The night fell and the full moon rose high over Nowhere. Stars twinkled
and strange lights lit up the velvet sky. Copperpot Farm was still, all but
for a dim light flickering through a rotten window frame.

Icky Doo Dah was flicking through a pile of dusty old books, when out of the
corner of his beady little eye, he noticed a strange display of lights exploding
across the beautiful night sky. At once, Icky put down his book, blew out the candle
and decided to investigate where the strange lights were coming from...

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Comment by Nikki Heath on October 12, 2009 at 10:22
By Rose C and Chloe W, Werneth School.
Silently, Icky Doo Dah crept downstairs, not wanting to wake his parents. Dragging on his heavy duty coat and wrapping his woolen scarf around his neck, Icky Doo Dah hoisted his warm festooned with mud boots over his holey socks. Almost forgetting to put his gloves on, he rummaged around in his pockets to find the gloves he was wearing the other day
He twisted the rusty old doorknob and stepped outside into the winter cold. Walking across the threshold, Icky shoved at the slightly sticking gate. Stars twinkled overhead as Icky rushed to see where the lights were coming from. Eventually, his gaze met the source of the light. It was a fairground....
Comment by Bev Humphrey, Woolwich Poly, UK on October 12, 2009 at 11:17
by Khalid & Hoang Woolwich Polytechnic School
Icky charged towards the fairground with joy, suddenly Icky stood to a halt. The strange ray of lights slowly faded away. Icky was stranded outside the fairground, he was panicking. He couldn’t see a thing. Suddenly a dark figure approached behind Icky, It came closer. Icky hesitated as a cold breath hit his neck. The hairs on his entire body stood up as goose bumps grew on top of each other. The dark figure strikes. After a few seconds Icky was awoken by a truck passing by. Icky bolted upright he scanned the fairground for the dark figure. He was nowhere to be found - Icky ran home hoping his family was still asleep. He opened the door nervously as...
Comment by Adrian Thompson Laisterdyke UK on October 12, 2009 at 12:08
by Raza and Akram, Laisterdyke B&E College
He realised he had left his key at the fairground. Gulping he turned, and walked back.. It was dark except where the lights were glowing. As Icky got closer, he could smell chips and candyfloss. He could hear people screaming on the rides, and music playing – but he could see no one at all…
The sign at the entrance said “Welcome to Wonderworld – where it’s so much fun, you’ll never leave!”
He walked slowly into the fairground. He seemed to be pulled in by the noise and the smells. He passed through the entrance. As the gate closed behind him, he heard a big noise – a giant bang from right behind him. He turned to see a man in a tall top hat, with a big moustache. “I am the owner of this fair” he said. “My name is the great Magico!” – And he disappeared in a puff of smoke, leaving only his smile behind him.
Icky carried on walking further into the fairground. He spotted the Ghost Train – it had a sign written by the door – “Icky Doo Dah – come in…”. Icky backed away, but behind him, panting and growling, was a giant black dog, pushing him towards the Ghost Train. He gave up, and ran into the entrance, where the darkness took him…
Comment by Cheryl Borthwick (Niddrie Mill) on October 13, 2009 at 9:10
By Olivia and Shannon Niddrie Mill Primary

In the darkness a big scary Skelton jumped out and said ICKY DOO DAH!!! And icky got such a fright he jumped up and hit his head off the roof. He felt dizzy and sick and couldn’t stand up straight. He heard a moving cart coming towards him, so he stumbled over and fell into it. Suddenly some thing unusual happened he went passed a skeleton drinking a cup of tea, then the Skelton started to come towards him he was scared the Skelton would do something to him, but he was rigid with fear, so couldn’t move. To his surprise the skeleton instead asked him if he wanted to have a cup of tea with him. Even though he was surprised, he did not have the guts to say NO and he did not have the guts to reveal that he was scared in case the skeleton took a hissy fit at him and cut him to shreds, so reluctantly Icky Doo Dah walked away into the darkness ……
Comment by Margaret Bell,NthLanarkshireLibs on October 13, 2009 at 15:57
Chaz gasped, "Corn! Golden Corn!" That's the key to Chaz's quest!" shouted the dwarf that brought Chaz there. "So Chaz, what is this quest?" asked the dragon. "I don't know!" exclaimed Chaz. The dwarf opened his mouth to speak. He coughed. "Your quest is to save the Dwarf Kingdom from the sadness spell put over our kingdom by......
Comment by Nicola McNee on October 14, 2009 at 10:53
Icky was plunged back into darkness. A plastic spider dangled down at him, he screamed. All the noises and sights made him feel sick. Suddenly he didn't want to be there. "Let me out " he wailed, but no one heard him. Just then he saw a light. The end! But when he got there it didn't stop in fact it sped up past the entrance. He went round and round screaming and shrieking. There was no way off or out...

Natalie AKA Asit Sparkel

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