03/10/2012 Dan Freedman

I come up with ideas. That what I do.


There’s something in my brain that’s working away ALL the time. Sometimes I try to turn my brain off but that only results in it working even harder.


My mum says I get it from her. She said we could even go to the doctor if I wanted. But I said no. I like having ideas. Most of the time.


And some of my ideas are good. I mean really good. Like when I realised I could cut my journey time to school by twenty minutes if I went through the back of the supermarket car-park. Now everyone copies me. They should give me money for stealing my idea. That’s how people get rich.


But not all of my ideas are that clever.


The idea I’m going to tell you about now, I had it about a year ago. And...I’m pretty sure it was the worst idea I have ever had in my life....


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Comment by Daniel Robinson on October 3, 2012 at 9:07

I don’t know what’s happening to me but something’s going wrong, and that’s for sure. Each day when I come up with ideas, terrible ones and unreal ones, that’s when I know that something is not going well, but what is it?

Sometimes I think that it's got something to do with me not being able to control my brain because each time I think about something it just blurts out of my mouth, without me even thinking about it twice!

And guess what the result is: I’ve lost all my friends, my grades have gone down and my family is neglecting me! WHAT IS GOING ON!!! My life is ruined!

Every day I come back from school and I flop down on my bed and I cry and I cry and I cry with my head sucked down into my squishy, silky and soft blue velvet pillow.

I just want my life to be normal again. How could this happen…

Comment by Rosie Pike on October 3, 2012 at 10:42

I’ll tell you about the day my idea has changed my life and the world forever.  A year ago, I thought I could be the smartest boy that ever lived, using a powerful mixture of chemicals from my chemistry class. I broke into school that night, and took as much as I could carry. Boron, Carbon, Uranium, Phosphorus, Hydrochloric acid, the lot, and anything else that looked explosive!

I set up a lab in my bedroom unbeknown to my parents, carrying out the task using only Mum’s washing up gloves and my brother’s chemistry kit. It was immensely hard.

“It worked! It worked!” I cried in absolute glee.

The end result created a milky white liquid; I drank it with heated anticipation, eager to know if it worked. A life of perfect grades and enormous sums of money sounded awesome!

My head exploded, engulfed in an aggressive inferno. Darkness enveloped me within seconds. Not good... I awoke in bed; my parents were staring down at me. They looked extremely worried and furious as well.

“Do you know the cost of redoing young mad scientist’s bedrooms these days?” Mum scolded.

And the worst thing? I was more stupid than ever before!!!


By:  Lizzy Brace, Louis Henchie, Joe Power and Myles Wheatley, Bishop’s Stortford College.

Comment by WP Central on October 3, 2012 at 11:52

How could I have been so silly? I was sure that my experiment would work. I had been following my thoughts and they had never failed me before. But here I was sitting in my smoke filled room staring at my failed experiment. Then something caught my attention out of the corner of my eye. Under a heap of paper was a pipette full of a strange looking liquid. I squeezed the remaining liquid into a beaker and smelt the liquid. Sulphuric acid!! Someone had sabotaged my experiment! Who could have done that? Who hated me that much? Sure I wasn’t popular at school but I didn’t think things were that bad. Who could it have been????

Carrie: Coaching Team at Renaissance Learning

Comment by Charlotte Barton on October 3, 2012 at 13:46

Everyone likes me at school,no one hates me, accept Matthew,my worst enemy. Matthew is in my class,he is tall, he has brown short hair,and bold hazil eyes,and he wears the same clothes everyday,(red and white shirt with jeans and red converses)He bullies me and everyone looks up to him,mostly Chontelle. THE MOST POPULAR GIRL IN SCHOOL!!! Let me tell you a secret, I have a crush on her.But I haven't told her yet.

Anyways back to the science project.If I don't get it done before tomorrow...I...I...I will get 2 whole weeks of DETENTION!!!

I need time,but I haven't got time because is time for my bed!!! I need to stay up all night to mend it. The only thing I need that I don't have is the objects to make it.I might need to go to the shops.Ugh, there a lots of things I need to do.

My plan is to tell Chontelle that I like her,(hope she doesn't blush or tell the whole school.) She told me she liked Mathew.I hope Matthew doesn't beat me up.


Tia, Damaris, Chiloshe & Chanice

Globe Academy 

Comment by Allison Painich on October 3, 2012 at 14:51
Maybe asking Chontelle is a bad idea. I don't want to blurt out another idea that's going to ruin my life all over again. If Matthew likes her back then I'm going to get beat up. If Chontelle doesn't like me back my heart will be broken! No, I shouldn't tell Chontelle. I should just redo my project. Getting an A on my project is more fun than getting beat up.

Paris and Reggie
Good Sheperd School
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

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