Jay Z and Kanye West, are both big super stars

Big fancy houses and lots of motor cars.....

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Comment by Stefany Anne on October 4, 2012 at 2:29

Birkaran Sachdev and Amogh Vig.

Garden Intenational School Kuala Lumpur.


Rich and poor folk,
Are in the same muddle,
The first from overeating
The latter from hunger.

 But for people with this much fame,

Life is just a reckless game.

Their motor cars drive around,

Unreasonably fast,

And their colossal dwellings,

Irrationally vast.

People are mesmerized by them.

Like moths to a flame

They really must be enjoying

All this fame.

In the busy city they see their names up in lights,

And in the humble countryside people worship them

 As heroic knights.

And though their lives,

May seem serene,

You will never guess,

What this really means.

For many,

They cut ties with their family,

In all their vanity,

Fame and glory,

As well as authority.

They hog their own wealth,

And do not give a dime,

For anyone else’s health,

Even if they are dying.

The gold-less corpse lies on the baking road,

In the sun,

But at least they died with a heart of flesh,

 And on and on their souls run.

But the rich,

They die in a completely different way,

“I’ve had enough”,

 They say,

And one calm night,

The loaded man comes home,

Drunk with sadness,

And puts a bullet through his brain.

So you see fame and glory,

It is alright,

But when greed takes the turn,

And dirty politics begins to rule your world,

You will pay the dreadful price.

Comment by Adam Lancaster on October 4, 2012 at 8:57

Shopping all day without a care,

Perfect nails and perfect hair,

Amazing jewellery and designer clothes,

How can they afford it, nobody knows,

Both have fame,

And everybody knows their name

Their names in lights,

Many wonderous sights.


Rosie, Francesca, Rose

Comment by Annalise Taylor on October 4, 2012 at 9:43

People say that they already gave themselves to hell,
But don't they know that their life is already a living hell?
All those crazy screaming fans,
Are those really called fans,
More like stalkers if you ask me.
They can be shinny stars on the outside,
But  on the inside they are nothing but a black blur blob.
If everybody talked about god like they do,
The world would be as obscure as the big whole these stars will end up on.
As much as you love them,
They wont even look your way,
not even if you are 1 inch away from them.
Where these this stars come from,
That they think they are better than us.


By Luana, International Community School, London

Comment by Anne-Lise Robin on October 4, 2012 at 13:19

Obsession with our celebrity stars ignites a flame of passion

Whether in admiration or envy.


Hasty, Horrible haters racing with lighters

But they think stars do not inspire.

Jealousy striking like lightning , so frightening.

Increasing population of green eyed monsters with bad intentions

Willing to create an influential force-field for repulsive haters

They constantly have to listen to the news of their enemies.

With determination to barricade the rest of their journey.


Inspired, deferential fans of our stars fight with positivity.

No weapons and no armour

Belief and attitude stood beside the fans and helped to win a victorious conquest.

Triumph was celebrated with joy and exuberance.


Equality and respect for our stars should be shown.

Be pleased for them

Treat people the way YOU would like to be treated. 

By Lily Palmer, Bacon's College, London

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