Three or four metres of rubble and stone that had once been a garden. The house behind, square and ancient. A wind that never stopped blowing up from the edge where the once-garden ended. Not the edge of a cliff, but the edge of the world and a drop so huge, so heart stopping, so blue, that to tumble into its immensity would be like falling into sky.

Not a place in which to lose your temper then. To fling shoes and books angrily from some wind filled window. Not a place to march out of, slamming the door, shouting, calling to your dismal, useless, uncomprehending relations that you were never coming back.
Unless you never were coming back.

The shoes quickly crumbled into the shadows of shoes, but the books held together until their pages came loose. The wind picked them up, flattened them, and flung them against the wall of the house. They plastered themselves against the stone and remained readable for a long time. Gabby and Zack peeled them off, carried them inside, and spent a long time puzzling over the thin faded print.
"They're about dragons or something," said Gabby at last.

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Comment by Caroline Roche on October 4, 2010 at 9:45
As Zack opened the book there was images popping out of it like no other ,
“Zack don't, don't do that” Gabby grasped There was a flashing light and Zack was gone, he had disappeared.

“Hi, Hi, look down, look in the book” Zack said
Zack was in the book of dinosaurs “Cool T-REX” Zack said, he was surrounded by trees, grass and dinosaurs. Gabby's mum walks into the room “why are you looking at that old and scruffy book” She closed the book.
There was a scream it came from the book........

By Stephen and Benjamin
Comment by gill mapplebeck on October 4, 2010 at 11:22
Zack couldn’t believe it. How could Gabby have let that happen? Now he was trapped in this everlasting world. A world which he wasn't prepared to be a part of… Zack turned around, thinking he might as well have a wander, but as he turned, he saw something that would change his life forever…

“What was that noise?” Mum asked suspiciously, frowning.

“Oh… Its erm… Nothing! I’m just a little hungry.” Gabby replied.

“I’m sure it sounded like a scream! What have I told you about lying to me?” She questioned.

“And what have I told you about knocking?!” Gabby replied dryly.

Mum stood there, astounded. She couldn’t believe her daughters sudden change of attitude.

“Well, Gabby, if you are going to continue behaving like this, and you’re not willing to tell the truth about this stupid book, I might as well throw it in the fireplace – it’s winter, and we need as much heat as we can get.”

“Mum, I really don’t think that’s the best idea – please just trust me! I need that book back,” She begged desperately. It was tough trying to stay calm with Zack’s life slowly ticking away.
Mum completely ignored Gabby, and walked away hastily. She was still holding the book…

The heat was everywhere. Zack desperately needed help, because he was burning. Burning alive…

By Annie Halloran and Ameena Malak
Comment by Julie Maclean on October 4, 2010 at 12:24
Gabby just stood, staring. She had to stop her mother, but how? Determination struck through her body; nothing was going to stop her. She heard the fire crackling she could be too late.
She ran up to her mother, threw herself down to the floor with tears pouring from her eyes, “lying, that’s what you say breaks this family apart, but do you know what breaks me apart – Dad; where did he go? Don’t expect us to believe the silly childhood tales you tell us. That’s lying is it not? Tell me Mum; do you even know where he disappeared? He mothers’ eyes were slowly filling with tears, tears that had been held back for many years.
Gabby could see the pain she caused as her mother struggled to speak. She did not feel sorry for her the urge to say what she felt had been burning inside her ever since her father had disappeared. The day there family fell apart. She may not have remembered it with clarity, for she was young, but the sorrow in he mothers eyes was unforgettable.
She had been so wound up about the situation, that she had forgotten about the blazing fire. What was she going to do now…

Charlie and Alice
Comment by Allison Painich on October 4, 2010 at 16:53
There it was. That page. The page with Zack on it. Gabby lunged to grab it. She saved it just in time. A corner of the paper had melted away into ash. Aside from the missing part, the paper was unharmed. This paper had an odd feeling to it. It felt like the cold hand of a corpse. Gabby gazed thoroughly, intrigued into the picture. Wait, it had grown hot. She turned around and Zack was there. Right next to her. But how? She wasn’t inside her house any more. She looked back at the picture on the page. The picture held a cold illustration of the room in which she’d been moments before……..

Jayda, Lesa, and Henry
Monroe, LA
Robert E. Lee Jr. High

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