03/10/2013 Poetry - Tommy Donbavand

I put my goldfish on the floor

He isn't very fit

He only did ten sit ups

Then lay still, that was it

I put my hamster in the wash

He's getting rather smelly..

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Comment by Stefany Anne on October 3, 2013 at 3:21

I put my goldfish on the floor

He isn't very fit

He only did ten sit ups

Then lay still, that was it


I put my hamster in the wash

He's getting rather smelly.

And in his mouth, I put a squash

To feed his hungry belly


I put my fat cat on the entrance mat

As my friends and I had a chat

My big brown bat fell on my fat cat

And squashed my poor cat flat


I put my bunny on top of the tele,

As I watched a goofy movie,

My fluffy bunny ate my rotten jelly,

It fell from the top in a fluffy frenzy


I put my turtle on top of my toilet,

And flushed the pet away,

The poor thing didn’t survive,

So it hadn’t a lot to say


I put my chameleon in the oven,

As I pressed the start button,

Its skin changed to colours of inspiration,

And its life ended in perspiration


My friends placed bets,

On my poor pets,

To see which would live,

But none of them, lived long enough,

To have an answer to give!

By Dina Zulqaisar & Sarah Shams

Comment by Stefany Anne on October 3, 2013 at 3:22

Garden International School, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Comment by Anne-Lise Robin on October 3, 2013 at 8:36

But I would not ever give in!

I still wanted a pet

So I pledged if it was rather green

I’d take it to the Vet!


One day my mum got me a frog,

But when I got back home,

My frog was eaten by a dog!

Mistaken for a bone.


I saved up ages for a duck,

I tried to teach it how to swim,

But once again, I was out of luck!

It turns out he couldn’t swim in gin!


I went to the stables to buy a horse,

Shortly afterwards I felt remorse,

For my poor little pony, who I loved a lot,

When it comes to road safety

It seems he forgot!


I thought I’d never have a pet!

I was useless as an owner.

I think when it comes to having pets,

I’m going to be a loner!


One day when I got indoors,

I saw a cardboard box,

Inside the box was a puppy dog,

I called him little S’mores


I didn’t put him on the floor

And force him to get fit,


I didn’t put in the wash,

Or make him eat lots of squash!


I didn’t put him on the mat,

And I put away the baseball bat!

I didn’t put him on the telly,

And I threw away my rotten Jelly!


I didn’t put him on the toilet,

And I didn’t pull the chain,

I didn’t put him in the oven,

To see what colour he changed.


I suppose I learnt my lesson,

I’ll let my dog run loose,

I won’t force it swim and stuff,

But I really want a goose...


 Amber Godfrey & Adesola Gafar, Bacon's College, London



Comment by Annalise Taylor on October 3, 2013 at 9:49

I want a goose!

I want a goose!

I want a goose!

A goose that’s loose

A goose that’s special

With a big strong beak

So I ran and ran as fast as a road runner

Then I saw a loose goose

So I ran and grabbed it


Will I ever learn my lesson?

With my puppy I was doing great,

Until, the goose bit me and sealed my fate.

Hamad and Ben, International Community School, London

Comment by Nicola Gowing on October 3, 2013 at 10:46

I found a little dog

Eating a big log.

At the bottom of the sea

He roofed “hello,

You’re looking yellow.”

That’s what he said to me.


I found an orange mouse,

Making a ginger bread house.

In the huge loft,

He acted hard

Eating some lard

I thought he was kinda soft.


I found a blue cat,

sitting in a hat,

that I lost at the bar,

she looked at me

filled with glee

so I took her to the spa.


I saw a giraffe,

Having a bath

At the shopping mall

She read a book

But didn’t even look,

She wasn’t very tall

I found a fly

Eating some pie

On the kitchen counter

He got too fat

Looked like a rat

Turned out he was a mounter.


I spied on a bee

Who was making honey

In the big old garden

He had a squeaky voice

It was his choice

Then he turned around and said pardon


I saw a slug

Acted quite thug

When I was at the park

He was on a trampoline

Acting very mean

Did I tell you, it was quiet dark


By Stephanie Watson and Rebecca Dingwall

Great Yarmouth High School

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