02/10/2014 Poetry - Eleanor Updale

The first thing I see

When I think of you

Is a dirty orange sock

And a worn-out shoe.


I can't forget

I try and yet

It's still there in my head.

The image lies

Behind my eyes

Tight shut

When I'm in bed


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Comment by Rosie Pike on October 2, 2014 at 9:22

The second thing I remember,

When I think of us,

Massive hands,

On a runaway bus


I don't want to forget this...

By Charlie Bennett, Pippa Duncan and Charlie Self

Comment by Simone Pope on October 2, 2014 at 10:55

The third thing I do,

Is bin you, old shoe.

Because you’re no longer a rag,

You’re just a stupid old hag.


Your words like a blade -

Like I was at my wrist -

And I’m not hiding in the shade

Because I was scared of your fist.




All the pain you caused;

Because you’re a monster and crude

The violence, you never paused.

And no more hiding, even though you’re more than rude.


Do you have no soul?

Or is your ego controlling you?

Because you’re dumber than a mole

And your insults should live underground with you, too .


So this is all I’m saying, ok.

That the bullying has to stop.

You will work for me some day,

And the penny will finally drop.

Ben S, Year 9, 13, Woolmer Hill

Comment by Katie Barnard on October 2, 2014 at 11:20

The fourth thing I do

When I think about you

Is buy a new shoe

As tribute to you


It is red and shiny

Not at all grimy

And exceptionally nice

Not infested with lice


It doesn’t look as nice

 As you when you’re happy

Which was very rare

Because you were snappy!

 By Eleni and Sandy St James Senior Girls
Year 8

Comment by Jayne Davidson, WHHS, UK on October 2, 2014 at 13:46
But I’ll have to move on
From the pain and regret,
This was just a big con,
Now you owe me a debt.

What I now see,
When I think of you
Is a clean orange sock,
And a brand new shoe.

Kiara and Reneazha
West Hatch

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