10/03/2014 Linda Newbery

They might as well have tried to book the most boring holiday they could think of. There we were, the four of us, arriving in this dismal cottage in the middle of nowhere. In the dark. It was cold, and Mum said it was too late to light a fire, and of course there was no central heating. So the only thing to do was go to bed, and even then it took half an hour to warm up.

“Some holiday,” I grumbled to Jake. Yes, we were sharing a bedroom – there were only two. And the bathroom was downstairs.

“Yeah, what are we going to do all the time?” Jake’s face was rammed into his pillow. “Stare at the clouds? Count sheep? There’s no way we’ll get broadband here. And no shops for miles.”

In the morning, though, when I opened the curtains, everything felt different …

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Comment by Bev Edmeades on March 10, 2014 at 10:36

The two of us dashed outside to explore and try to have an adventure, hoping to have some fun. Once we got outside, we found a rope swing dangling from a branch. I sprinted to it and told Jake, “Come here and stop moaning, it is supposed to be fun.” Unenthusiastically, Jake ran over from the cottage. “What is this all about” he answered.

“Look,” I replied “I have found something to do.”

“Finally,” Jake said “Some entertainment.” The rope swing was the first thing that we had found at this dismal little cottage. “Let’s have some fun,” I shouted to Jake. We played on the swing for hours and hours; we never got bored. Eventually, after 3 hours of complete enjoyment, mum shouted “It’s time for lunch boys.” I shouted back”What is for lunch mum?”

“Ham sandwiches, you’re favourite,” she responded.

We rushed in to have our lunch. “Yum, this is the most delicious lunch ever,” I commented. “What shall we do next?” I asked Jake.



By Tom, Stas’, Rob, Penny and Leannah. Hemingford Grey Year 5

Comment by Rosa Harkin on March 10, 2014 at 11:55

“Yummy!” I exclaimed. I wish there was more ham sandwiches. “What’s for desert” asked Jake. “I have made mint tasty chocolate fudge cake” replied Mum. “We are so full but we will try and fit it in” said Jake.

An hour later, we ran into the kitchen, “Mum, can we build a tree house today”, I asked. “You can, as long as you build a kitchen in there for me to cook in” Mum replied. I asked Mum if she could take us to the shop to buy nails and wood. The man at the checkout was called Bob. I wondered if that was Bob the builder, maybe he works two jobs!  


Once we arrived back home we went to the garden to start building the tree house. Jake went inside to get the hammer and in that moment I felt a pain in my foot. “Oh no, a nail has gone straight into my foot!” I screamed, but nobody could hear me.




Ri Sheng







E – Jay


Norbury School, Year 4

Comment by Bev Edmeades on March 10, 2014 at 13:22

As the atmosphere turns an overpowering shade of black, I felt the excruciating pain circulating through my foot, isolating me from the world. Everything turns pitch black. I’m in oblivion. I can see something in the distance, something dark brown, but I can’t make it out. It’s chocolate cake. As my body floats back to earth, my senses are numb. I see pale white, like my foot. I don’t know where I am, but I decide its fine and drift back into a spiralling world. Not knowing where I will be next. There were doctors prodding me so I pretend to be asleep because I couldn’t be bothered to answer their questions. Then I heard my mother’s voice and then my eyes lit up.


By Dean, Lucas, Cameron and Ella

Hemingford Grey Primary School 

Comment by Nikki Heath on March 10, 2014 at 15:11

"Are you alright darling?"questioned mum, a worried look on her face.

"What am I ddodjnnggggg?" words jumbled out of mouth, helplessly.

"Don't panic! It will be ok."

"What's going on? What will be alright?2 I thought as I tried to move. My body was stiff. The doctor tried to help me up, and with a bit of teamwork, we managed to get me sitting upright on the bed.

As I stumbled to my feet, I went to take a step forward, and without notice, I tumbled to the floor. I rubbed my head and looked around. Then it all changed. I felt butterflies in my belly, for there below my waist I realized that my lower left leg had been amputated!

By Jess H

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