3/3/16 Story 4 Miriam Halahmy

Ellie was very lonely since mum and dad had moved away from London to a tiny hamlet near the sea. Where were all the children? There never seemed to be anyone on the freezing December beach except a man with two big dogs and an old woman who talked to herself. Mum kept saying she'd soon make new friends when she started at the local school. But meanwhile all Ellie could do was wander up and down the beach, with the wind whipping sand in her eyes and the tide threatening to soak her new trainers. Then one morning, two days before Christmas she saw it -  a glass bottle with a thick stopper in the neck lying on the sand by a pile of seaweed. But the most exciting part - the bit which made a thrill wash around inside her - was the rolled up piece of paper she could see through the glass. A message in a bottle, Ellie nearly shouted aloud. Now all she had to do was find a way to release the stopper.

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Comment by Andy taylor on March 3, 2016 at 8:57

Then she spotted a piece of slimy seaweed and wrapped it quickly round the brown stopper. Her excitement mounted as she gathered all her strength and PULLED! Ellie tugged and tugged but as hard as she tried, the stopper only moved a millimetre.

Now frantic, she glanced around the deserted beach to see if she could find something suitable for pulling the stopper off. There was nothing there! Disappointedly, she closed her eyes and wished that there was something to help her.

 When she finally opened her eyes, right in front of her was a tiny, strange elf that had huge ears. He was wearing the strangest combination of clothes Ellie had ever seen! There was a plant pot on his head and a scarf wrapped around his teeny feet.

“AHHH!” screamed Ellie. “AHHH!” screamed the peculiar elf. “Who are you?”

“I,” declared the elf grandly, “Am Bingo!”  


 By Eden and Phoebe Easebourne Primary School

Comment by Kevin Sheehan on March 3, 2016 at 9:45
She looked at him trying to pull a smile but it didn't work the elf saw her fright and said "Why Are You Sad" "my name is Byron the elf." he said quietly "lets go to your house we are in great danger no-time for questions LETS GO" at Ellie's house the elf admitted "im a shape shifter I was hiding from santa he gave me this power but the other elves were full of RAGE and JEALOUSY so I RAN!!!" "so I was hoping to ask you if I-I-I could st-stay for a week or two PLEASE!"LOOK!" the light turned off they mysteriously teleported to a Dark, Moldy & Gloomy Forest! *Ellie screamed.* "AHHHH!!" they saw a house which was weathered and falling apart. then suddenly out of no-where lightning started to strike tree's and the Grass. *they ran into the old & rotten house.* then suddenly they heard a creepy laugh from a mile away which bellowed to the old and rotten house which gave them shivers down their spine.
Comment by Kevin Sheehan on March 3, 2016 at 9:46
By Byron And Charlie Loreto High School!
Comment by Tricia Oyston on March 3, 2016 at 10:43

Ellie turned and looked into the pitch black forest straining to see what was out there. The hairs on the back of her head stood on end, someone was watching them. She crept closer until she was out side the wind whipped at her clothes and hair she heard faint screaming behind her she turned to see Byron in the door way screaming at her tears streaming down his face, he said something but Ellie couldn’t hear. She started to walk towards him but slick black tentacles wrapped its self around her snapping her back towards the forest her struggles were helpless only tightening her binds. She came to a stop in front of a giant rock but she was not alone, a tall figure dressed in black stood looming over her, his face was white just white he had no eyes but he could tell she was there. ’Run’  the tentacles slithered back to the man in black whipping the air. Ellie stood up and ran not knowing where she was going. After a while she came across a page, then it dawned on her Slenderman, Slenderman and the eight pages.




Sheffield high school

Comment by Emily Seed on March 3, 2016 at 11:52

In the bottle it said “go to the x on the map. Find it on the other side of this letter.” I turn the paper over and I see a map which was covered in sand and shells. On the back of the map it said “find me on the x.” After some time, working out what to do, I quickly realised that the x was on my house. Quickly, I made my way back to my house wondering what it all meant. As I entered my house, I was weary of the mysterious intruder. It was then that I realised that there was a noise coming from underneath my feet. I thought it was only used for storage, but I never checked for myself. Then, I found this box and then there was another message that said “we were once siblings…” I felt a weird sensation that someone was watching my every move. I tried to look around me forwards, backwards, left and right but there was no one. And then I looked up. There was a body hanging on a rope. I was terrified. I realised that I had been deceived and I quickly tried to run but I sprung a trap and then my fate was sealed…

By Bilal, Liam, Wale, Danny, Jack.

Year 8, The Charter School. 

Comment by Nicola Gowing on March 3, 2016 at 12:52

Today was the day she started school and she thought she wouldn’t be able to make any new friends because she was very shy. She had only ever been to one school, which is the school she left, called Northwood primary school. The primary school she went to was In great Yarmouth so London was a big place for her to move to as she had never been to a place as big as London.


It was her first day at school today and she was very nervous because everybody was crowding around her. She was the only new child there and had never been in a school with so many people in. The school was quite big and was like a maze. She got lost a couple of times but nobody would help her.


