09/10/2012 Roger Stevens

SIMON jumped. He opened his eyes. Where was he? On a train, that’s right. Going to see his gran for half term, of course. But there was something odd. What was it? The train had stopped moving. It must have jolted to a stop and that had woken him. 
Simon glanced out of the window. It was his stop. This is where he got off. If he wasn’t quick the train would start up again and his gran would be left standing on the station wondering where he was. 
Simon leapt to his feet, grabbed his bright red United bag, with its United logo and the sponsor’s advert for Wizzo Toilet Brushes, from the baggage rack above the seat and rushed across the empty carriage to the door. As he fumbled to find the button to open the doors, they slid apart. The whistle to start the train blew. He swung the bag on to the platform and jumped through the gap as the doors began to close again, landing with a thump on the concrete platform, just as the train lurched, and began to move. 
That was a close. He glanced around, expecting to see his gran walking towards him, ready to grab him and give him a big, wet, sloppy kiss, like she always did, even though he was much too old for sloppy kisses. But there was no sign of her. In fact the platform was deserted. Then he realised he’d made a terrible mistake. 

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Comment by Stacia Maiorani on October 9, 2012 at 3:39

David Pham and Vicky Nguyen

American International School, HCMC

He turned around, expecting an empty lot. Instead, there was a small fast food corner. Simon looked through the window pane, covered with cobwebs. He cleaned the window with his sleeve. Peering inside, Simon saw no one, nothing. It was dark inside, but Simon caught a glimpse of the back of someone.  It must be an old man. The back was bent towards him. He knocked on the door. No sound escaped from the man.

Simon knocked a few more times. Like before, the old man didn’t answer. He knocked again, nodding knowingly to himself that the man wouldn’t respond. All of a sudden, the old man shook. He shivered and kept shaking.

“Mister, are you okay?” Simon screamed from the outside, frightened. The old man shook, and for a moment, his eyes locked into Simon’s.  Simon pushed the door open, and it made a loud creak as he rushed to the man behind the counter.

The old man turned around, his eyes, big with fear, staring at Simon. Simon reached for a flashlight, and switched it on. The old man grabbed Simon’s wrist and mouthed Help. Simon didn’t know what to do, or who to call for help since there was no one around. He shook free from the man’s grasp, and saw a bottle of aspirin. He brought it to the old man and put a few aspirins into his mouth. The man calmed and was able to speak.

“T-thank you. I would have died without your help. Tell me, what’s your name?” The old man asked.



Comment by John Iona on October 9, 2012 at 10:11

"Im Simon, What just happened,Are you ok?"Replied Simon.The Old Man Stepped Out from behind the counter ,"Y-yes im fine,anyway what is a young boy like you doing here all alone !" Simon sighed "I accidently got of on the wrong station,and now I dont know what to do !" The old man stepped out on to the platform and Simon followed.

"That was the last train running today, the next train will be due tommorow morning" Stuttered the old man.Simon sat down on a bench."huuuuh I guess Ill just have to stay here until tomorrow morning!" The old man sat down next to Simon, "where were you supposed to be going anyway ?"  "Well I was supposed to be meeting my nan at the next station,but i doubt she will still be there !" answered Simon. 

by Ella Greenwood and Nahide Koca

Oasis Academy Enfield

Comment by N Francis on October 9, 2012 at 11:02
“Don’t worry” said the man. “You can come and rest in my house until tomorrow”.
“Thank you very much” said Simon. “I don’t know how to repay you.”

“Don’t worry about it lad”.
It was only a fifteen minute walk to the man’s, whose name had now been established as Mickel. After the man treated Simon to a delicious dinner of rabbit and wild cat stew, the man bid Simon goodnight and showed him to the spare room.
“Goodnight lad, I will see you in the morning.”
“Yes, goodnight Mickel, and thank you again for everything.” With that Mickel closed the door and shut out the light.
Simon always had trouble sleeping, so he explored his room to take his mind off the mess he was in. That was when he found the body, pale white against the moonlight. Dead for perhaps a month he thought. “Oh my Gosh!” he whispered. Underneath the body, were a bunch of documents. The documents were written in another language, probably east European. He took the documents downstairs to have a look at them. He could not understand the words, but there was no denying the red M printed on each one of the sheets of paper. “He’s in the Mafia!” gasped Simon.
” So, you know my little secret?” Simon spun round to a smiling Mickel. “ I have a feeling you know too much, and I’m afraid your little life is going to end rather soon…
Adam and Alec St. Benedict’s Catholic Upper School
Comment by Siobhan Hawke on October 9, 2012 at 12:10

Mickel grabbed Simon's arm and threw him onto the floor. As Simon scrambled to his feet, he raced up the stairs. After Mickel had a swig of beer that was on the table, he chased Simon up the creeky stairs and came to a stop. He quietly crept to where he heard heavy breathing. There were people in the room; they were pale and looked as if they had just been dug up from a grave.

Their faces were covered in different shades of blood from red to purple. After Simon saw all the horror, the zombies chorused "kill him" and there wasn't one, or two, but thousands. They all formed an army of the undead; he thought it could not get any worse. But he was wrong, it got much worse. He walked backwards and tripped over Mickel's extended leg and fell out of the window..

Alicia, Thomas, Rachel and William

St.Augustine's Catholic College, Trowbridge, Wiltshire, UK.


Comment by Lynne Coppendale on October 9, 2012 at 13:10

I hit the floor with an almighty bang; I must have been seeing things because standing in front of me there was an old looking zombie trying to help me up. As I took I closer look I realised it was my gran she had a wound on her leg, I asked if she was alright but she said the hide out is in the shed at my house. Suddenly she collapsed I reached out and grabbed her and took her back to the hideout. When I reached the hideout there was nothing except a few wooden crates and a crowbar. “Nan what’s in these boxes” but she didn’t answer, she gasped for air and told me to use the crowbar and open the boxes and then there was silence my Nan had died; I was alone.

I took the crowbar and opened the crates I could only see a small key. I moved the crate because  there  was a small rusty keyhole and now I knew what to do so I grabbed the key and slotted it into the key hole and it was a tunnel with a computer giving of a little light, I crawled through the tunnel , I heard a groan from outside the shed, I shut the tunnel door and locked it as I crawled through the end of the tunnel there was a small cabinet containing a gun with only a single magazine and a note saying more ammo in the loft and then my life turned worse, I unfortunately heard an creaked voice from a walkie talkie that filled the room In darkness  “I am coming, I know where you are Simon”.

Joel, Thomas, Alex, Ammar, Lewis.  Danum Academy. UK.

Comment by Allison Painich on October 9, 2012 at 15:06
I got up and ran to the garage door trying to unlock it as fast as I could. Then I heard a voice call my name, but nobody was there. The lights were flickering on and off. I finally unlocked the door and ran into the dark night to call for help. The phone line was cut. I curled into a ball and suddenly a big crowd yelled, "Happy Halloween!" I started laughing and said, "You guys really played a trick one me."

Arianna and Renata
Minnie Ruffin Elementary
Monroe, Louisiana, USA

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