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Comment by Rosa Harkin on March 6, 2014 at 11:01

Just another 'exciting' day trapped in this cage they call an aquarium. There's nothing to do apart from swimming from left to right, waiting for the usual 9am, 12pm and 5pm feeding slots and looking at the tasty treats of the humans outside which unfortunately are never on the menu. Constantly, I am disturbed by tapping on the window, with something they call fingers, staring at me with their beady eyes (how rude!) and blinding me with these strange flashy devices. Life for me is just 'peachy!' I'll get my own back one day though, don't you worry!

Oh no, not this joker again! Here comes the shark 'magician' flexing his muscles and showing off in front of the pathetic mothers. Who does he think he is, Johnny Bravo! Muscular Mike, they call him. What does he want from me NOW!

"Hello Sean, how are you feeling today?" he asked me supporting his speech with sign language.

Why can't he speak normal English, I'm not stupid for your information. Unlike you who is all muscle and no brain, I can actually speak 20 languages including Spanish, French, Shark, Whale and newly learnt Goldfish! One hand gesture from Mike and off I go into my usual routine of waving hello with my fin, jumping through hoops and opening my mouth to frighten the living day lights out of the human popcorns they call children.

"Now for the grand finale, Sean will perform his Terror Tornado of the century! Come on Sean, your turn to shine little buddy!" exclaimed Mike in his patronising voice.

As I looked at the exciting faces squashed against the glass and the impatiently waiting Mike, I sometimes wonder why I am performing these tricks. Off I go, swimming around Mike but this time I'm going to do it my way. While circling him, I gradually begin to speed up. I can see his peanut head mouthing slower but I pay no heed. Faster and faster I go. Terror he wants; terror he'll get! Faster! Faster! Suddenly...Crash!!!!

I woke up with my head feeling lighter and a weird sensation that my body wasn't my own. To my right, I saw my identical twin waking up and anxiously swimming around. As I went to tap him on his shoulder, I noticed my hands. My fins had disappeared and I had grown ten little sticks that looked similar to what those humans call fingers. Suddenly, I realised I wasn't looking at my twin, I was looking at Mike...

Rubbing my newly found fin-gers together, I thought to myself this could be interesting. HaHaHa...

By Anisa, Jennelle, Meena, Aika, Iman, Sachi, Kyroe, Luke, Abdihamid and Mrs Mamtora.

Norbury School





Comment by Alison murtha on March 6, 2014 at 11:10

It was a day like any other at the aquarium. Sam, as usual, was going to feed the shark. Children and adults gathered around the tank waiting for Sam’s daily event.

All of a sudden, the shark started staring and circling him, this was unusual as Sam had raised him from a pup and he knew him very well. Sam screamed as the shark came towards him! Nobody could hear him and his scream was a blur from deep under the water. The shark was coming ever nearer, it was racing towards him. Sam was trying to calm the shark down, shouting ‘calm down boy it’s me,’  when all at once Sam realised that he was becoming the bait…no one knew why the shark was acting this way because he had been doing it for so long and nothing had gone wrong before.

The shark attacked him furiously; there was blood everywhere; the crowd went as wild as lions as Sam was dragged into the deep blue…  

Lily, Freya, Charlotte and Portia at Cockwood Primary School

Comment by Alison murtha on March 6, 2014 at 11:37

“Wow, this shark is amazing- look at it…it’s coming right for us”.

The crowds were gathering for feeding time at the aquarium, jostling next to each other to get a good view of the tank.

Steve lowered himself into the tank with his scuba diving equipment on his strong back. The oxygen mask over his mouth was feeding him fresh air as he went deeper and deeper. The shark slowly comes towards him as he holds his hand out straight and flat. Steve offers the shark some fish and he quickly scrapes it off his hand.

The crowds clap and whistle with excitement. The shark swims round the edge of the clear, huge tank.

Suddenly, the crowds gasp as the shark turns and heads directly for Steve. Children start shouting telling Steve to get out of the tank…but Steve cannot hear the warnings from the crowd.

His heart is pounding and he begins swimming to the surface furiously. The shark is chasing him and snapping at his black, rubber flippers.

Steve reached the top of the tank and quickly felt someone pulling and grabbing his elbow they were dragging him out of the tank. He laid on the floor breathing heavily realising he had had a lucky escape…

The crowd cheered and clapped as they saw the rescue.


Yasmine, Charlene, Casey, Victoria and Mrs Murtha from Cockwood Primary School

Comment by Nicola Gowing on March 6, 2014 at 11:57

Once again a show case of skills was performed from my so called ‘fit’ training instructor; I don’t think he has understood I don’t want to be a performing shark… I want to be free and swim in the deep blue, sparkling ocean!

This time tomorrow I will have to do this all over again, he doesn't consider me in any part of this… expecting me to be able to do amazing summersaults, 10ft jumps and all for what? To get a bit of money but also the mothers which like to have several pictures with the arrogant man, my so called coach!?

