08/10/2014 Helen Moss

Emily Wild checked her watch. ‘We’d better start back soon. It’ll be dark in an hour.’

The three friends – and Drift, of course – had rowed across the bay from Castle Key and spent the day exploring the tiny island, with its deserted coves and ruined monastery. They had brought a picnic and made a campfire and swum from the sandy beach. 

‘Yeah, it’s definitely time to go,’ Jack said, giving the biscuit tin a shake. ‘We’ve run out of food.’ 

Emily was helping Scott load the bags into the rowing boat when Drift looked up from digging under a pile of seaweed and gave an excited bark. She ran to his side to see.  ‘Drift’s found something!’ she called to the boys, picking up an old bottle and turning it over in her hands. The glass was smooth and thick and green. ‘There’s something inside it,’ she added.

‘Lemonade?’ Jack asked hopefully.

Ignoring his brother, Scott leaned over Emily’s shoulder. ‘It looks like a little roll of paper.’


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Comment by WP Central on October 7, 2014 at 18:20

“It’s a message!” Emily said.  Scott took the bottle and maliciously attempted to pry it open but was unsuccessful.  Jack then snatched the bottle away and smashed it against a nearby rock.  Shards of glass flew into the air, and the paper floated to the ground.  Scott picked up the paper and began to read it aloud.


I have crashed my boat and I am stuck here.  They have taken my family.  I am the only one left.  I am unsure of my exact location, but before they blindfolded me, I saw a volcano erupt in the distance..

Emily noticed the rest of the message was torn, and no one knew what to do next.

Amanda, Justin, Sam, Mulaysia

Lee Junior High

Monroe, Louisiana, USA

Comment by Carola Webber on October 8, 2014 at 0:10

“We just have to ignore it; for all we know that message could’ve been from years ago!” said Scott. “We can’t just leave him or her there!” Emily shouted, “Emily, Scott’s right, we have no food or water and it’s getting dark.” Emily sighed.. “I’m going to look for them, if you want to help, then come with me, or just go home. Jack and Scott exchanged looks, there was a long, tense silence between the three of them, all you could hear was the sound of Drift’s breathing… BOOM! We turned around and saw red-orange lava  towards us, Scott yelled in panic “GET IN THE BOAT QUICK!”


Jessica, Irene and Aiden

Delany College


Comment by Nicola Gowing on October 8, 2014 at 8:44


"What was that?" questioned Emily, while looking from side to side for an explanation. Then all of a sudden, Drift started continuously barking. “What’s up boy?” wondered Scott, then he noticed an orange liquid in the distance and screamed “Drift, get in this boat now!” Disobediently, the dog ran toward the lava. He let out an ear piercing yelp and hopped back towards the boat. “OMG, he’s hurt!” cried Emily, the tears rolling down her face…  

Stephanie Watson

Great Yarmouth high school

Great Yarmouth, England

Comment by Annalise Taylor on October 8, 2014 at 9:51

They all got in the boat panicked, questions going in their heads “What can they do right now? They have no land to go on except the other side of the island”. Suddenly when they were half way to the other side of the island they found the volcano giving off magmas all over the place and BOOM one of the magmas crashed into the boat. They started screaming and the boat started drowning, so luckily they were good swimmers and they only had half of the way to the other side of the island, so they started jumping into the sea and swam to the other side. When they arrived to the other side the ashes were covering the sky and it was really dark, they started hearing some strange noises and there was a strange movement happening around them so they started wandering around searching for a safe place to stay in, while they were searching Emily found another bottle “everybody come here!” she yelled they all started running to her sound. They opened the note inside the bottle and the note said:”GO NORTH AND FIND THE OTHER BOTTLE”.

Nadav, Arthus, Abdelrahman

International Community School London

Comment by Lyn Brooks on October 8, 2014 at 11:40
”Go north? Why?” said Jack. “I don’t know, but to be safe, we need to go north and find the other bottle.” Emily replied. They ventured north; however, after half an hour, they had found nothing but an obscure and gloomy cavern. They went in with Emily leading the way; they were shivering with fear because they heard some screeching and gurgling sounds. “Where…is…the…lan…lantern?” Asked Scott. “We don’t have a lantern.” Declared Emily. Suddenly they heard a loud, shrieking scream coming from the depths of the cave. “What was that? “Said Jack. “I don’t know but we better get out-” said Emily right before she got interrupted by Drift, who started barking noisily at a strange-looking creature that came out of the dark shadows of the cave. “AAAARRRGGGHHH!” They screamed so loud that it could shatter glass and ran as fast as cheetahs towards the exit of the cavern but then, they stopped in their tracks because what they saw was just incredible that it filled them with awe. It was…

Shivali, Louise & Kauzar

Whitefield School, London
Comment by Nikki Heath on October 8, 2014 at 12:41

A man tall, thin and mysterious. He turned before they could say anything.” Who…was…that?”  mumbled Jack.

“I’m not sure” replied Emily who was wide eyed and trembling.” We better go see who it was” replied Jack.

“No I’m too scared” cried Emily

“Fine then, wait here by yourself, chicken”  laughed Emily. She clenched her eyes shut and breathed in.

“Fine!” agreed Emily. They walked on breathing the scent of mould and old socks. Emily was biting her nail when she heard an ear piercing scream and someone called for them. They had to go on though they didn’t want to they were miles away from the entrance when they saw a light a tall figure came out of the darkness carrying a knife we ran into the light. “Wait!” cried the man. They stopped and turned. He walked to them and placed his hand out for them. He grabbed them and shoved them in an old mouldy bag. They were too scared to even scream. After a while they were thumped to the ground. They crawled out and looked around they were in some kind of prison cell with 2 beds…       

By Chloe H, Werneth School, Stockport, UK.

Comment by Debbie Baird on October 8, 2014 at 13:32
Emily looked around taking in her surroundings “We’re trapped” She muttered, her voice quaking a little bit as she did so. She stood up and saw that the others were already standing looking around with grim expressions written across their faces. “Well come on!” she yelled at them feeling dumbstruck that they were just stood there wondering about. “It’s pointless!” exclaimed Jack “We’ve already searched the entire cell while you were busy snoring.” “There’s no way out other than the door we must have come in.”
“There has to be another way out.” Emily stated hopefully “I’m sure of it we just have to lo...”
“No Emily.” It was Scott who had spoken this time.”We are not looking anymore; we are tired of searching this cell for an exit that doesn’t exist.” Emily stared at Scott her eyes full of loathing for her friend. Emily slowly sat down silently and sat staring unblinkingly at the door to their cell.” So wha...”
There was a loud bang interrupting Jack’s sentence and the friends turned towards it with determined expressions on their faces. “Do not show any signs of fear” Scott whispered.
The door began to open and ...

Tai Sharpe
West Kirby Residential School
Comment by Linda Thiebaud on October 8, 2014 at 16:12

A dark shadowy figure stood in the doorway. The lights that were once bright slowly faded. A small animal with glowing eyes peered at the kids. Slowly it approached as the kids watched in shock. Emily stopped looking at the figure and stared at the others. " I think I've read about this in a book once " said Emily. "It might be a legend called ' El Chubracbra, my book says that they wander in these areas'' Emily said. " It is no time for  your silly logic Emily" replied Scott. OMG!! what is that?! The spirit slowly approached and...

Sydney Lachlan Christa Mcauliffe Elementary School

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