02/10/2013 Chris Bradford

Zac Moon slipped on his sunglasses and stepped out of the limo. The crowd of waiting fans went wild. Their teen idol, the singing sensation of Rock Stars, was almost in touching distance. As Zac went along the line signing photos of himself, the girls greeted him with gleeful tears and beaming smiles. But one girl wasn’t smiling. Charley, a covert young bodyguard assigned to protect the famous boy, knew that an assassin lurked somewhere among the crowd. And Zac Moon was the target…

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Comment by Robyn Kouw on September 27, 2013 at 2:26

Although Zac didn’t know about Charley, she knew about him. Charley had a suspect on who the assassin was working for… NICK MONTY!

 The pair of them were worst enemies due to some serious thing that happened between them and  is forever unspoken about. Suddenly Charley saw a man pushing his way towards Zac. Charley watched impatiently waiting to see any sudden movements made by the man, as she thought it was possible he was the assassin. But the man was innocent he was the biggest fan of Zac Moon, just wanting an autograph. Charley was too busy watching the man in the crowd that she hadn’t noticed Zac was gone! As she peered around the corner, she caught a glimpse of a man pulling Zac into a van. This was her worst nightmare.  She was the one assigned to protect the boy from this dangerous person. Now she was going to be responsible for this tragic disappearance. Charley didn’t want this at all, she knew she had to rescue Zac but how? Now it would be too late to run after the van but that didn’t matter, because she had a better plan…

Lisa and Kristin, St. Mary's College

Comment by Rosa Harkin on October 2, 2013 at 9:21

Charley immediately turned on her  Zoomatron 5000, that was attached to her sunglasses, and snapped a super high zoom picture of the white, rusty van’s number plate, as it sped away.   She raced to her motorbike and quickly called base on her radio.

  “0134 reporting back, we have lost Zac Moon, I am sending a picture of the van and number plate now! Mission Control check.”   

Activating turbo, the bike moves into gear 7 and she speeds away.  


Meanwhile, at a top secret location (so secret, we are not allowed to tell you where it is… but if you must know – Mount Everest.)  Nick Monty, is quietly watching the events unfold on CCTV.   Stroking his beard, he smirks and pats his evil, mutant, tiger.  His plan is underway.    Monty’s Pizzas are in every town and every country of the world.  Soon he would have Zac’s brain and be able to build his army of trolls, monkeys and zombies by putting his special potion into his tasty, pizzas.

Comment by Rosa Harkin on October 2, 2013 at 9:22

By Cara, Jake, Adrian, Hashim, Amina, Kavya, Kaveesha, Romansh, Ankit,  Norbury School, Harrow. London.

Comment by Rosie Pike on October 2, 2013 at 10:51

Nick Monty drifted aimlessly over to the mirror, and looked at his wispy form.

“I am spirit! Why a spirit above all things!” he cursed his deformed reflection, “my form is lowly and pathetic, but my mind is an inferno burning with evil plans to rule the world!”

By extracting pieces of Zac’s brain and mixing it with the mystical potion which would be disguised as pizza sauce upon the usually tasty pizzas, customers would eat it and become trolls, monkeys, and zombies!

You see, Zac’s brain contained a very special item- Quantonium, which, in the right hands could be used to take over the entire universe. Sadly in the hands of a mere mortal, like Zac, it was just residing like an infinitesimal crystal in a sea of pebbles, waiting to be discovered.


By Fifi Dunphy, Karissa Singh and Izzy Grout.

Bishop’s Stortford College Prep School


Comment by Victoria Coe on October 2, 2013 at 14:05

The New School


After a while Zac Moon got tired of his collage because everyone wanted his autograph. So he decided to move to Cambridge regional collage, he thought it was a great collage witch it was. Finally he got there after 6 hours; he originally came from Bolton.


On Zac’s first day he met a friendly boy called Bob Lewis at break, Bob and Zac they went into the science at break time, they found a bottle with a bright yellow lable when Zac saw it. He felt a shiver down, his back he saw a mysterious boy or was it a man? Go down a spooky, dark and scary drain. Bob and Zac knew that something was wrong.


Later that week Zac went to a rock concert to see his favourite band PIG SNOT when he was there he saw the man at school.

Orchard Park Primary school

Written by Sully, Keira and Carly

Comment by Allison Painich on October 3, 2013 at 13:31

When the man or guy went down the scary drain, it probably was a man or boy.  It was most probably the man who took Zac away and was likely a fan.  Charley, the security guard, found out that Zac was missing.  She realized that someone was taking Zac in a white van.  She immediately took a picture of the van's license plate.  The man took Zac and removed small pieces of his brain which he made into a sauce.  When people ate the pizza, they would turn into monkeys, trolls, and zombies by putting his special potion into his tasty pizzas.


Allison, Amy, and Nya

PS 152

New York, New York

Comment by Sarah Cook on October 8, 2013 at 0:12

Before Zac new it he was concussed and in a mysterious old, rickety van. Zac had thick pieces of knotted rope tied on his weak arm and legs and on top of that he a dirty rag wedged in between his shiny white teeth. Suddenly the van came to a sudden stop and Zac is forced by two big, muscular men to stand up and walk on his drained legs to an old run down house… Meanwhile, Charley (Zac Moon’s body guard) arrives at mission control for an update on Zac’s current location, the results were inconclusive. Luckily Charley knew how to reboot the tracking device which she did and the location that was pinpinted by the tracking device was Death Valley located in the desert of Las Vegas. Charley knew the quickest way to save Zac was to travel by air. Charley requested a hyper jet faster then the speed of light and her wish was granted!


Back at Death Valley Zac was struggling to survive due to the torcher the two muscular men put him through. Suddenly Zac felt a heap of energy rush through his body Zac hopped up on his two feet and took down every guard inside the old house until only one was left standing NICK MONTY!

Nick pinned him to the ground and started to speak “Zac I need your brain to take over the world and ………


POW!!! Charley cuts Nick off by breaking through a wall and kicking Nick Monty in the face! Charley’s mission was complete just in the nick of time. The police arrived and they arrested Nick Monty for kidnapping Zac Moon! Now Zac can go back on tour with Charley protecting him every step of the way!


By Max and Nicholas - Christ the King School Australia


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