08/10/2013 Gill James

“What’s going on?”  Tom nudged Alex. He wasn’t tall enough to see over the heads of the people who had amassed at the pedestrian lights on The Crescent.

 “I don’t,” she replied.

The police cars’ blue lights were still flashing. They could hear sirens in the distance.  It sounded as if there were more on the way. One of the big white vans had its door wide open.

“Step away, please, folks,” said one of the policemen. “Best get back inside and keep your doors  locked. Don’t let anyone in.”

The crowd started to move away.

“Come on,” said Alex. “You can come round mine until your mum gets back.

Mrs Plunkett form two doors down stopped them as they walked past her house.  “It’s two of the prisoners,” she said. “They got out when somebody rammed the van. They say they’re very dangerous.”

Tom shivered.

“Don’t worry,” said Alex. “She’s probably exaggerating.  You know what she’s like. I’ve got a new computer game if you’d like to try it out.”


Ten minutes later they were eating chocolate biscuits, drinking cola and zapping  Zenoton aliens. Something caught Tom’s eye  though the window.   


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Comment by Adam Lancaster on October 8, 2013 at 9:27

It wasn't something big, just something. Something that shouldn't really be there. Something that had suddenly sent a shiver down his spine.

Surely it wasn't what he was thinking it might be. Surely the police had either caught the criminals by now or they had escaped and were now on their way to Scotland. Surely they weren't hiding in his backgarden?

Tom had just popped downstairs to grab a drink from the fridge and Alex's immediate reaction was to call to him to come straight back up. He didn't want to panic him though. Tom was a couple of years younger than Alex but had the wildest of imaginations. It was something that they often joked out, that Tom could believe even the smallest thing could be something much bigger and much more sinister. He'd once believed that the postman was actually a terrorist hell bent on capturing his Dad, who worked for Tesco, because he'd once overheard his Dad telling the postman all about his job whilst the postman looked, according to Tom, "a bit too interested."

"No," Alex whispered aloud. "It's probably nothing, just a cat or something." Just to be on the safe side though he decided to have a closer look out the window. As he was just getting up from his chair and putting his controller on the bed something downstairs smashed making Alex physically jump in the air.

What happened next though was going to change his life forever...

Daisy Yr8

Comment by Lorraine French on October 8, 2013 at 11:12

I heard footsteps. They were heavy. My body froze in terror. “Maybe it’s the prisoner. He could kill us” I stuttered to Alex as I began to regain my confidence. “Nah I wouldn’t sweat it” Alex replied as he un-paused the game “forget about it lets continue.” Alex eagerly but at that moment they heard a spine -chilling creak. As quick as lightning I and Alex spun round facing the door to witness that the person to open the door was in fact my mum. we breathed a sigh of relief “I only wanted to check to see if you are ok because I heard that a dangerous prisoner has escaped.” she said “so Tom do you want to get your things ready to go home for dinner” toms mum hurriedly said. “Ok all I need to do is get my shoes on anyway” Tom answered. 5 minutes later, they were walking home when they heard some rustling. “What is that mum” worried Tom “probably nothing “answered his mum. But out of the blue the prisoner launched out of the bush and landed in front of them “Phil?” asked Tom’s mum startled “I thought you were in prison?” she said startled “I broke out to see my son” he informed her “well that was a waste of time because you’re going nowhere near him!” mum aggressively said pushing me behind her.


Jordan, Yr 7, Trinity School

Comment by Jayne Davidson, WHHS, UK on October 8, 2013 at 13:01
I cowered behind mum, but even though I was frightened I couldn’t resist peeping at this man who claimed to be my dad.
“Listen you mad woman, let me see my son or-or I’ll kill you!”
I gasped but mum stood her ground. She wouldn’t budge,
“I told you, you can’t lay a finger on my son” she replied angrily.
She grabbed my hand and began to lead me away but he lunged at mum and wrestled her to the ground. After a while he stood up but mum lay on the ground as stiff as a board, her eyes staring upwards not blinking. I ran to her, tears rolling down my cheeks.
“Don’t bother, she won’t wake up for a while now. She’s unconscious.” He said glaring at me
I spun around and looked at him and I jumped on to him, tears blurring my vision. I screamed in anger and he dragged his grimy hand across my mouth stifling my shrieks. Then he dragged me away…
By Ellie and Avneet,
West Hatch High School
Comment by Nikki Heath on October 8, 2013 at 13:49

“I want to see my SON!!!” Exclaimed Phil. Mum replied,  “hey, you look here. YOU are a criminal; you're the boys father. Someone  he should look up to!!!

“Who’s that, Mommy?” Whimpered Tom hiding behind his Mums back.

“Err err no-one Tom no one.”

“Well I'm taking him!!!” exclaimed Phil!
As he ran off with Tom in his hands!

Mum screeched “STOP! KIDNAPPER!!!”

Phil sprinted down the road like a cheetah! He hurriedly  hopped in a van and slammed the door shut!

“Alright Bill we've got the boy, lets get out of here before someone catches us!

The van screeched round the corner and the two men shouted in terror  as they heard the sirens of police cars coming towards them...

 By Alex M and Fergus M Werneth School Stockport UK

Comment by Allison Painich on October 8, 2013 at 16:22
When the police cars were coming towards them,that's when the chase started. The prisoners went by the gas station,turned right, and went into the alley. They ran through the gate and found themselves in a dead-end. The police began shooting at the car, and the prisoners finally surrendered. The police took them to jail and the little boy was reunited with his mum.

Shundarius and Daijean
Sallie Humble Elementary
Monroe, Louisiana, USA

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