14/10/2011 Anthony McGowan

I’ve come to hate birthdays. It would be better if my parents just forgot about it, but no, they have to go through this huge performance, baking a cake (rather than just buying a proper one from the shops like all my friends got), making a massive fuss about my present, all that stuff. And the presents are always terrible – ‘educational’ rubbish about the universe, or a hand-knitted jumper made by stinky old Peruvians out of llama wool, or, last year, exactly the wrong kind of iPod. 

This year began like that. I opened my presents at breakfast, and tried to act like I was delighted to get a special italic handwriting fountain pen and a pair of socks with space rockets on them. But then there was another parcel, wrapped in plain brown paper, about the size of a shoebox. 

‘Who’s this from?’ I asked, looking from mum to dad to my sister, Elaine. 
‘No idea,’ said dad. ‘Must be one of your mates. Open it up.’

But for some reason I didn’t want to open it up in front of them, so I took it up to my room. There was something funny about it. It was heavier than I thought. Denser. And it might have been my imagination, but I thought I caught a smell coming from it. I didn’t recognize the smell, and it wasn’t particularly bad, but it gave me the creeps. 

I put it down on my bedroom floor, and began to peel back the paper.

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Comment by Carola Webber on October 14, 2011 at 0:47

As I was ripping through the paper, I heard Elaine coming. She was always sticking her nose in my business. It got annoying sometimes.

I quickly stopped unwrapping the parcel. Elaine walked past my room, for once without bothering me. I continued unwrapping. Then I stopped. The boring brown parcel that I got this morning was now this cool, colourful box. I don’t know what it contained, but I didn’t really care. I just wanted to open it and see what was in it but it was locked and I didn’t have the key.

I heard my father calling me. My family was always distracting. My parents made a huge deal of small things. Maybe that’s why I hate my birthday, because they’re always boasting about me growing up. I’m all for them being proud of me and all, but I don’t appreciate how they have to make it a tradition.

Dad gave me this box of old keys. He said that they would be useful for the future, but I doubt it. How can a box of old keys be helpful? What could be so important about them?

I looked at all the keys. There were about fifty. One of them stood out to me. It was like it was trying to tell me something. I picked it up and had a hard look at it. I still couldn’t think of what it was trying to tell me. It was just a key, but it felt so important.

I went to sleep that night, thinking of what it could mean. I put the colourful box that I had gotten for my birthday on my bedside table, along with the box of keys my father had given me. I thought about it all night long.

Then I realized...

By Carissa & Christopher ; Delany College ; Australia

Comment by Annalise Taylor on October 14, 2011 at 10:46

There were different bright colours swirling around, outside the bedroom. I was shocked. What was happening? Where were we going?

I turned around and looked at Elaine, who was still groaning and trying to wake herself up.

“Jamie.......” Elaine kept groaning, “Mum............ Dad.............”

 I quickly slammed the door shut, jumped into bed and pretended I was asleep.

Elaine woke to the sound of the door being closed. She sat up and started to walk over to my bed.

“Jamie! Wake up! Let’s go downstairs and get some breakfast.”

Then she headed off towards the door and began to open it.

“Elaine!!!!” i screamed. “Stop!!!”

I ran for the door and grabbed her.

“What? Come on, let’s go.” She said, confused

“No! Why don’t we just wait here and play some games?” I said, trying to sound convincing.

“Because I’m hungry!” she complained

“But, but........” i started, but it was too late.

She had opened the door and was now in shock.

The colours that were bright before had now started to get dull. They were getting more dark and gloomy.

Elaine and I fell silent. Watching the colours go from dark blues, to dark purples, to grey and black.

Then the silence stopped. My sister screamed. It had gone pitch black.

