Chaz was bored. Really, really bored. The kitchen clock ticked loudly in the quiet house. Mum wasn’t back from work yet; he was supposed to finish his homework before tea. But he couldn’t concentrate. He kept thinking of the weekend. He’d planned out the extra layers he would wear so he didn’t shiver, and his stomach rumbled at the thought of the pie and strong brown tea Dad would buy at half-time. He was hungry. Mum was late. That wasn’t like her. He stared at the jerky second hand on the clock, willing it to go faster, to speed through the hours until Saturday afternoon. He closed his eyes and imagined the muddy pitch, the brightly coloured strips, the shouts and whistles of the crowd. Looking down at his homework, Chaz realised that the winter night had crept up on him, and he couldn’t actually see what he was writing. Sighing, he got up to switch on the light. The switch was by the window, and as he flicked the yellow bulb into life, he glanced outside. He looked again, unable to believe what his eyes were showing him.

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Comment by Shea Reeder on October 13, 2009 at 7:58
Written by Jerry, Mary and Henry from American International School, Vietnam.

There was a dwarf standing outside the window, staring at Chaz as if he was an alien. Chaz's mouth wide open, the same as his eyes.
“Chaz, would you like to visit a new world? Our world really need your help”
“ But why me? Why not someone else?”
“Because your the only kid that can travel into another world. The equipment that can take you to another dimension is right now in your pocket”
Immediately, Chaz put his hand into his pocket. He pulled out his watch . “But how can this watch help me to travel to your world?”
“Because inside that watch is a professional device that can transfer you to anywhere you want .”
“But what about my mom?”
“Don't worry , we will take care of her.”
Excitedly, Chaz asked:”Can we go now?”
“As soon as you are ready.”
Chaz closed his eyes and thought of the dwarf kingdom. A minute later he opened his eyes. He found himself in another world. Before he recognize anything, a giant lion jump right into his face.....
Comment by Nerine Chalmers, Qatar Academy on October 13, 2009 at 10:30
Written by: Shamma, Bushra and Ella from Qatar Academy

… the realized that the lion was ghost! Chaz was surprised by the wonders in the dwarf kingdom; there were ghosts, dwarfs, leprechauns, and many other strange creatures. When Chaz was walking across the dark, spooky streets a dwarf came up to him and said, “Welcome to the dwarf kingdom, May I help you?” Chaz looked at the dwarf in astonishment, the dwarf stared back. “I am looking for the dwarf that took me here.” Chaz examined the streets. “Have you seen him?”
The dwarf replied. “Wait a minute I know who you are, follow me.” Chaz followed the dwarf to a dark tunnel the led to a tiny room. There sat a dwarf with eyes that are as shinny as crystal and a voice as deep as the sound of a horn. “Hello, hello, hello, welcome to the DWARF KINGDOM” Chaz swallowed hard. “I was waiting for your arrival……….tell me your name first of all” asked the scary dwarf. Chaz spoke, “My name is Chaz Mr. Dwarf.”
The dwarf raised an eyebrow. “The name’s Maidus” replied the dwarf. Chaz stared at Maidus. The name was new and surprising. Maidus walked up to Chaz and told him “You are invited here to complete an incredible mission which might take longer than any other mission that no other creature has ever been able to complete.” “What mission?” asked Chaz. The mysterious dwarf lead Chaz to a sparkling ruby castle up the snowy mountain.
The hike up the mountain was cold and long, but Chaz handled it. When they got to the castle there were two centaur guards with shallow faces. Madius gasped. Chaz had no idea what was going on, but he knew it wasn’t good…
Comment by Bev Humphrey, Woolwich Poly, UK on October 13, 2009 at 11:26
At all but, he had terrible shiver down his spine. The centaur guards leaded them into a spooky forbidden cave, which had giant vampire bats hanging from the ceiling, one of the bats flew down and just blew up. ‘’oh my gosh’’ shouted Chaz who was in a horrific position at this moment. They see a very scared dwarf in the corner of the cave. ‘’Are you ok little dwarf’’ Chaz said very calming and soothing like a trainer with a spooked unicorn. ‘’ I will take you to shelter as soon as we get out the cave I promise’’ Chaz looking very reluctant. They got out the cave and they were soon near the riverbed of the lake, which was called The swimmable waterfall. It was very deep but the currents were very little so you couldn’t die, unless you got attacked by scary mermaids who had skulls necklace’s around there neck from there past victims that have suffered a slow and painful death. Suddenly a dragon swooped down to take the dwarves milk and cookies and went toilet and said ‘’ That was nice milk and cookies ‘’. The dragon grinning at me hungrily. …….

