't seem to contact them, sadly :( it could have been our IT. We had a few 'blips' with one story being deleted when the internet disappeared off the screen, just as Jordan finished his story. Thankfully, we had just enough time to get it typed up before he had to go…


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Write Path Rocks!

Wow! It seems like Linda's school has had 'fun' what with a fire bell going off in the middle of Write Path today! Thankfully, apart from it being the middle of lunch, all went well here, and after a bit of 'tweaking' the story we added follows Nicola's quite well! We hope you enjoy it :) I can't wait to see how it finishes, and neither can the librarians!

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Write Path Poetry Day :)

PHEW! THANK YOU for allowing us to take part in Write Path, Bev - we had a ball!

The students came in early, all mega excited, and we read the poems so far. Whilst doing this we had a whole school DEAR session, so I ran around school taking pictures of our students reading! Then it was back to the library to write our poetry and for our Skype session with you. Thank you soo much for that- they really enjoyed talking to you!

Once we finished the stories, we had fun recording our…


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World Book Day DEAR, 4th March 2010

Hi there,

Are any of you planning on doing a Drop Everything and Read session on 4th March? I'd love to get as many schools as possible doing some kind of reading to celebrate the day, and then count up schools and numbers of students.

If anyone is planning on doing this, or will now arrange one, please could you send me the details?

I'd like school name, region, number of students involved and email address, so I can contact you afterwards. A photo would also be great,…


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Write Path

Had a frenetic but FABULOUS time with our 12 students this morning, taking part in Write Path!

We had no computers working AT ALL in school, so we had to read out each story then type them up on one PC. Which worried me greatly.

HOWEVER, all went well, and I enlisted some new trainees to support the groups of students, too (not that they needed it!!) which gave me some breathing space to type! We then got the stories on the ning and did the videostory, as well as our Welcome video,… Continue

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