6/10/16 Poetry - Dom Conlon

Mixed Messages

I should have sent a message in a bottle

Not a rabbit in a jar,

Now the message isn’t sending

But the rabbit’s going far.

I should have sent a message in a bottle

Not a donkey in a jacket,

Now the message isn’t sending

And the donkey cannot hack it.

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Comment by WP Central on October 6, 2016 at 7:08

When I sent the message in a bottle 

I watched it go away

The message stopped sending

So I tried the next day

The message never sent that day

So I lost all hope

The waves washed it away

I started to think

That it wasn’t meant to be

 I looked in the sky

And I found the key

I sent another message

I know the right way

The message was received

And that made my day

Wesley R, Davis B, John E, Michael H, Carmel Hill Education Program, Louisiana 

Comment by Annalise Taylor on October 6, 2016 at 9:29

Soon my bottle came back

and my bunny hopped out!

soon I could see my donkey walking back to me

I looked in the bottle and I saw something

so when I read it my heart leaped

so I packed my bag and I walked out the door

I was off to see my long lost cousin!

Katie, International Community School London

Comment by Annalise Taylor on October 6, 2016 at 9:38

Soon I was walking with all my pets to a far off land I have never met

When I was walking I found unusual things

so I stopped to take pictures of them

when I found a house I thought was my cousin's

but really it was a toad's

so I kept walking on

and I walked and walked until night fell

I slept under the stars

So I laid down  and wished upon a star

Katie, International Community School, London

Comment by Nicola Gowing on October 6, 2016 at 11:05

I woke up at dawn
and decided to keep moving
until I was at my cousin’s lawn.

I found his house
not far from my makeshift bed,
I was shocked to find out,
he was the rabbit from the jar !

He explained himself,
claiming to have been hexed!
He stayed in my bag until the
spell had worn off my jacket,
you see the Donkey was after all this time,
was actually ME!!

Yes, I am the Donkey.

Kendall Great Yarmouth High School UK 

Comment by Simone Pope on October 6, 2016 at 12:23

Mixed Messages


I should have sent a message in a bottle,

Not a Rabbit in a jar.


I have a desire to leave so very very far,

Alone I lay hoping to see one more day,

I sleep in my sorrow.


Above me birds fly,

Graceful in formation.

When will I leave?


Staring into fire

My situation is becoming dire.


My heart broken.

Eyes swollen.

Legs frozen.

When will I leave.


Controlled by fear,

My end is coming so very near.

I pray to whoever will listen,

When will I leave.


The rabbit in a jar

Floats back to shore.

I lift only to fall,

My hope has gone.


By Robin, Ali and William

Woolmer Hill School




Comment by Ruan Peat on October 6, 2016 at 14:14

In a fog suddenly a boat appears
in the distance drawing close

Then the fog closed in thicker
The raft starts to tilt
SPLASH in I fell

in the water only to be grabbed
grabbed and dragged out
rescued and brought home

walking on the beach I find my Jar
The Rabbit in the Jar,
opened to freedom
opened to let the hope back in the world.

I broke the Spell.

by Gina, Skye and Zuleika, Wick High School Scotland.

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