09/10/2012 Catherine Johnson

You’d think that the only thing to scare anyone on our estate would be Kane Harris and his gang. There were a couple of evil looking dogs, a Rottweiler that gave Mum a heart attack when she saw it coming, but tell the truth I like dogs.  I was never scared of any of them. The only thing that really scared me was the tinned up flat at the end of our landing. There had never been anyone living there for as long I knew and the door was one of those huge metal ones the council put on when they don’t want anyone getting in. At school the story was someone was killed there. This is the story of the night I heard the singing.

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Comment by Stacia Maiorani on October 9, 2012 at 3:43

Jenny U & Oscar

American International School, HCMC

                The singing was as pure as the moon on a clear sky. I was attracted yet horrified, but attractiveness had a stronger pull and the flat attracted me into it. The huge council-installed door suddenly opened, and the whole front yard was lit up by a couple of dim lights. There was a fountain in the middle of the garden.  Before I entered the flat, there was no sign of any water, but somehow water was in presence now, spurted out from the statue in the middle of the fountain.

                It comforted me at first, but after a while, the water overflowed and it meant that I had to either get out or enter the flat to escape the soon-to-be-flooded garden. The old flat seemed to shine in the moonlight, attracting me into it. But I decided that it was too risky to enter the flat unaccompanied. So, I tried to exit the house.


                The singing had stopped. Instead a sound of a creaking door replaced it.  I turned to not only find a closed door, but a head was hanging from a newly- installed spike of the front council-installed door. Blood spilled on my feet. I was terrified at the sight of the head staring into my very soul, and I was ready to shriek as loud as I could when a strong, magnetic force pulled me into the depths of the flat…

Comment by John Iona on October 9, 2012 at 10:14

... and BANG! My back was slammed against the floor. In these conditions, I'm surprised I didn't fall through the wooden surface. I thought to myself would I still be alive if the floors actually did break and the flood created by the fountain gushed into the building? It must have been my hysterical instinct. There was no water anywhere. Then the melodious singing began once again. Unknown from where it was coming from, I looked here and there and everywhere, but still there was no sight of the singer. I looked though the boarded window overlooking the fountain, there was a strange misty figure on the left of the water. My imagination, I thought, it must of been. There's no such thing as ghosts! Was there a real fl... no.  I thought I better ask around, but I can't because the door doesn't want to open. OH NO! I'm trapped!

by Leah Boreham and Megha Patel

Oasis Academy Enfield

Comment by N Francis on October 9, 2012 at 10:58
I stood there lifelessly, knowing I could do very little to save myself. Who knows what I was locked in with? I helplessly scrambled for an open window or door. Nothing. I was paralysed. Something or someone was definitely in that room with me. I could feel the eerie presence. I could not turn around.

“...hello…” I cried faintly; like I had a glimmer of hope I would get a response.


I closed my eyes, wishing this was just a dream. What had I done to deserve this? Nothing came to mind.

I could hear the distant howling of the dogs I previously strolled past. Something churned in my stomach. I felt a shiver creep down my spine. A loud noise was occurring behind the curtains. I daren’t move any closer. I shuffled slowly backwards, cautiously not taking my eyes away from what was lurking behind the curtains. I tripped. I stumbled to my knees. The tapping had escaped my mind. Before I realised I wasn’t paying attention to the curtains any longer, the noise increased. The curtains billowed. But how? No windows were open?

I turned to run but I was stopped in my tracks. I felt a breeze of chilled air lingering around my neck. I cautiously moved to face what was towering over me. And there it was…

Libbey White & Claudia Walker.
St. Benedict’s Catholic School, Bury St Edmunds, UK.
Comment by Siobhan Hawke on October 9, 2012 at 12:06

As I cautiously turned my head round, I saw a man with torn clothes and his skin badly wounded. There was a colossal gash through the side of his neck. Trust me, this was a very gory experience ."H..h..hello"I whimpered. I saw the man's lips move slowly, I only just heard what he said "help me..." He said it a bit louder and louder and louder untill he finally shouted, then he screamed constantly and flew into the wall and slammed against it. He flew into another wall and this time smashed through it.  The scream I heard was getting more quiet until it was mute.  The wall on my left was dripping with blood then the red liquid seemed to turn into writing saying,"I knew you would come!" The light bulb hanging from the ceiling which was the only source of light in the room flashed and turned off.  The room was pitch black and I heard a loud growl, now I know where the howling came from...

(By Nick,George,Bridget and Jess) St Augustine's Catholic College Trowbridge, Wiltshire UK

Comment by Lynne Coppendale on October 9, 2012 at 13:06

 I stiffened with fear. The growling gradually became louder. I tried not to stumble in case it could sense my movements. I cautiously edged my way along the moist wall in an attempt to get to the door. I ran my fingertips down the side of the wall, feeling my way. A sudden breeze chilled down my spine as if I was outside… I couldn’t feel the wall anymore; it was like it vanished into thin air in front of me. Then I remembered – The hole!

The hole that the screaming, wounded man made as he crashed through the wall. But, it was too late to turn back; I flapped my arms in a desperate attempt to redeem my balance on the platform. It was useless. I was falling.

I closed my eyes, blurring out the vision of my body hurling towards the ground, I never felt myself land, but as I opened my eyes to see a puddle of blood underneath me, I knew it must have hurt. I looked around my surroundings to see…

Natalie, Mollie, Beth, Amy, Emily.

Danum Academy, UK.

Comment by Allison Painich on October 9, 2012 at 16:27
A little girl in a white gown walking toward me with blood dripping from her mouth telling me to run. I got up and ran until I bumped into this huge black figure with red eyes looking down at me laughing. I turned and ran from it. He chased me into a room full of bodies and they were all me. I opened the door and stared down the hall. I heard the singing again, and it sounded like it was getting closer. I heard footsteps coming from all directions. I didn't know what to do. Suddenly, a door appeared and I ran towards it! The closer I got to the door, it kept moving further away from me. Finally, it stopped. At the end of the hall, I walked through it and I could see an exit. I reached for the handle and I thought I was home free, but the door was locked from the outside. I tried to break it, but I was pulled back into the school.

Minnie Ruffin Elementary
Monroe, Louisiana, USA

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