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Comment by Rosa Harkin on March 6, 2014 at 11:27

"Where am I ?"

"I'm really confused !"

Feeling distraught Ray gasped at his surroundings. the stars were his only light as he grappled with the unfamiliar spacship controls.

"I remember!"

Suddenly Ray had a flashback to a disfigured alien who had transported him to the spaceship before he had lost consciousness.

"How do I fly this thing?" 

Suddenly Ray screamed with pain. New teeth were penertrating his gums.... Vampire teeth !

"Aarrrrggghh! Whats happening to me?" 

He realised that the transportation had had a dramatic side effect. He could feel himself metamorphasing into a vampire.

The stars were drawing closer and closer at an alarming rate. Wait..... They weren't stars.....

They were spaceships controlled by vampires. Ray suddenly realised the aliens plan. Every spaceship was heading for Earth with an army of vampires.

With his last human thought Ray cried

"Goodbye human race!"

His eyes turned black as the spaceship filled with the sound of evil laughter. He was looking forward to landing on Earth for his first human bite.

Louie. Bezat, Mubasher, Sabah, Maathan, Parth, Oskar, Manpreet, Yasmin

Norbury School

Comment by Nicola Gowing on March 6, 2014 at 12:48

Who am I? ... How did I get here? …Why am I so hungry? (But I don’t seem to want to eat anything that’s here). Whoosh!!!!! What was that? There’s nothing around me yet I’m hearing things. OUCH my mouth it feels like all of my teeth are ripping through my gums and cutting through my mouth in the space of a few seconds but I don’t get it why am I not bleeding? What’s that up there? Is that a mirror? Whoa, is that me? What are they? Fangs? What’s happening to me? Am I a vampire? Wait, where did they come from? What are they doing? Are they after me? What’s coming off of them? Are they lasers? They’re attacking me someone please HELP!!!!! Ohh wait a sec, this seems familiar these buttons are reminding me of something but I can’t quite figure it out.  Wait, no, it can’t be! This has got to be MONSTERBLASTER!!  Oh wait my vision has gone blurry, what’s going on? Did I really just dream what I think I did? WOW!! I need to stop playing MONSTERBLASTER!!

Chantelle Copping, Carolina Carvalho and Dee Sejko.

Great Yarmouth High School, U.K.

Thursday 6th March 2014

Comment by Vashti Turner on March 6, 2014 at 14:16

When Dreams Come True

A young boy called Frank gets trapped inside of the NASA control room whilst on a tour with his high school... And he can’t find a way out!

“Gosh, this is why I shouldn’t be trusted! Thinking it would be ‘cool’ to go to the control room... what a dumb idea. I’m never going to get out - That’s why Gerard told me not to go in there.” He sighed.

Frank had always doubted Gerard; even though they were the best of bros. Frank was the younger of the two, and the smallest. He was the most excitable person in 11AW next to his own teacher.

“If I find the right button to press then maybe it could send a signal off to people to get me out!” Frank exclaimed.

As he tried to press the right button, he found that he had hit a launch button. Poor Frank didn’t know that he wasn’t in the control room; he was in a launch rocket.


Frank began to see stars brighter than he had ever dreamed of, they stunned him into a deep moment of pure admiration. They were gloriously beautiful... What shocked him next though was that a whole fleet of NASA rescue ships were heading towards him.

“They’re taking me back...” he gasped.

When he got back, he got into a lot of trouble. But Frank was happy, because he learnt just how awesome Gerard was.

Lily, Bacon’s College, London. 

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