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Tom woke up early. He was excited, as it was the very first day of the long summer holidays. He got dressed quickly, throwing on his jeans and a tshirt before dashing into the bathroom to clean his teeth. The sun was shining through the windows and it looked as though it was going to be a lovely hot day. He rushed downstairs, grabbed a bowl, poured some cereal and milk and managed to finish the entire bowlful before his mum would have been able to say ‘Don’t eat that quickly or you’ll choke yourself!’ He cleaned away and sat at the table, legs swinging back and forth while he planned what to do. Perhaps go down to the fair and see how much had been set up? Tom had also heard a rumour that there was also a circus across the other side of town; that surely would be worth a visit? He decided to skip out the house quietly, so opened the backdoor, went around the side of the house and then saw it, in the front garden. Slowly he went back indoors and up to his parents room. He shook his dad awake and said ‘Dad; I’m not joking, and I don’t want to worry you, but there’s an elephant in the front garden.’

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Comment by Daniel Robinson on October 3, 2012 at 9:22

By Claudia Browne, Holy Trinity Primary School, Wimbledon, UK


…Even starting to make his cereal. Tom ran excitedly into the garden and started to celebrate. He climbed trees and drew pictures, but all that did was make him hungry, so he went into the kitchen and stuffed his mouth with whatever he could find in the fridge. He then sat down at the table and threw his face in more food. Suddenly, he heard a noise calling his name. He saw the shadow of a human but didn’t see his body, so quickly he ran upstairs to his mum. But when he got there all that he could see was his mum’s dead body. Tom was so upset, but that wasn’t the end of it. There, on the wall, written in my mum’s blood, the murderer had written some odd symbols. Tom knew that he had to work out what they meant. Then he could discover who had murdered his mum!

Comment by Rosie Pike on October 3, 2012 at 10:47

…Tom decided to handle the situation like an adult would but he already felt his mournful tears streaming down his cheek. “Don’t cry Tom, don’t cry” he thought. Tom took a closer look at the strange writing in blood.‽℮∆↙, it read. “What could this mean?” Tom drew his attention to the elephant outside. It was a grey and black African elephant. Tom slowly crept outside. The elephant had a miniscule blood stain on its backside. ‽℮∆↙, it read. “This must be related to the death of my mother?” Tom thought.  Overwhelmed by the might of this beast, Tom brought a sheath knife and some food just in case.

 Tom sneezed loudly and it startled the elephant, causing hysteria in the animal. Charging at Tom with a deafening screech, he managed to evade all hundred stone of the Elephant, which hurtled into the stone wall. It turned deliberately to face Tom, preparing to charge. Tom forgot that he was trying to be an adult and sprinted for his life. He approached a junction. On the other side of the road there was a sign saying:  ‽℮∆↙. Tom entered the circus, and he couldn`t believe what he saw…

By Toby Brown, Jamie Munro and James Murphy, Bishop’s Stortford College  


Comment by WP Central on October 3, 2012 at 11:46

There standing in front of him with pet Bengal tigers in hand were a group of ten circus clowns. With two tigers to each clown it looked quite a sight. Then Tom heard a loud thump as the elephant stood in the entrance, stuck between a rock and a hard place our young hero stopped to consider his options. On one hand he had a blood crazed elephant that may have been involved in the brutal murder of his beloved Mother but on the other hand a group of clowns with twenty pet tigers all as big as a car, with big sharp teeth and a strange aroma.

Then all of a sudden came a might booming voice

“STOP!!! Come with me if you want to live!”

Tom turned and out of the shadows came the Bearded Women Layla!

“Ha ha” laughed the leader of the Tigers, who Tom later found out was called Sandocan. “Get back in your cage Bearded women, this is none of your concern.”

That’s where you’re wrong. I won’t let you bully this fine lad, you Tigers always think you’re the bees knees and as for you Lord Wormack King of the Elephants don’t you dare take another step!” screamed Layla the Bearded Women with real authority in her voice.

“Never!” shouted Lord Wormack “I’ll take his soul just like I took his Mother!”

“That’s where you’re wrong” chuckled Layla “I’M HIS MOTHER!!!!!!!! Lay off by Boy!!!”


Moe: Coaching Team Renaissance Learning

Comment by Charlotte Barton on October 3, 2012 at 13:46

"You liar! You're not his mother!" belowed the tiger. "YES I am!" screeched Layla. "Did you kill my mother?" asked Tom. ''Well I did not kill your mother!" screamed Layla. Tom turned his head to look  at Layla. Layla was laughing in the corner of the room."MOO HA HA HA HA!" exclaimed Layla. Tom was wondering what was going on. Then suddenly Tom's mother came up from the floor.  "AHHH it's a ghost!" Then Layla shouted "how is this possible?, I killed her..."

Asma, Idris, Noor & Shakira

Globe Academy

Comment by Allison Painich on October 3, 2012 at 15:04
"I quit, I give up," Layla said. "I am a ghost, and I did try to kill her. I did lie," Layla added. "Tom, honey, are you ok?" Tom's mother exclaimed. "Awwwww, cut all the cat litter. Get up and go hug your son." Layla said. "I guess it all worked out in the end. Why don't we go out to get some ice cream?" Layla said. Tom's mother was afraid they were going to kill her. Layla said, "Oh yes, I forgot. Sorry about that. There's your soul, peroxide, and a band-aid. That should do it all." Tom's mom said, "Alright, but the tab is on you." "I am a ghost, I can take anything. MOOO HAAA HAAA HAAA," Layla said confidently.

So, Tom, his mom, and Layla left the house and became allies for many years.

Johan and Cari
Good Shepherd School
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

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