14/10/15 Malcolm Rose

The morning light faded away as if a thick black cloud had drifted in front of the sun.  A sudden cold wind brought an unexpected chill, but a change in the weather wasn’t the cause.  High in the sky, the moon was about to block out the sun.  Oliver knew that he shouldn’t stare at the solar eclipse with unprotected eyes but the sight was awesome and strange.  Just before the eclipse became total, sunshine glared from one side of the sun, forming a diamond smile.  It dazzled him, blinding his vision.  His eyes snapped shut.

The moon robbed the day of its sunlight and plunged Oliver into darkness.  Birds stopped singing and returned to their night-time roosts.  Only the sun’s corona glimmered from behind the perfect black disc.  In the few short minutes before sunlight reappeared, Oliver’s life was doomed to change completely.

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Comment by Sarah Love Mandurah Cath Coll WA on October 14, 2015 at 3:43
When Oliver opened his eyes he saw a dark figure that looked inhuman standing across the street and it seemed like it was looking at him. He decided to watch TV, but out of curiosity he looked back, the creature was standing just metres behind him. Oliver ran to the door and locked it behind him, but that didn't stop the creature it smashed its hand through the window and opened the door. But it still gave Oliver enough time to look at the hand. It was covered in purple veins, with midnight black skin that looked as if it were pulsing. He imagined what the rest of it could look like, but he put those images out of his mind because he had to figure out what to do next...

by Aaron and Cameron, Mandurah Catholic College
Comment by Annalise Taylor on October 14, 2015 at 8:35

Oliver had to get rid of the creature, he went outside and started running around. It was getting dark outside but he still wanted to stay. He couldn’t get rid of the creature. Oliver started staring at the creature, it was black, creepy and silent. Oliver got so tired so he decided to go back inside. Oliver got inside and he ran to his bedroom. Suddenly the creature started moving and making noises. Oliver got so scared that he could hardly breathe. Then the phone started ringing. There was …

Essi and Jorge

International Community School, London, UK

Comment by Leah Falkingham on October 14, 2015 at 9:57
A creak of a floorboard upstairs. Oliver picked up the phone. It was a strange muffled voice. The quality of the phone call was terrible.

“Have you seen the news? Quick lock the door!” Oliver’s mother firmly commanded.

“What? Why?” Oliver questioned. All of a sudden the phone line cut off.

All the lights went out and Oliver was left in the darkness of his home. He could sense the figure nearing. His mobile phone buzzed. It was an unknown number. Who is it? Who is messaging me at this time of night? Oliver thought.

The message read:
Think your safe locked in your home? Think again. The time has come to believe in ghosts.

Oliver ran downstairs and started to walk towards the door. His eyes were drawn to a smashed stained glass window of the front door. The door flung wide open in a heartbeat. Oliver hesitantly took a few steps outside. He looked up at the sky; it was now blood red. Unknown to him there was a silhouette of a black figure standing in the broken doorway. Then he heard it, the black figure was reciting the words in the message. He turned around to see…

Robyn, Emma, Cara, Hannah, Grace and Holly: Chantry Middle School, UK.
Comment by Carrie Humphrey on October 14, 2015 at 12:08

A translucent character wrapped in a thick black cloak. Oliver screamed and tried to find a safe space to hide. "I know" Oliver thought to himself, "the old war bunker in the back garden." He ran round the back of the house and flung open the heavy rusty door of the bunker. Breathing heavily he leaned against the wall surveying his surroundings. Suddenly the bunker started shaking and the roof exploded off. There in the sky was a ...

Carrie Humphrey, Renaissance Learning

Comment by Clare Bond on October 14, 2015 at 13:52
Rather limp body, almost petrified. The body didn’t look friendly, but in light of recent events I wasn’t optimistic, I didn’t stand around to give myself the chance to be either. Losing the fight for breath I decided I could make it back into the house for some kind of weapon.
But of course I could never be so wrong…
The blood moon lingered thousands of miles up, as if waiting to see how my story would end. What had my mum meant? “Have you seen the news? Quick lock the door!” That was not important, I had more pressing matters to deal with. Time slowed down around me, reaching the house felt like a millennia. As I reached the house I noticed something different. Windows bordered up, bottles and wrappers painted the area, streaks of liquids gave the house an evil glow, almost inviting. However eyes were transfixed on one particular spot, an odd grey tomb stone stood at the door, almost waiting. The engraved writing was faded, like the stone itself. But I was only gone for a mere few minutes. How could this all have happened?!
“Shame really, nice family they were…” An elderly man stood there, as if he had done this many times, he wasn’t a threat, just old and sad looking, but with a mischievous gleam in his eyes. Not the kind of man you would trust. He had a large overcoat 3 or 4 sizes too big, holes dotted around, rips, stains and even drops of blood, which of all things caught my attention the least. His trousers were of the most obscure fashion. His base colour was matt yellow, way too big, big nearly… clean. The patterns decorating these trousers will bright red suns with abstract black art taking over the inside of the sun. The drawings seemed to move, the lines like tentacles. They showed battles, war and hunts. An old man in the middle of the night talking to a young boy. Would have normally scared me, but I seemed to be at home with him, I felt like I couldn’t talk about anything.
“Err… Who are you?” I said with such confident, but a quiver of my lip gave away my act. I wasn’t scared, just curious.
“That doesn’t matter, the only that matters is that you, Oliver know what you ae going to do now. My life is in your hands!”
“I don’t know what you are talking about…?”
“You will my boy, in time you will see what I mean.” As quickly as he came, was as quickly as he left, the shadows seems to melt around him seeping through his body. Everything went pitch black, I lost all sensation in my body my fingers went numb then my legs, neck, arms, feet and toes. I too seemed to attract the shadows towards me. Winning the fight for consciousness I got to my feet, I went to the only place my body let me, the tomb. The shadows had reached my neck. I managed to reach the tomb. Engraved on the tomb was…

Oliver Martin-Knutsford Academy
Comment by Allison Painich on October 15, 2015 at 2:49

Oliver Herbert Gibson 1738-1802

"beloved husband, father, son"

Confused, Oliver realizes this is his tomb and begins to cry.  "When did I have kids?"  When did I get married? When did I die?"  All these questions rushed through his mind.  Suddenly, he feels a tap on his shoulder.  He slowly turns around and sees the man, "Goodbye!"  The man says as he pushes him in the grave.  Oliver is scared, and his world turns black.  He suddenly woke up. 

Gracie, Sydney, Jakayla

Lee Jr High School

Monroe, Louisiana, USA

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