14/10/15 Sally Gardner

When Lord Pinkforth came down to breakfast on Friday morning, he was surprised to find a dead body lying on the morning room floor.

The body was that of an elderly woman in a pink dress and a blue hat with a feather in it. There was no blood, nor any marks on her that he could see. Nor was there any sign of a murder weapon – no lead piping left beside her, not even a note conveniently announcing that IT WERE ME WHAT DONE IT. 

It was most perplexing, and rather annoying, especially before breakfast.

Lord Pinkforth was not used to finding the bodies of dead strangers lying on the floor of his morning room, and he wasn’t quite sure what one was supposed to do about it. He didn’t believe he knew the correct procedure.

He rang for the butler.

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Comment by Sarah Love Mandurah Cath Coll WA on October 14, 2015 at 3:34
But there was no response. Lord Pinkforth screamed for the butler again, he then heard the sound of someone walking down the stairs. The butler then entered the room and said “your breakfast isn’t ready yet, I was preparing it when you called me.” “There is a dead body in the other room, what do I do?” said Pinkforth. “What!?” Exclaimed the butler, shocked. “I’ll go call the police” said Pinkforth, he then went to the phone to call the police, but was stopped by the butler “You can’t call the police, they’ll think you’ve done it.” “Very so.” said Pinkforth. “Let’s hide the body.” The two went to hide the body, but it had disappeared…,
Beau and Arian, Mandurah Catholic College, Australia
Comment by Annalise Taylor on October 14, 2015 at 8:50

Who took it? They suddenly heard the door closing. They heard foot steps leading outside. They heard the sound of the footsteps fading away. As the footsteps faded away they saw a shadow of a man running in the moonlight with a brown sack in the shape of a person. “Let’s chase him” said Lord Pinkforth. They rushed after him but the mystery man disappeared in to the darkness…

Pauli, Olfat, Oscar

International Community School, London, UK

Comment by Leah Falkingham on October 14, 2015 at 9:45
The two ran out into the night. The moonlight shone upon them as it made eerie shadows across the cobblestones, making it seem as if they were being watched by many people. All of a sudden they heard a twig snap…

"What was that?” Whispered the Butler.

A bush started to rustle, the pair stepped back meeting the wall of the house. They gasped in terror! An unearthly utter travelled from the forest at their side! Sweat trickled down Lord Pinkforth’s face… suddenly a dark grey shadow stepped forth from the bush, it had beastly eyes that were illuminated in the moonlight.

“Pppplease spare our poor unfortunate souls.” The Butler said nervously.

“How could I do that when you have already seen me?” Muttered a high voice.

The two tried to step back, but they couldn’t any more as they were against the house wall… the butler screamed in horror. Lord Pinkforth pointed a shaking finger at the figure.

“That… is a child.”

Taira, Eve, Georgina and Ellen: Chantry middle school, UK
Comment by Hollie Rush on October 14, 2015 at 11:09

The child stepped forward into the light; he had a pale face and blonde curly hair. There were cuts and bruises down his right hand side and blood dripping from his hands. It seemed so peculiar to see such a sweet little child in the middle of what appeared to be a horror scene; he looked so innocent and gentle with a delicate high pitched voice and big blue eyes.


“My Gran, my poor, poor Granny Gertrude,” the child said in a sad voice in between sobs and hiccups.


The Butler stepped forward and knelt before the traumatised little boy; “What is your name young lad?”


“Callum, Sir.”


“What is it that has happened to your poor Grandma?”




Suddenly the small child’s body started deforming right before their eyes into the figure of an old and crooked man with glowing eyes as red as lava.


“DEAD NOW HAHAHAHAHA!” the beastly man said to the Butler, who seconds ago had been that little upset boy named Callum.


The butler let out a petrifying scream and turned to run away but they were trapped against the wall, which now read: ‘YOU’RE GONNA DIE’ in what appeared to be blood. The foul, twisted old man lunged towards the butler and with strength that seemed impossible, knocked the weeping butler to the floor who laid there lifeless.


Lord Pinkforth with a face as white as chalk faced the chuckling old man: “Oh my goodness, I can’t believe it is you Dad. I thought you were dead.” He looked around at the chaos and horror surrounding him.


“What have you done?”




Callum: Ashlyns School, UK

Comment by Jayne Davidson, WHHS, UK on October 14, 2015 at 12:08
Lord Pinkforth was speechless and had no words to express himself. Whilst Pinkforth was about to fall into his dads arms, all of a sudden his (supposedly) dead dad became his dead butler and was revealed a shape shifter. The shape shifter grabbed him by the neck and pushed against the wall and screamed in Pinkfoth’s face “I killed your dad! “
Pinkforth trying to get air whispered “What is happening to my life? “ As Pinkforth escaped he fell to his knees in pain trying to catch his breath. As Pinkforth got back to his feet he fell back on the floor taking his last breath. The shape shifter then transformed into lord Pinkforth.

By Arjun, Maxwell, Ruben, Daniel, Billy and Mustafa
West Hatch High School
Comment by Clare Bond on October 14, 2015 at 13:49
The shape-shifter’s face was surely that of Lord Pinkforth’s, but its personality was only of its own menace and sinister considerations. Who should he become next? The bodies, littered around him, gave him a sort of unearthly energy. The trees, they whispered to him, urging him forward, into the darkness, and he allowed himself to be guided through the forest. This lord was something of a clumsy, heavy-footed man, and the shape-shifter was not content with his stature. A sly fox darted between two willows, but the shape-shifter didn’t like animals. Oh, no, they were far too instinctive and stank of unspeakable territorial actions. He reached a small hut, huddled in a dreary clearing and obviously in want of immediate cosmetic attention. A wisp of smoke escaped the hut with a slight puff, and the shape-shifter edged up towards the doorway. Here was his chance, a chance to find his true body and spirit, and never could he rest until his righteous body was found. The catch to his predicament; he could only become the dead. And, sadly, he anticipated the usual disappointment.

He slithered into the single-roomed shack, and expected to make yet another deal with Death. However, before he could, a low, grinding voice announced to the fire:

“Good evening, Mr Shape-Shifter, what gives me the pleasure of your presence to-night?”

By Phoebe
Knutsford Academy
Comment by Allison Painich on October 15, 2015 at 2:31

The shape-shifter glanced around wildly, trying to locate the origin of the noise.  The only sight he had was a small pile of kindling blazing near the center of the dilapidated building.  The 'lord' knew that the fire would go out soon so he pulled a rotten chunk of wood from the wall and placed it in the inferno.  The fire burst to the ceiling of the room, and the dry material exploded with heat.

Flames spread out everywhere yet somehow the shifter had not noticed.  He stumbled to the edge of the room and saw no living thing.  He decided that it was an hallucination and he turned to exit the already crumbling shack.

Caleb, Fenner, Michael

Lee Jr High School

Monroe, Louisiana, USA

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