02/10/2013 Bali Rai

The ball sailed through the air, ready to be walloped at just the right time. My contact was sweet and – PING! It flew into the net.

‘YES!!!!!!!!!!’ I screamed, pulling my red jersey over my head and hopping around like a crazy rabbit.


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Comment by Robyn Kouw on September 27, 2013 at 2:53

I tripped over one of my team mate’s boots, everyone was laughing, I was so embarrassed and my coach subbed me off.  As I stood up I saw a glint out of the corner of my eye.   I turned to see a tall man with a bulky pocket and a creepy smile.  Sticking out of his bulky pocket was a metal object, long and stiff, he then got a bullet out of another pocket that’s when I realised,  the bulky object was…….. a gun. My little sister Lacy-Mae was sitting on the side benches playing with her Barbies, her beautiful pink ribbons blew in the wind. I ran to her and went to go grab her when I realised the gun was suddenly aimed at her. My heart froze.

Paige and Pia, Saint Mary’s College

Comment by Rosa Harkin on October 2, 2013 at 9:28

The sun shone in my eyes, and I staggered back under a tree which shaded the powerful beam of light, giving me a better view.  I looked at Lacy-Mae, then the stranger. I bolted across the dry, lifeless grass of the park to warn her.

Just then I noticed the direction of the gun had changed. I thought to myself “UH OH…now I’m in BIG trouble!! ”

Year 5 Norbury School

Charlie, Alesha, Lennart, Azaan, Alista, Milly, Pranjal, Jessica, Maame- Esi , Suhail

Comment by Rosie Pike on October 2, 2013 at 10:36

I dragged my eyes up to look at the gun. It was clasped in his clammy hands pointing its single, threatening eye at me, a mechanism of pure evil. I sucked in my breath and closed my eyes, almost expecting the bullet to strike. Suddenly, in a quick, swift move I dived to the side, landing on the soft, cushioning grass, pouncing on my sister, pinning her down. My breathing echoed heavily, the only sound apart from the cheers of the football match. It was so hard to believe that people were having fun, whilst I was in this petrifying situation. I could hear my sister’s muffled scream and the gentle whirr of a car engine nearby. Suddenly a piercing gunshot, cut through the quiet, like a knife through butter.


Lana Vitorovic, Panayiota Zacharatou and Will Keen.

Bishop's Stortford College Prep School

Comment by Victoria Coe on October 2, 2013 at 13:45

I felt a bang in my chest, I faded from this world. My eyes closed for the last time. After a while I saw a powerful light shining brightly in my eyes, I opened them and saw a really large crowd of people standing before me.

“He’s alive” shouted someone. “It’s a miracle yelled a lady with a bright purple hand bag. “Hey” I yelled getting the attention of everyone. “How long have I been out, who is the man who shot me at school and where is my sister?

I overheard somebody saying the man was a secret agent trying to capture my sister. My sister was really the daughter of the president in the U.S. { nobody knows this except our parents and the head of security}. I wonder who’s going to save her?


Orchard Park Primary School

Written by: Caitlin, Vienna and Phoenix

Comment by Allison Painich on October 3, 2013 at 13:24

He asks himself, "Where could my sister be?"  He pulls out his phone, decides there is a bullet in it, but it didn't shoot him.  He then goes home and asks his parents if he could get his passport  to go to Washington D.C.  His parents ask, "Do you really want to go?"  "Yes, I do," he responded because he wants to save his sister, Lacy-Mae.  The next day he goes to JFK airport to catch a flight to D.C.  He found his way to the White House and sneaked in through a window.  He found the President sitting at his desk and asked him when he saw his daughter last.  The President explained he saw her this morning on his security phone.  "Your daughter has been kidnapped by one of  your agents," the boy said.  "Which one?" asked the President.  The boy explained his name is Robert Parks and there is a secret code.  The President demanded the code and called Robert immediately.  "ROBERT, WHERE ARE YOU?"  shouted the President.  Robert explained he was at the park with the President's daughter.  The President asked why he took her away from the boy, and Robert explained he thought the boy was trying to kidnap her.  They found Lacy-Mae safe and sound at the playground and solved the problem.


Patricia and Genesis

PS 152

New York, New York

Comment by Sarah Cook on October 8, 2013 at 0:25

Lacy-Mae was taken back to the President and questioned about what had happened. Lacy-Mae spoke about being at her brother’s soccer match playing with her Barbie dolls before she was taken away and kidnapped and the President realised that this was not his daughter.  


“So where is my daughter?” yelled the President.


Meanwhile, in a cave not far away, Casey-Mae the President’s daughter was tied up behind bars. Suddenly she remembered that she had received a ruby ring with a hidden laser from her father to protect her. Secretly she freed herself from the rope and bars; she sees a strange outline on the brick wall. She presses on the centre of the strange outline and suddenly a door swings open and Casey-Mae finds herself on the other side of the evil cave. She felt herself being drawn into a massive pipe and it takes her back to the front of the creepy cave. Casey-Mae hid behind a tree and saw her dad, a boy and a girl who looked exactly like her. She ran toward her father who had come on a boat to save Casey-Mae.


“How did you find me” Casey-Mae cried.


“You know that necklace that I gave you last year, it has a tracking device in it, so that if ever something like this happens I can find you” her father explained. “Now we better get out of here before the kidnappers come back”.


Lacy-Mae and Casey-Mae stared at each other; it was like looking in a mirror. Who were they? Why did they look so similar? Both Lacy-Mae’s brother and the President were thinking the same thing. But that story is for another day!


By Tiana & Gabrielle Christ the King School Australia

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