I could hear her breathing very fast. I could feel her heartbeat on her chest from the way that i had grabbed her before. She turned around and held me. I was trying to get used to the darkness so i could see her figure.


by Olivia 

International Community School


Comment by John Iona on October 14, 2011 at 12:05

i got used to it . i saw her face .she looked petrified.i was petrified but i didnt show it. we had to decide what we had to do next . i decided i would take charge.suddenly it became bright again we were plunged into a world of myth. the skys were green. the grass was blue.there was a group of little elves  it seemed  to be coming towards us.we wondered whether we should run or stand our ground.we stood still.when they got to us they said "hello we are the sheniz tribe, what are you doing here"

"we were plunged here from a box , please explain what happend."

"we dont understand the stupid human ways !"

"excuse me ! " elaine was not one to take anything from anyone. i held her back

"come with us they said or we`ll kill you" the kind tribe had suddenly got gruesome

we followed them what choice did we have if they were going to kill us!!!!!   they took us to a sort of prison even though we were in danger it amazed me were we were the prison was red it lookedlike grey was mixed with red it was an amazing sight until they dumped us in a little cell

elaine had been silent the whole journey.crying ! crying like there was no tommorow even now that annoyed me like i wasnt scared like i didnt want to go was meant to be my birthday worst birthday ever .


i was starting to understand how much mum and dad meant to me . i started to cry.

in the cell next to us mum, and dad were thrown in

what were they doing here i had never been so glad to see them i ran towards them.

the elves that were garding our cell warned  us not to move.

i ran up to him and hit him i got the keys and opened our doors


we ran ran for our lives we knew that if we didnt we would die . we saw a portal we went into it we didnt care were it took us as long as it took us away from those evil elves. it took us to a sort of forest . a forest that looked like it had lots of horrible creatures. we were worried worried like we never worried before. with centars dragons and other evil creatures. i know these all seem mythical. but they werent and I WAS ABOUT TO FIND OUT.


we entered not knowing what we were in for. wheather we would ever get home again.



would i see my friends again i didnt know....................................................




by Hakan Akanay at Oasis Academy Enfield, London


Comment by Janet Rothwell on October 14, 2011 at 13:56
A brilliant light blinded us as we stepped through the portal. We stared at our surroundings, shocked at what had taken place. We then remembered the Sheniz tribe and the portal. We looked behind into the swirling portal just to hear a scream of “GET BACK HERE!!!!” And then a loud pop of the portal closing. I gasped a sigh of relief from narrowly escaping the tribesmen. I looked around and saw creatures that could only be imagined in my wildest dreams. There were thousands of trees and plants, all with different shapes and sizes. We strolled around and heard a deafening sound right behind us. I turned around with the hairs on the back of my neck standing. And there before me was a dragon. It was magnificent with huge wings, diamond-like scales and fire seething out of its nostrils. The worst thing was that it was staring directly at US!!! I screamed, “RUN!!” I sprinted for my life while searching for a weapon to defend myself. I saw a something in the shrubbery. Glinting in it was a sword. I quickly picked it up and hurled it. It rose and hit the dragon in the chest. It fell down dead right before us. I the saw an old man lying in a bush. He gasped two words, “Beware of……….”
Arunjot and Sanjiv, Langley Grammar School
Comment by Allison Painich on October 14, 2011 at 16:11
...this forest young ones," the old man said. The old man stared at Jamie with eyes as scary, as creepy, as nerves tingling as the devil's eyes. Out of nowhere, a giant bird came down and landed right behind the family. Jamie, Elaine, Mum, and Dad slowly turned around and faced the bird. The bird had piercing red eyes, breath hotter than the sun, and talons sharper than ever! The old man backed away slowly and said, "Well, looks like you are on your own...see ya!" The bird took Elaine into it's mouth and threw her on it's back. Then it took Jamie, Mum, and Dad in it's teeth and ripped them to shreds. While this was going on, Elaine was laughing. Then...a storm broke out with thunder. Next thing you know, Elaine is waking up, freshly rested, with a sneaky grin on her face. She got dressed, walked into Jamie's room and screamed, "WAKE UP!" That was the end of everything...or was it??

Sallie Humble Elementary
Monroe, Louisiana, USA

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