By Miqhail , Raffat and Oba
Comment by kgarnett on October 13, 2009 at 12:37
Tuesday Story 6 – Ursula Hurley
Written By William & George from Elizabeth College, Guernsey…

The dragon was a 60 foot monster breathing black flames which licked at the walls. His scales were obsidian outlined with yellow inside and sharp as a blade of a majestic sword. He walked clumsily over, bumping into the walls as he went and lent down, and said; “Hi, my name’s Bill, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”
Chaz shifted nervously on his feet, unsure what to say.
“Hi………um….. I’m Chaz, it’s a pleasure to meet you”.
“Chaz?!?! What kind of a name is ‘Chaz’?!?! You need a name like Bill, William or Paul McCartney. They’re all REAL names”.
“Paul McCartney? What kind of name is that?”
Then the dragon looked at him, sighed deeply and said; “Names aside, what is your quest. For me to let you proceed, you must answer me these questions three….”
“If I answer these questions correctly, then YOU must proceed with me upon my quest. Now, what are these questions?”
“First Question… How do you determine the fate of the enemy prince?” The dragon announced. “Second Question… What is the speed of light? Third Question… Do penguins have knees?”
“Well…” Chaz thought for a while, ten seconds to be precise… If he could remember his science lessons then he could answer the second question. But he didn’t know how to answer the first one, the third was easy. “You determine the fate of an enemy prince by looking through the hatred and looking at the person inside… The speed of light is 299,792,458 meters per second… And penguins do have knees,” Chaz took a breath for a second and then looked up at the dragons confused face.
“Blimey… You’re a clever one aren’t you… Well ok, I will help you on your quest.”
The dragon punched through the wall and revealed a field of golden corn and a feeling of hope swept through Chaz.
Comment by Margaret Bell,NthLanarkshireLibs on October 13, 2009 at 16:13
Chaz gasped, "Corn! Golden Corn!" "That's the key to Chaz's quest!" shouted the dwarf that brought Chaz there. "So Chaz, what is this quest?" asked the dragon. "I don't know!" exclaimed Chaz. The dwarf opened his mouth to speak. He coughed. "Your quest is to save the Dwarf Kingdom from the sadness spell put over our kindom by.....
Comment by Margie Godwin on October 13, 2009 at 21:49
Written by Jacquetta Griffin, Jamie Williams, Eboni Williams, Carroll Jr. High, Monroe, LA, USA
the gnomes. The entire kingdom is held captive by a terrible sadness spell. You know sadness kills dwarves. Lets find a cave where we can get some sleep so that we can continue our quest in the morning. This sounds serious." Chaz went to sleep still wondering about his mum. When they awoke the next morning, they were surrounded by short, ugly gnomes. The gnomes had a lot of gardening tools pointed at them. When Chaz tried to get up, he found out that his hands and feet were bound together by ribbons. Chaz created a diversion while Bill cut the ribbons with his claws. "Why did you do this to us?" Chaz asked. The gnomes replied, "Because we felt like it, you are friends of the dwarves, and we hate the dwarves. If we get our way the dwarves will all be very sad very soon. Then they will die." Chaz began to shout, " You are the ugliest creatures in the galaxy." No one should wish for another to die." The Gnomes began to chase Chaz for they wanted him to die also. Chaz leaped on Bill's back and instantly they were in the air. While they were in the air, Bill's voice began to sound like a woman's voice. Chaz knew instantly that it was his mum's voice. The voice shouted, "Chaz, you are dreaming, wake up Chaz, wake up!"

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