I was sitting on the toilet when it happened. I’d just settled down with a can of Diet Coke and the latest Dr Who adventures – you know the one with the ‘grow your own weeping angel’ on the cover – and that’s when the creature swam through the u bend , burst out of the water and bit me on the bum “Ow!!”

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Comment by Sarah Love Mandurah Cath Coll WA on October 13, 2010 at 7:00
I quickly jumped with fright, I couldn’t believe it, there was something big and fierce coming up from under me. I scrambled to my feet dropping my Dr Who adventures right onto it’s mouth, it gobbled that up and had its eyes on me like I was it’s next course. It had eight legs, five eyes and looked like a….a…..a….a monster from the mag but it kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger! I tried to run away but the door was jammed shut. I was stuck…It was like a nightmare I could never escape!

Josh and Katherine. Mandurah Catholic College
Comment by Sue Parr on October 13, 2010 at 8:53
Or did I need to? It jumped out of the toilet and started doing the Macarena! And he beckoned to me to dance with him. I was flabbergasted, gobsmacked I tell you! The slimy orange toilet monster (with green spots all over him and eight tentacles on its hairy forehead) was actually quite good at dancing; it was definitely better than the Dr.Who series. We hummed to the tune of the Macarena as we bopped are heads side to side. He used his twenty-three arms to sway in time with the music, coming from his radio mouth and through to his eight leg sound system. Whilst we danced to the music he made a very unearthly sound which I thought sounded like buttnibbler and due to the fact he didn’t have a name I decided to call him Buttnibbler.

by Shivani and Monica, Heathfield School
Comment by Liz Bridge on October 13, 2010 at 9:32
‘Hello Buttnibbler,’ I said uneasily, not expecting an answer...’Greetings young mortal. Your planets music is amazing; the ultimate combo of dance and sound.’ I was shocked at his demonic voice- even more that he could actually speak; I mean he’s a pile of glowing sludge! I was still in a daze when he melted through the window and escaped. I caught up with him on my skateboard and almost had him, when he leapt off road and through the school window. Not looking where I was going I hit a fence. Ouch…
By Henry and the other Henry
Warblington School
Comment by Lynda Marett, CTK Preston on October 13, 2010 at 11:20
I was really in pain, it hurt me so much that I was bleeding and nearly cried. Suddenly I stood up and looked around - the place was dark and scary, I couldn’t see anyone, it was all quiet, there were none of the school day noises – bells ringing, teachers shouting ,kids screaming. All I could hear was the sound of the wind blowing from the window, unfortunately Buttnibbler wasn’t there. It was really weird because if he melted how could he escape. The light started turning on and off .I began to wonder where he could be?

Comment by Nicola McNee on October 13, 2010 at 11:48
Suddenly I saw him in the window break dancing to the music of thriller. I ran across the playground with my skateboard under my arm, hoping he wouldn’t notice me. Then, without warning, 3 more toilet monsters erupted out of the ground. More and more toilet monsters broke through the surface. He was surrounded...
By Jake, Joe and Caolan
KINGSWOOD school, bath
Comment by James Bell on October 13, 2010 at 12:08
I realised I had to do something quickly. I racked my brains and then remembered a science lesson where we talked about nasty bugs and germs and how you could stop them from spreading. Johnny, the class clown, had quipped "Toilet Duck kills 99% of all germs dead." Now Johnny wasn't known for prowess in science but could he be right? These monsters did come from the toilet, maybe they are just huge freaky germs. Could Toilet Duck do the job? Where am I going to get enough Toilet Duck? More importantly, how on earth do I deal with the other 1%. My plan was beginning to form. Just at that moment, when I thought I might have the answer, a strange and weirdly wonderful thing happened. The monsters stopped and started to shed their skins like a crysalis turning into a butterfly. Oh no, their skins have fallen away and standing in front of me is something that fills me with fear, it looks like a.....
Renaissance Learning, London
Comment by Chris Tatton on October 13, 2010 at 13:52
And I was brainwashed. Was it real? Was it a dream? I could have ‎never known. Who was this Buttnibbler thing? ‎
Hearing my mother calling for me, I rushed down stairs amazed to tell ‎my parents my story. Something strange happened though; my ‎dream... my dream was happening again. My parents- they were ‎Buttnibbler!‎
‎ I dramatically turned round and tried desperately to wake myself up ‎again, it wasn’t working. A dim light started to form in one corner of ‎the room; a shadow was walking past it again and again as if someone ‎had put on the repeat button. Why was this happening to me? ‎
Backed into a corner, the dim light shining on me this time, I started to ‎wail.‎
‎ Closing my eyes, I quickly prayed for it to be a dream... it wasn’t. A ‎swarm of ravenous, screaming creatures came towards me, beckoning ‎to own my life. I wouldn’t let them. A pain struck my head, piercing ‎my brain. It made me give away my life. The scream of the creatures ‎attacking my soul. What was happening to me? ‎
I felt weak, as if I had no life... I started running upstairs; frantically I ‎weaved in and out of dead bodies on the floor, to find the nearest ‎mirror. Looking at myself, I was turning into one of them. Bit by bit I ‎turned frailer and more un-natural. It was unreal! The bellowing voice ‎deep in my head ordered me to kill, to murder, to enjoy my brutal ‎power. ‎
By: Kelsey Amos and Mikenzi Williams. England- West Craven High Technology College

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