01/10/2014 Eleanor Updale

 "What's that?" said Luke, pointing to the far corner of the tip.

   Jenna could hardly see over the box of empty bottles she was carrying.  "It's just a load of rags," she said.  "Maybe the clothes bank is full up, and someone's dumped them there."

   "Our Matt's got a shirt like that," said Luke.  "I've always hated it."

   "Maybe he's chucked it away," said Jenna, slinging the first bottle into the bin.

    Luke smashed in another. "No such luck. He wears it all the time. It stinks." 

    "You could take him that one.  Then at least he could have one on and one in the wash."

    "And maybe he'll realise how naff it is, if I can prove that someone else has thrown theirs out!"

    They dumped the last of the bottles, and walked towards the clothes bank.  Jenna grabbed Luke's arm.  

   The pile of rags was moving.

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Comment by WP Central on October 1, 2014 at 9:15

It jerked. A fear ridden face appeared. 

It was Matt.

Laying half dead in the skip.

Luke ran towards him but Jenna grabbed him first. As the body moved and Matt took a final breath.

Then they felt a cold sharp object brush against their backs…

Gina, Sarah and Emma, Wick High School

Comment by WP Central on October 1, 2014 at 9:45

"I wouldn't move if I were you" a voice hissed behind them, "My pet isn't very friendly and he's in a playful mood this morning - he doesn't play nicely with his enemies". Luke & Jenna froze, hardly daring to breath. "Wh..who are you and what have you done to my brother?" Luke managed to stammer.

"Ah he was your brother was he , my condolences. Unfortunately the unfortunate pup was dabbling in magic he just didn't understand and he was using something of mine that he stole to give him an enchantment boost."

"Magic? Matt? I think you've got the wrong man, Matt is.....was *sob* just a writer, he couldn't do magic."

"That's where you are wrong, he was working with very powerful magic, the magic of stories but he was only a novice" the voice was louder as the man.....or thing came around to the front of the children. 

"Now then lets go and find my golden pen, it should be somewhere in your home......"

Bev Humphrey

Write Path Founder

Comment by Nicola Gowing on October 1, 2014 at 10:45

“In our home?” the confusion in Luke’s voice was noticeable.

The shadowy figure appeared face to face in front of Luke; his breath was hot on Luke’s cheek.

“Correct now take me to his room or …” he made a gesture of cutting his throat. His finger moved slowly across the skin of his neck.

That’s when Jenna made a quiet mumbling sound. She recognised his face, A man with tanned skin and long ratty beard; one eye that was blue and the other that was black.

“The paper” she murmured “it was you who killed them three children from that school, it was you who kidnapped that 15 year old girl last year, and it was you who escaped from prison three months ago” a sudden rush of terror and anger rushed through her like a bolt of lightening .

Luke remembered that face, he was on a picture in the room he used to share with Matt. 

Lilly and Erin

Great Yarmouth High School

Comment by Lynne Coppendale on October 1, 2014 at 11:58

Everyone paused, they couldn't believe what they had just found out.

There was a break in the silence when Luke started to burst out with a waterfall of tears over the half-dead body. Lily and Jenna’s face also began to well up with tears but Lily’s was bright red with frustration. They didn't know what to do but Luke wasn't thinking straight either. The killer looked at the trio with no sympathy at all.

Luke questioned, (still stuttering), “W-why, just why did you do all of this… he did nothing to you!”

With no emotion the man answered, “I did it because …” the sentence trailed off into nowhere. They slowly stepped into the house doing exactly what the killer had told them to do.

After they entered the bedroom the killer aggressively shouted, “ Where’s the confidential room...?”

Ikra and Freya, Danum Academy.

Comment by Katie Barnard on October 1, 2014 at 13:52

They walked over to heap of rags as a cold breeze flew past them. Luke lifted the rags and they saw in shock horror a stinking heap of flesh and realised that Luke’s  poor brother was turned into a hideous  flesh eating  zombie. It was crunching down on a little boy who had been scared out of his wits when his parents tried to attack him. Luke and Jenna ran for there lives but realised that there was flesh eating zombies standing at the end of the allyway….

Ruby and Charlotte

Comment by Allison Painich on October 2, 2014 at 15:07

They both ran into the two story, old abandoned house trying to hide.  Luke and Jenna were both losing their mind until Luke heard someone say, "Don't be afraid.  Fight.  Save your little brother."  Luke began walking around the house looking for something and couldn't find it.  Jenna is screaming at Luke, "What are you doing?  TELL ME!"  He finally found it.  Jenna couldn't put her finger on it, but she knew what it was.  They both ran out of the house to fight, but they realized there were only dreaming. 


Carroll Jr High

Monroe, Louisiana, USA

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