When she FINALLY arrived to her first lesson she was 17 minutes late so had to stay in 17 minutes at break time. In her second lesson, which was maths, she got 4 out of 10 questions correct and EVERYONE was laughing at her, calling her a durr – brain. And then a young girl with blonde hair came over and asked what was wrong. “Well everyone was laughing at me because I got LOADS of questions wrong.” Announced Ellie, whilst sobbing. “LOUISE WHAT DO YOU THINK YOURE DOING GETTING OUT OF YOUR SEAT AND TALKING TO OTHER PUPILS! OUT OF MY CLASS NOW!” BELLOWED MISS PULFORD ACROSS THE CLASS.


Ellie knew that she has a new friend but she hope that no one will laugh at her again but she is scared of Miss Pulford so once she left the class she headed to English because she was 17 minutes late. The teacher was understanding Ellie because she was new at the school and Ellie like her English teacher so the whole break time she spend knowing her English and then she when to find Louise they headed to science but they had a really good lesson it had to be one of her favourite lessons ever, but try as she might, she couldn’t seem to work out why Louise wanted to be friends with HER. She was one of the SMARTEST girls in her class. So EVERYONE was coming up to her and asking her for help. “Hello my name is Bethany, and I think you a very nice girl, now then could you please help me?” asked Bethany. “Urmmmmmm well………..” replied Ellie

By Alice Higgins, Sian Barnard, Bethany goodrum and Jessica pitcher. Great Yarmouth high school. 

Comment by Karen King - Oakbank School on March 3, 2016 at 13:42

“I suppose I could help you,” Ellie said, shyly.

“Thanks,” said Bethany in a loud voice. “Can you do my maths homework for me?”

“Ok,” Ellie spoke, quietly.  So Bethany left Ellie to do her maths home work for her and went to play with her friends. Ellie could hear Bethany and her friends talking about her and one of Bethany’s friends sniggered, whilst saying, ”How did you get that sad lowlife to do your homework!”

“Easy, pretend to be nice to her.” Bethany said, whilst laughing. And all that time Ellie heard every single word and cried her heart out. As Ellie was crying  Mr. Stuart, a maths teacher saw her and asked her what’s wrong. She explained everything to him and he told her to go home and forget doing the homework.

When she finally reached her house on 32 Coulton Road her mum asked her what’s wrong. Everything was explained and her mum was furious and her mum was so angry she wanted to kill Bethany and her friends so both mother and daughter devised a plan to kill the girls who ruined Ellie’s life. The plan was to capture the girls at school.

“Aaaargh! Let us go we are sorry!” cried the girls inside a large bag on a 60 storey building. “NO! YOU RUINED MY LIFE!” Ellie said whilst pushing them off the building.

The next day the police were after them. . . . . . . .

By Adam and Imadur

Oakbank School

Comment by Karen King - Oakbank School on March 3, 2016 at 13:49

“What is it you need help with?” stuttered Ellie.

“Well….Urmm…my brother went missing in the woods” she said then whispered to meet her outside the woods - before Ellie could question her, she was gone. She searched the classroom for the girl but she was gone. Curiosity got the better of Ellie once school had finished she packed some lunch and sneaked outside. The forest was behind the house so she sneaked round the side and crouched under the window till she got to the other side. She heard a scream and instinctively ran over to help but to her horror…

The same girl she saw at school was lying there dead with a sword in her stomach, and above her on the same tree she saw during her dream she saw a note - she was next. Quickly, she ran but wherever she went hallucinations covered her field of view. Terrorised to take a step she sat down on a log but what approached her was worse than she could ever imagine… Slenderman.

How could this be? She knew she hadn’t invited him to focus in on her – could someone have summoned him and sent him after her ????

By Aaron and Jack

Oakbank School

Comment by Emily Seed on March 3, 2016 at 14:54

She suddenly thought, maybe the messages in the bottle were from the Slenderman??? she started to dig into her bag and pockets to throw anything she could find at her enemy. Suddenly her hand wraps around an aerosol can in her bag and mysteriously there was a lighter on the ground, one of those fancy ones that lights up when you open it. Ellie tried to get a headstart on the Slenderman by running through the woods. She comes across a maze that looks very confusing so she starts running through it and she could hear the Slenderman rustling through the leaves. She continues to run through the maze until she comes across a dead end and as she turned around to find another way, the Slenderman was standing right in front of her. She pulled out the aerosol and the lighter, she lit the lighter first and then held the flame up to the Slenderman. The Slenderman backed away and then Ellie thought "the Slenderman is scared of fire, I know, I'll spray the aerosol at the flame to make a massive fire, I learnt this at my new school." Ellie sprayed the aerosol at Slenderman and he stared to burn. She left the aerosol and the lighter on the ground and ran straight home. Little did she know what was waiting for her inside her house: her parents were there with her siblings, and Ellie didn't trust them, what if they were a shape-shifting Slenderman. So she went to the kitchen and grabbed a lighter. There was a spray can there as well so first she held the flame up to each of them and they all backed off. Then Ellie knew they were Slendermen . So she sprayed the flame at them and all she knows that her life wouldn't be the same.


by Sunny, The Charter School.

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