09/10/2012 Jean Ure

The first time I saw the girl was when I was twelve years old.   I was walking home from school when she suddenly appeared.  She had bright yellow hair cut in spikes, like a dandelion.   Her lips were painted purple.  She looked at me and frowned.

“Daniel Webster?” she said.

I said, “Yes?”

She seemed puzzled.   “Daniel Webster that lives in Lakeside Avenue?” she said.

I said, “Yes!”

“Oh.  Silly me!”  The girl clapped a hand to her mouth.  “I seem to have made a mistake.  I’ll come back later.”

And then she was gone.  Vanished into thin air.  Very odd.

I told my best friend Barney about it.  He agreed that it was odd.   But he said that girls were odd.   He said, “They do very odd things.”   And then he sniggered and said, “Maybe she fancied you!”

He thought this was funny.  The idea that a girl might fancy me.  Ha ha!   What a joke.

I pushed at him.  Barney pushed back.

“I reckon she thought I was someone else,” I said.

“But she called you Daniel Webster,” said Barney.

I said, “So what?  There’s probably hundreds of Daniel Websters.”

“Not living in Lakeside Avenue,” said Barney.

It was a bit of a mystery, but after a while I forgot about it.   Until one day, about a year later, it happened again.   I was on my way home from school, just like before, when she sprang out at me.   The same girl!  Hair like a dandelion, and lips painted purple.

This time, she didn’t bother to talk.   She took one look and clapped a hand to her mouth.

“Oops!” she said.  “Done it again!”

And with that she was gone.   Pouf!   Vanished.


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Comment by Stacia Maiorani on October 9, 2012 at 3:42

Elisa & Minou 

American International School, HCMC

… The next day, I saw her again, this time she almost vanished, but I caught instead and we had a chat. After a little talk, I found out that she was my dead sister Maryrose Wood Webster. I didn’t recognize her, she look so funky and weird with the spiky hair and purple lips. She looked so different, I remember the last I was with her it was at the beach. She was torn away by a shark, and torn out of our lives forever… or maybe not.

                When I went home all I could think about was my sister, how did she come back? Or was her spirit stuck in this world?  There must be a reason and how could I help?

                 That night I had a dream about Maryrose. In the dream she told me that her spirit was taken away from the God of the Sea because she took the magical pearl from the bottom of the sea and that’s why the shark bit her.            

                The next morning, I woke up I thought what could I do to make her live again? And how she gets her spiky hairs and purple lip? …



Comment by John Iona on October 9, 2012 at 10:13

So the next week, I was walking home from school as usual when I saw her again! this time I couldn't let her get away without some answers.

I needed to know why she was here and what she wanted from me, and why she had purple lips and spiky hair. Before she vanished I finally got my chance to speak to her.

"why are you here?" I asked warily.

"I have come to see you my brother" she whispered.

"what happened to you, you used to have beautiful long brown hair and soft peach coloured lips?" I said.

"that's none of your business" she hissed.

I couldn't believe that my sister has magically sprang out of the heavens. she was an angel and her spirit obviously couldn't be put to rest, before I got a chance to tell her that I didn't mind helping her she was gone. It was too late. Would she ever come back?... 


by Olivia Serghi & Dicle Tankisi.

Oasis Academy:Enfield.


Comment by N Francis on October 9, 2012 at 10:51
I was waiting for her to appear in front of me the next day with enough questions to fill a book. “Why did that happen to you? What is it like being dead? Do you see the rest of the family?” But she did not turn up.

As the days turned into weeks I was wondering if I had just imagined the whole thing. I considered telling my friends about what had happened, however the idea of being called delusional did not appeal to me.

When I next walked to school, I didn’t expect her to materialise in front of me, carrying a flash flood of tears in her eyes. It had been 4 months after all; I didn’t even think she was coming back at all.

“Dan, I’m so sorry!” She sobbed.

“Why would you be sorry? I was the one who was rude about your ‘new look’…”

“I lied to you! There’s something you need to know…” She continued…

[ By Baran and Conor, St Benedicts Catholic School, Bury St. Edmunds, England ]
Comment by Siobhan Hawke on October 9, 2012 at 12:18

"I faked my death because there was no point in me living in this horrible world. I got bullied a lot in school.When you were four (I was16) I faked my death because I was bullied a lot. I was shocked to hear my own sister lied to me about her death. Why couldn't she say that in the first place? Why did she have to make it so complicated? I just wish there was a way out of this. It's so complicated these days, who bullied you and why. My sister sobbed at me, "Her name was Jennifer Katie Cooper. She bullied me because she knew my illness."

"Oh. I didn't realise you would go off telling everyone. It was basically your fault," said my brother. "How dare you say that I'm your only sister."


Brandon, Monica, Ann, Michal, Konrad

St Augustine's Catholic College, Trowbridge, Wiltshire, UK>

Comment by Lynne Coppendale on October 9, 2012 at 13:05

“Well if you’re dead how can you,” I sighed “how can you appear out of nowhere in front of me. How dare you! How dare you!”

“I thought I was dying, I was told I had depression. All I felt was sadness, tears fell inside my heart.”

“Fine, whatever, tell me what you`ve really come for, I’ve heard enough of your silly little stories”

“Dan please. I had to do it. I needed to escape. I couldn`t live with myself anymore.”

She looked at me, her eyes full of tears. She wasn’t the sister I remembered she was the witch my inner conscience remembered. She had to be dead, somehow. How could I forgive her for what she did?

“Think about me sis; think about mum, you know she was struggling without Dad.” I screamed.

She started to fade away. “No wait!” I cried

An eerie voice whispered on the wind “You`ll be sorry you messed with me!”

My head hurt. How could I cope, her face was in my nightmares, her sweet voice was in my dreams. I was trapped, and she held the key.

It was that next morning that I had realised what she had done…

Melissa, Hannah, Phoebe & Eloise. Danum Academy.

Comment by Allison Painich on October 9, 2012 at 14:58
Maryrose had possessed everyone that I knew. She started to do mystical and magical things. After Maryrose finished with her magic act, everyone's mind had erased, and they didn't know anyone or anything. Everyone that was friends with me was now bullying me. I just didn't understand why. It all just didn't make any sense to me. I finally remembered what Maryrose told me, "You'll be sorry you messed with me." I was sure sorry for what I had done.

MIkeyanna and Jaylah
Minnie Ruffin Elementary
Monroe, Louisiana, USA

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