02/10/2013 Nicola Morgan

Long ago and faraway, guarding the mountain spring which provided the only water for the whole village, lived a witch. And her daughter. The witch was kind and generous. The daughter was not. The witch worked hard to keep the spring clean. The daughter did not. The daughter was lazy, and preferred to spend her days painting her long nails and waiting for her mother to bring her food. The villagers were glad that the witch kept the spring clean. Every week they brought her gifts, of crisp apples, or freshly-caught trout, or soft wool. But they were worried because they knew that the witch was old. And they feared that the daughter would not keep the spring clean.

One day, the witch died.

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Comment by Robyn Kouw on September 27, 2013 at 2:43

The news rapidly spread and the villagers found out that Glinda, my mother, the witch, had died. They were devastated and worried knowing that I, the witch`s daughter have the power over the village. I was about to lose it because every minute of the day I was regretting what I had done. But I had to keep it a secret. Power, that is the key to success I thought to myself. Only one person knew how my mother died. That person was me.

Brianna and Amy.

St Mary’s College Hobart Tasmania

Comment by Rosa Harkin on October 2, 2013 at 9:19

Glinda’s selfish, evil daughter, Kathy, knew of her mother’s secret wand.  As a child, Kathy would watch her mother clean the spring water and would hear her musical chant,

 “Oh magic, command this wand into a broom, and make the fresh, spring water bloom”.  

 Kathy knew that the wand would give her magical power over the village which is what she wanted more than anything but what she didn’t know was that the wand could only do good for others.

So one day, while Glinda was down by the spring, Kathy approached her mother from behind and violently pushed her into the spring water. The wand fell into the water which made it turn scummy and dirty like a rubbish heap.  Kathy immediately grabbed the wand and hid it in her big, black bag.  She believed she could now rule the village easily as only she had the power to clean the spring water. 

Meanwhile, behind the fruit orchard, a local villager, Nicholas, was picking sweet berries when he heard a shrieking scream.  He crouched quietly behind a purple leafed bush and witnessed the death of Glinda.

(5C) Norbury School, Harrow, England


Comment by Rosa Harkin on October 2, 2013 at 9:27

Year 5C - Aaliyah, Saif, Varsha, Leo, Darya, Arham, Maryham, Shaganaa, Prathan, Alan

Comment by Rosie Pike on October 2, 2013 at 10:44

Kathy was very satisfied with her convenient work, now she could have the magical wand and power over the village. She strutted off cackling to herself much like a real witch, wand in hand. Nicholas urgently rushed down to the spring and gasped in horror, Glinda was lying as still as a rock, a nasty gash seeping blood into the spring. A terrible thought struck Nicholas’s mind. He realised the blood would pollute the water in the spring, meaning there would be no more drinking water for the villagers.

Nicholas quickly dragged the dead body of Glinda out of the path of the flowing blood stained water. There was only one way he could retrieve the spring’s natural elegance and beautifulness.


Isabella Hart, Ellie Lewis, Adam Wade-Baylis and Jocasta Moore

Bishop’s Stortford College Prep School

Comment by Victoria Coe on October 2, 2013 at 13:40

        Kathy thought she had gotten away with her evil deed and bathed in happiness, not knowing that while she relaxed, Nicholas, the only person who had seen her, was thinking of a way to stop her gaining complete power over the city.  Nicholas sprinted to the local square where most people were at this time of day and told them the news. They were horrified so when he asked for their help, they agreed, willingly.                                                                                                                                                          

                 Together they thought of the most likely place she would go first and set a trap at the magical area, which just so happened to be the museum of Natural History. Later that night Kathy set off for the museum and strolled towards the trap, all of a sudden there was a loud snap and she was bound in ropes and string before she could use the wand for her dreaded evil deed.

                   Nicholas was rewarded greatly, with money and jewels and Kathy was in jail without her magical wand. She had finally discovered that the wand could only be used for good and felt silly, thinking that her plan would work. She hated the jail and wanted to get out so she started to plan.



Orchard Park Primary School 

By Timi Ojo, Gabriel Parkinson and Kieyes Hoque.

Comment by Allison Painich on October 2, 2013 at 15:03
The evil daughter escaped because she had a plan which included another magic wand that Glenda had given her for emergencies. The daughter chuckled evilly and thought about what she was going to do. When the guards were asleep, she escaped by using the magic wand to turn herself into a fly and she flew away. She returned to the mountain spring to plot her revenge. The evil daughter's revenge was to steal all of the food from the village and make the water in the spring vanish. She quickly accomplished these tasks and flew to the castle where she is to this day.
David Rodriguez and Yessica Feliciano at PS152
Comment by Sarah Cook on October 8, 2013 at 0:15

As soon as the guards realized that Kathy had escaped into the

Mountain Spring they told the whole village what had happened. The village people were as angry as a swarm of bees whose hive had been disturbed and marched to the Mountain Spring to hunt for Kathy with big pitchforks and bright torches. They found Kathy in her secret cave and demanded that she help the village again like her mother had but Kathy was evil to the core and although she was frightened she put up a fight. Severely hurt from the battle Kathy suddenly turned back into a fly and flew as far as the eye could see into the dark forest never to be seen again.


What were the village people to do? Their witch was gone and the water had to be looked after. Nicholas found one of Kathy’s ancient scrolls and decided to study them. After several days of attempts and hard work he had finally made a terrific wand. Then he became the new magical warlock that defended the Mountain Spring. The whole village rejoiced with happiness that they had driven the witch away and the village people were now safe for many generations to come.

By Elijah & Joey Christ the King School Australia

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