18/10/2012 Poetry Dave Cryer 1

The Light in the Dark


Night-time is as bright

As day in many strange ways,

Brighter than a cloud.


Look at a star shine,

Look at the moon above trees –

Pictures fill your head.



Writing tips from Dave – follow the rules or break the rules – you’ll have a poem either way:


  • For this opener each stanza is a haiku containing 3 lines of 5-7-5 syllables
  • I’ve written it in the present tense
  • The poem invites the reader to look again at night-time
  • You could think about other aspects of the beauty of the night to add more to the poem – haiku stanzas often create very strong images.


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Comment by Adrian Thompson Laisterdyke UK on October 18, 2012 at 8:32

High above my head

A falling star flies from space,

Meeting a fiery death.


In the dark black sky,

I see flashing lights aglow -

A plane on its way.

Patryk & Baseeth, Laisterdyke

Comment by Anne-Lise Robin on October 18, 2012 at 9:58

Night-time is as light

As shy dawn on its way

From a star filled sleep.

Look up to the stars

 Wait, too late! One just flies by

To make your wish true.


I breathe in night air

As the moon shines in my hair

Slowly and calmly


The whispers of leaves

Start to tingle in my ears

Dreams, my heart, right here!


The sense of power

Dominating the night-time

Brings the stars their shine


I am joyful now

I could scream! Maybe shout YES!

For the moon is out


By Blessing Aroboto, Bacon’s College, London

Comment by Leah Falkingham on October 18, 2012 at 11:06
My dreams are complete,
In this calm cool air tonight,
For now there is light.

The moon is o’er me,
Shines as brightly as the sun,
Compared to the stars.

Trees dance in the wind,
Leaves swirl around us tonight,
And float to the ground.

Scary is the night,
Because Halloween is nigh,
Be prepared for it.

Brandan, Caitlyn, Daniel, Jess - Longbenton Community College, Newcastle, UK
Comment by Jayne Davidson, WHHS, UK on October 18, 2012 at 13:06

Yes, Halloween is nigh,
And so is your demise
It shall happen before your eyes
So you might not want to try.
Trees turn into scary figures
Leaves do not dance but lurk
They will swirl and bustle,
And scream and howl
Until you start to choke.
The light, its burning too bright,
Too powerful for your eyes,
We can’t just turn and hide
And so I must say…

Hannah , Lucas & Jamie
West Hatch High School, Chigwell, Essex

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