10/03/2014 Gillian Cross

It snowed in the night. By the time I woke up, the snow was so deep that it came halfway up the windows, filling the house with a strange, eerie light. The fields around were white and smooth, all the way to the dark woods beyond, and the road was completely hidden. We were snowed in.

‘Fantastic!’ said my brother. ‘Let’s dig our way out and make an igloo!’

He was already opening the door when I grabbed his arm. ‘Wait!’ I said. ‘Look!’

I pointed out of the window. Across the surface of the snow was a line of footprints. Huge, deep footprints, like nothing I’d ever seen before. What kind of creature had made them?

And where was it now?

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Comment by Bev Edmeades on March 10, 2014 at 10:26

Suddenly, I thought of my little sister. We hadn’t heard from her since last night-before the footprints arrived. Panic stricken, I looked at my brother. He was thinking the same thing as me. I sent him a telepathic message, well I thought I did but he obviously caught on what I was trying to say because he just walked back up stairs.

In the evening we left. Zipping up our coats, we ventured into the forest. Night in the English country side was freezing and perishing. The wind was like daggers on your skin and the snow came up to your knees. Overall it was horrible, utterly horrible. My brother and I were getting weary and we needed somewhere to stay. Reluctantly, we lay in the snow and I saw my brothers emerald green eyes closing. My eyes closed and I fell into a deep sleep. I emerged from my slumber with some body shaking me. My brother stared down at me like an eagle following its prey. “Why are you looking at me like this?”  I asked confused. “Have you forgotten about our sister?” Suddenly I remembered we must save our sister. Will we ever find our darling sister.



By Isabel, Kathleen, Bethany, Ethan and Seth  Hemingford Grey Year 5

Comment by Rosa Harkin on March 10, 2014 at 11:53

We climbed out of the window and followed the footprints to see where they led. It took us ages to find the footprints and go through the soggy snow. Finally we got to the dark forest, but suddenly the footprints had vanished. There were 2 paths to go down, one straight ahead and one to the left. "Which way shall we go?" I asked. We both thought about which way to go, my brother said "let's go straight ahead". So we both started walking up the path. Suddenly, the light disappeared and it began to go dark.

We didn't give up, and we knew that we had to find the horrible and mysterious monster that was trampling all around. "We could be famous monster hunters if we find this monster!" my brother said. So we carried on walking and set up a trap. We collected some sticks and started to dig a hole in the ground. After that, we got a lot of snow and put it over the sticks so if the monster stepped on it he would fall through. 

Setting the trap took hours, and we were tired to so we took a rest. Suddenly, we heard growling so we woke up and panicked. We turned around, but there was nothing there. But, we had a strange feeling something was behind us. My brother turned around again saw the monster and screamed. He was hairy with big, slimy, googly eyes, and dripping wet. We stood staring at him petrified, not knowing what to do next. 

By: Shree Raam, Sujatro, Roshan, Drew, Betiel, Alma, Denas, Lucy, John and Zainab.

Norbury School Year 4

Comment by Bev Edmeades on March 10, 2014 at 13:16

Where did he come from? How did he know we were here? Why was he after us? He approached us, his hair tensing up. Drool escaped from his mouth like a dog running away from a kennel. His eyes never leaving us. The soft white blanket of snow crunching under the beasts enormous feet. My brother fainted in the face of danger. One more step. That’s all it took for him to fall into the trap and for us to be safe … for now. I grabbed my brother and ran. Ran as fast as a cheetah for what seemed like years. I heard a distant growling. I will never get that image out of my head. It had seemed like the monster had escaped. I heard more crunching and then I heard a clamour echo through the wood. I stopped dead in my tracks. I stand there gob smacked like I have had a hammer. Was the hole not big enough? How did he escape?



By Antonio, Samantha, Maz and Skylnn

Hemingford Grey Primary

Comment by Nikki Heath on March 10, 2014 at 15:21

Sill frozen to the spot, my brother reminded me that we were looking for my sister. " Lets go!" I said, shivering violently. Time passed, and there was no sign of my sister... Soon the sun began to slowly rise, filling the skies with vivid colours of pink and red. Thankfully, there was no violent, hissing beast in the trap. My hunger had started to get to me but I knew we had to continue our tiresome search. After venturing for hours, we came to a dead end. "What now?" I asked myself. My brother wandered over to the wall and ran his fingers along the red, rough and dusty bricks, he carefully pulled out a loose brick. Suddenly, the floor began to shake endlessly and the humongous wall collapsed in front of us like lego bricks. When the dust cleared, there was a huge, dark and misty tunnel in front of us. Where did it lead?...

By, Zack P & Aaron H, Werneth School, Stockport, UK

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