Oh what a surprise the tour lady getting the children to stare at me with their beady eyes observing me. Why do their tiny fingers always have smudge my wonderful view of the beauty of my life in the enclosure next door! Why did it have to be me, out of all the sharks… there are what how many sharks that they can tame and train? But no… it has to be me! But then they think they can make me perform these life threatening tricks and then give me a slimy fish as a ‘treat’ I don’t like fish I like crabs and tiny, squirmy fingers!!!

I can’t handle this anymore! I NEED to break free… otherwise I think I am going to release all my anger, hopefully… it will break my prison, then, I can get ALL the tiny fingers I want!! HAHAHAHA!

I hope a pesky child comes running through this Jail of an apparent ‘home’ wait... I see fingers in my cage I rushed there as quick as possible I opened my jaw suddenly my stupid trainer pops round the corner and smiles I was about to bite him still when he put his hands of my mouth I felt like a dog who is always on a leash. This is my chance to run free know once and for all I can’t stand any more nonsense from this aquarium!


Dulcie Read and Keeley Roe, Great Yarmouth High School.

Comment by Vashti Turner on March 6, 2014 at 15:10

Eric Cope kneeled at the bottom of the Aqua World tank.... arms raised in the air desperately mesmerised as a huge shark wiggled towards him through the water.

This was it, this was what he had been training for. This was how he was going to impress Louisa.

As the shark neared him through the icy water Eric didn’t feel as confident anymore.

So, he was worried. No, he had to admit- he was absolutely terrified.

But then he heard Louisa’s muffled voice carrying through the glass, into the tank and through the water. He couldn’t tell quite what she was saying, it sounded a bit like “YYYYYYYY ANNNNNN OOOOOO EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET”. He wasn’t sure, but perhaps she was interested in him, perhaps he could really impress her. Was she yelling ‘YOU CAN DO IT’?

With that thought pounding through his head, he grabbed the nose of the shark- the only known way of stunning and shark and preventing it from ripping you to shreds. As the shark felt Eric’s hands tighten around his nose its tail swung angrily and its whole body rocked dangerously.

Eric wouldn’t be able to hold on for much longer. All of his muscles strained.

Then, through the deep, cold water he heard cheers from children in the crowd. They sounded muffled, but they were clearly cheers and shouts of encouragement.

Finally, Louisa’s voice rung crystal clear through the aquarium...



Samuel, Bacon’s College, London

Comment by Victoria Coe on March 6, 2014 at 15:59

The wrong tank

Once upon a time was a scoobadiver one day he went scoobadiving but it was in the wrong tank.In that tank was a shark. The scooba diver went up to the shark and felt the outside of his mouth. But the strange thing was the shark let him. So he and the shark swam together. And they became bffs!

THE END!!!!!!

Carly and Sally, Orchard Park Primary School

Comment by Victoria Coe on March 6, 2014 at 16:01

Risking my life

Slowly a scoober diver John climbed into a shark tank asking himself “why am I doing this is it worth risking my life?”

John stays at the corner of tank wondering whether to go near the shark and get eaten or stay alive by staying near the side.

A little girl shouted out “why is he risking his life, will he be ok? John finally picked  up the courage to go for it .

Carefully  john steps closer to the shark and  closes his eyes tight expecting….

Orchard Park Primary School - Funmi and Vienna

Comment by Victoria Coe on March 7, 2014 at 14:52

Jim was on another of his adventures, swimming for the fabled treasure of Mikura off the coast Italy! He had been searching for more than twenty years, and this was the last spot that he was going to hunt for it.

Jim had searched the sea bed thoroughly, but no discoveries were made. Suddenly his mind snapped back and he noticed something glimmering on the ocean floor. As he swam closer he saw a shape move… a colossal, obnoxious and eerie figure appeared… it was a  Shark!  And it was trying to eat someone, and they looked familiar?

  So as Jim thought and thought he finally knew what to do, so he cautiously approached the shark, but Jim was acting so peculiar because he was going closer to it!

 “Mary are u ok what are you doing here? screamed Jim, as he was forgetting he was still undersea and the shark was still there.

So as he got closer he saw it wasn’t Mary it was an alien with a large amount of family the reason he knew was because a human cannot breathe underwater for that long.

“What are u doing here you feeble, insignificant human,” hollered the Alien

Immanuel - Orchard Park Primary

Comment by Victoria Coe on March 7, 2014 at 14:55

Samson, an average fish expert, was swimming around the underwater biology research laboratory, continuing his mission to learn more about the ferocious great white shark.

“Yo, Samson I’m over here!” screamed Adam, his best friend, watching him swim from inside the building.

“Ad-a-m, did you here there is a rogue shark rooming the ocean eating people from any beach, I am going to stop it!” whispered Samson quietly, his eyes full of courage. Suddenly a tapping from the glass caught Samson’s eye.

“Hi Samson it’s me Jessie, remember me from French class in school?” cried Jessie.

“Heyyy, of-course I do,” answered Samson.

“Yeah I was wonder-,” stuttered Jessie.   

Out of nowhere a deathly shadow towered above him.

“Samson b-b-behind you Samson!” exclaimed Adam.

Samson quickly looked back and saw the destructive shark opening its lethal canine teeth. Samson swims in desperation.   

Kola - Orchard Park Primary School

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