09/10/2014 Poetry Jane Prowse

Remember when you were small,

sometimes you would fall

and need a hand

to stand


When you’re big,

You should recall

that helpful hand and ask any, or all,

your friends to help,

just as you would reach out to them 

when they need a friend...

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Comment by Charlotte de Gruchy on October 9, 2014 at 7:38
Remember that time when you scraped your knee
On the surface of the netball court
Remember when I helped you up
Would you do that for me?

That hand I used can also threaten
Or punch or hit or hurt
That hand I used is a helpful tool
To block to carry
or catch a butterfly with a net

You use your hands for many things
Some negative some not
You use your friends for lots of things too
Like hugs or laughter
and lots of other meanings

So why not give a helpful hand
To anyone in need
Like at home or at school
It doesn't matter
what land

By Amber, Timothy and Jade, International School of Cape Town
Comment by Nicola Gowing on October 9, 2014 at 9:43

Remember when you lost your friend,

Because she fell out of the latest trend,

Her fashion wouldn’t blend,

Catwalks she wouldn’t attend,

and stole my precious boyfriend.


Remember when we dropped the flour,

Off the top of the Eiffel tower,

It took a whole hour,

For it to hit someone with a shower,

And we had absolute power.


Remember the time we forgot to rhyme,

We felt like we were committing a crime.

We cried the whole time,

So we made a vine,

It involved lots of yellow limes.


Remember when I hid your tie,

You went to school and told a lie.

The teacher laughed and made you cry,

You went and peanutted another guy,

So he poked you in the eye.


 By Luke & Becki @ Great Yarmouth High School

Comment by Debbie Baird on October 9, 2014 at 10:20
Remember the time we had that fight?

You jumped out and gave me a fright

I yelled at you and slapped your face

You ran away at such a pace

It was quite some time, until again
We were talking without end
Laughing, joking, playing out
Always something to shout about

But old habits die hard
You pushed me, I landed on a shard
Of broken glass from some old bottle
I lashed out at you, no mercy, full throttle

But we are still the best of friends
Through times tough and easy, our friendship bends
But break? It never has
You are my best friend, and I am your's just as

Daisy Lewis West Kirby Residential School
Comment by Paula ward on October 9, 2014 at 12:52

Since those days, some time has passed

Our friendship has clearly failed to last

But when we meet, though always brief,

We seem to find a way to speak

Of times when we were helping hands

Although I never understand

How we traversed through those minefield lands.


But always out of bad comes good

From our past experiences we would

Learn and grow into stronger kind

And change the way we live our lives


When my friends make me laugh until tears,

It reminds me of our glory years.

The fun we had those decades ago

Has shaped me now and made me grow


Some days I still sit and wonder

How we survived all that thunder

But in some ways it made us see

How life could sometimes be

Not perfect, but painful.



By Shika and Zoe - Robert May's School, UK





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