01/10/2013 Penny Dolan

The huge winged creature flew, its two vast wings beating in the night air. As it sped onwards, the mountains were left behind and the ragged hills became grassy fields. Then even the fields gave way to houses and homes and then the lights of the vast, sprawling city. 

The creature glided along slowly now, resting its wings on the heat still rising from the busy streets below. Meanwhile, the long head peered this way and that, eyes glinting in the darkness. The creature was searching out the one it had come for. 


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Comment by Stefany Anne on October 1, 2013 at 2:56

Of Fangorn . This Huge creature is As red as blood and as dangerous as a forest fire it’s self , this creature is devious and as petrifying as a monstrous beast. It’s a Dragon, one that lights it’s self a blaze. It has lived for over 5000 year, scared you must be.


 When the lights are dim, this monster releases all of hell upon who attacks it. It feeds of the fear of his foes, nothing can live from this blistering nightmare! He is our worst nightmare, day and night. He devours all even the toughest steel, melts like a hot knife going through butter. It’s shadow is black as night. Yet they are practically blind they see fear so if your scared it can find you. This is a monster created by hell, he is the bane of all living creatures that lived on this tormented world, known as middle-earth.


 It is the pet of fear, Born in the dark and fire.  As dawn disappears the creature raises at twilight .Not enough destruction the creature ponders, as he leaves his lare to unveil the dead. Nonetheless it still even when he leaves it’s home it still sets everything around it a blaze. It shan’t not die. It is IMMORTAL!


The defenseless people wail in emotion, crying for help desperately. Children yelp for mercy as the dragon rips through their flesh. It lives without any mercy a murderer it is rips through the city, helpless the city is. Every thing is petrified as their poor city is being torn in two leaving a crack in the ground. Not even 10,000 soldiers can stop this humongous and reckless beast.  But something raised. For once this creature was scared… 


 Karishma Sivabalah 7p & Julian Ting 7i

Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia

Garden international school

Comment by WP Central on October 1, 2013 at 9:45

What being or force could engender fear in such a malevolent beast? How terrifying must the thing that is scaring it be? Hmmm yes well you would think so wouldn't you but in fact the frightening mammal that has this dragon rattled is a very small, seemingly insignificant, shaking in his shoes .....small boy. And I am that small boy! Killing the dragon is my foretold destiny but I have to say I don't feel anything like a dragonslayer at this moment, carrying a packed lunch my mum made me and dressed in denim shorts,Converse, a Star Wars Tshirt and a baseball cap but I suppose needs must - off we go then, into battle.

Bev Humphrey, Write Path Founder

Comment by Ruan Peat on October 1, 2013 at 10:55

The Dragon was known as Fluffy, and he is scaly like a crocodile and he has a step brother called George who is a miniature pig, Fluffy breathes fire that can reach temperatures of 10 thousand degrees, he has razor sharp claws, and teeth like chain saws, and a long swinging tail like Nessie. When he is angry he eyes turn into lasers and he poops Easter eggs, he also seemed to have small mustache like Hitler. He was flying low over Wick High School when...

by Greg, Kyle, Max, Bruce and Robbie. Wick High School

Comment by R Buckland on October 1, 2013 at 11:47

......A large rusty chain came flying through the air coiling itself tightly around his neck. He crashed on to the school crushing everybody inside. The dragon violently flapped his wings trying to escape, the chain tightened as the soldiers pulled with all their might. The Dragon roared with fear wondering what the soldiers may do to him especially as he could see the soldiers marching towards him with red hot pokers. He fell silent for several seconds regaining his strength, suddenly he reared up towards the soldiers and spat flames at them, killing them instantly to a crisp. All that was left was one, who had hidden underneath a piece of now burning wood, he was creeping slowly away when the dragon turned and saw him...

                     By Leigh Partington and Mia Townson Crompton Ripley St Thomas CE Academy 

Comment by Allison Painich on October 1, 2013 at 20:32
They starred at each other intensely then surprisingly the dragon helped the boy escape from under the wood. The boy stood there paralyzed from shock at what had just occurred and even more surprising the dragon had disappeared. Knowing that a group of soldiers were up ahead, the boy ran to stop them from hurting the dragon. When the boy reached the soldiers, he sent them in the wrong direction in an effort to protect the dragon. Later the boy was sent to the hospital to see if he had been hurt. All of sudden the boy heard a roar coming from outside the window. The boy ran outside and saw that the dragon was surrounded by the soldiers. The dragon breathed fire and burned the soldiers and the boy. The boy screamed in pain and fear. The dragon fearing that he had killed the boy was so ashamed that he hid away forever and vowed to never hurt another soul.
By Alondra, Laijha, and Cynthia at MS 139

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