02/10/2013 Cliff McNish

"4 dogs are stuck in a dog rescue centre – nobody wants them. will they ever get out. Here’s how it starts. (This is based on my latest novel, a heartfelt comedy due for release next year)" - Cliff McNish

Going home. 

It’s what the Happy Paws staff call it when one of us dogs leaves here with a new owner.

‘Patch went home,’ they'll say. ‘What happened to Sammy?’ A big beaming smile, followed by, ‘He’s gone home.’ 

It's what all us dogs at Happy Paws dream about. To chance to go home. To live in a proper house again. To walk off-lead. To sleep on a carpet, instead of a stone floor. To lie beside a fire. Simple things like that. That’s not too much to ask, is it?

And I refuse to accept that it’ll never happen to me. I won’t listen to Fred. I know I look horrible, but I could still get out here, couldn't I? Someone might want me. Call me stupid, but anything’s possible in this world, isn't it? 

Whatever happens, anything’s better than becoming like Fred, curled up unhappily at the back of his cell refusing to look at visitors any more.

‘This year we all to do everything we can to get out of here,’ Bessie said to me and Mitch recently. ‘Be even friendlier to visitors. Look our best. Wag our tails till they fall off if we have to. Make a really special effort.’ 

 And she's right. Which is why this morning I’m practising my backflip. 

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Comment by Robyn Kouw on September 27, 2013 at 2:50

A few minutes later, this nice couple comes along and takes Mitch home. ‘I’ll come and visit one day!’ and then he mutters under his breath ‘I hope.’

I continue practicing my backflips after saying a long goodbye to Mitch. ‘Great job!’ compliments Bessie as I do my last backflip.

‘ Mitch is gone’ I say to Fred who is still in his cell sulking again. ‘I said Mitch is gone, Fred!’ I say . ‘Watcha doing?’ ‘Just let me get some sleep.’ He says grumpily. ‘Okay,’ I say through the cold metal bars. 

Suddenly, bursting through the doors, this friendly looking lady enters the room and me and Bessie wag our tails as hard and as energetically as we can. She is fit and is wearing a short summer dress with sunglasses. She looks at us and says ‘I’ll choose ...’


 By Claire and Marissa!

Comment by Rosa Harkin on October 2, 2013 at 9:14

... the sad dog and the dog doing backflips because he will keep us smiling!' Fred was shocked but estatic! Bessie was sooooo dissapointed. My heart sank! I felt torn- I had to leave Bessie behind!

After a long drive we finally arrived at a breathtaking beach. In the distance black clouds were crashing together and blocking out the sunlight, We ran for our lives! We looked for cover in a small cave. Suddenly I noticed Fred was missing. He was being swept away by the angry tide.

While my owner dialled the emergency services I smashed into the waves and determindly set out to rescue Fred.


Comment by Rosa Harkin on October 2, 2013 at 9:18

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Comment by Rosie Pike on October 2, 2013 at 10:34


As the thrashing waves started to pull me in, I realised I was out of my depth. The waves seemed to become stronger by the minute, but I knew I had to get out there to save Fred.  As I craned my neck, I could see the emergency services lining up along the sea front.  I paddled deeper, the crew seemed to be diminishing into the distance.  My heart pounded like the beat of a drum, and I felt a shiver go down my spine like a spider crawling down a web. As I approached the struggling dog a thought ran through my head.  What if I couldn’t get back to shore?  I really was very far out.

Ethan Seal, Sachi Patel, Holly Harrison and Anastasia Zacharatou


Comment by Rosie Pike on October 2, 2013 at 10:37

Bishop's Stortford College Prep School

Comment by Victoria Coe on October 2, 2013 at 14:07

Sadly an unknown stranger broke through the door and kidnapped Fred the alarm went off in the rescue centre. The stranger grabbed Fred, he was terrified, he thought he was going to be killed in a horrifying way. The stranger was sprinting for his life, while the dogs bark was echoing.


People back home were concerned and worried about their old friend Fred.  The owner chased after Fred in a panicking way.  The owner went in his car and he quickly went after to save his life. The stranger who took Fred went to a lab and he tried to kill him but the owner saved his life. The owner called the police, the police came right away and the police took the stranger to jail.


Orchard Park Primary School  

Mikhail, Leonard and Jahleo

Comment by Allison Painich on October 2, 2013 at 15:03
Fred and Mitch swam to the shore and they were exhausted. They were so happy to be safe. After the rested, the came up with a plan. They wanted to rescue Bessie. The waited until nightfall when they knew the shelter would be closed. They jumped the fence and found Bessie all alone. They rescued her and ran as fast as they could back to their home. When the new owener woke up, she was not very happy to find another dog in her house. However, she was very excited to find Fred and Mitch alive, safe, and back home! She was so thrilled her dogs were home, she allowed Bessie to stay so Fred and Mitch would have another dog to play with. That night, the three dogs came up with a secret. They wanted to rescue all the dogs in the shelter. The watied until the lady went to sleep. Fred, Mitch, and Bessie sneaked out of the house very quietly so they wouldn't wake up their owner. They raced to the shelter to save the other dogs. One by one the dogs were freed from their cells, and they were all so excited. The next morning when their owner awoke, she was shocked to find all those dogs in her house. Each dog had a special trick they practiced all night to please the lady. They DID NOT want to go back to the shelter. She let them stay, and they were so helpful to her. She decided to buy them something special. She went to the pet store and bought the dogs toys, bones, and food. She also bought each dog a soft, warm bed. When she got back home, the dogs were so happy. They loved their new home and were so happy to be together.

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New York City, New York
Comment by Sarah Cook on October 8, 2013 at 0:19

Two years later, our loving owner decided to create a fantastic, spectacular, sensational, dog show! Us four dogs used our amazing tricks, to raise money for many dog shelters all over the world. One day, a man from the crowd changed our dog lives forever! The name of this wonderful man was Jonathon Walzowski. He offered a contract to join the amazing and talented Moscow Circus! It was mind blowing to hear the exciting news. The next day our owner packed our bags for the long journey to Sydney, Australia. When we arrived we were that tired as if we were sloths sleeping on a tree. Before the big day in the circus, our owner took us on a tour of the great Sydney sites!


When we arrived back at the hotel, Bessie was stressed about her appearance tomorrow night. She screamed out, “What am I going to wear tomorrow night.” It was time to shine and reveal our jaw dropping talents to the crowd of Sydney. When we stepped out onto the arena the audience went wild. It felt like we were in a live earthquake. We entertained the audience by sitting, spinning, jumping through hoops and ended the show with a humongous bark.


Our careers as circus entertainers had begun and all the money we raised went to helping dogs all over the world for many years to come.

By Joshua and Jack Christ the King School Australia




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