09/10/2014 Poetry Eleanor Updale

The first thing I see

When I think of you

Is a dirty orange sock

And a worn-out shoe.


I can't forget

I try and yet

It's still there in my head.

The image lies

Behind my eyes

Tight shut

When I'm in bed


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Comment by Charlotte de Gruchy on October 9, 2014 at 7:44

I don’t want to think of you,
As a dirty orange sock,
And a worn out shoe,

I really want to see the real you

So whenever I close my eyes,
I try to scrub out all of those lies,
No matter how hard my brain tries,
You will always be

that same dirty orange sock,
And that same worn out shoe

But one day when I went to school
And I looked at you,
You were that same ragged image

Now that I see that part of you,
That is real, pure and true,
Now I can’t ever think of you,
As a dirty orange sock,
And a worn out shoe.

By Khelan, Joshua and Bianca. International School of Cape Town

Comment by Nicola Gowing on October 9, 2014 at 9:39

Now I can`t think of you as a dirty orange sock

And a worn out shoe

I see love hearts in your eyes

Of crystal blue

I’ve forgot all your lies


I see the real you



The coal black hair

Your lips so soft like a pillow  

I really care

You’ll never like me a poor girl named willow


You will never be the same dirty orange sock

Or worn out shoe

I see you in your real light   

I never want to leave you

Without a fight

I hope you love me too


Your warm heart sends shivers down my spine

Love is all I feel for you

You`re truly divine

I`m your peach and your my boo

You love me and I love you



You are my life

You are my dreams

Make me your wife

You hold up me like beams

My dirty orange sock

My worn out shoe


Phoebe Tedstone , Libby Rhodes, Stephanie Watson

Great Yarmouth High School England U.K

Comment by Debbie Baird on October 9, 2014 at 10:20

Now i see the real you.
I hope you will see the real me,
Because i greatly love you,
My dirty orange sock,
My worn out shoe.

When we come together,
My one true love,
We will be as fresh as leather,
As we stride full of pride,
My dirty orange sock,
My worn out shoe.

I know you see me,
Not as i see you,
But as we come together,
You'll see me as i see you,
My dirty orange sock,
My worn out shoe.

Antony, West Kirby Residential School

Comment by Paula ward on October 9, 2014 at 13:02

My sock, my shoe,

My love, my pride,                                                                                                               

My joy, my happiness,                                                                                                                       

Always at my side.


Stay with me ,

In life and death,

In sadness and in joy.

For I will always love you,

And that will never cloy.


Please love me and I’ll return

Your love in many ways.

You’re the only one for me,

For the remainder of my days.

 by Fay and Lucy, Robert mays

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