10/03/2014 Miriam Halahamy

If Jon didn’t open his curtains then he could still pretend that it was an ordinary Monday morning, he still had to brush his teeth and then he’d pick up his schoolbag and go downstairs. Just like every morning. Just like normal.

Only this wasn’t the same old Monday morning. This was four weeks into ‘The worst rain this millennium!’ like Dad shouted at Mum over dinner last night, as if it was her fault. 

The river had finally burst its banks at four o’clock this morning and now the ground floor of their creaky old cottage was a metre deep in water.

Dad had started yelling three hours ago and to Jon it seemed as though he would never stop. Words like carpet and telly and car and canoe bounced like bullets around the top floor of the house.

 Did they think he was still asleep? And then he realised what was missing. Moggsy.

Can cats swim? he wondered in a panic and wrenching open his bedroom door, he yelled at the top of his voice, “MU-UM!!”

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Comment by Bev Edmeades on March 10, 2014 at 10:27

Frantically, his mum ran out of her room. Gasping for breath, Jon struggled to find away out of the flooded building. He felt a frostbiting breeze smack against the side of his face and turned to the direction it came from. Suddenly, they remembered about Moggsy and then they saw an open window? Hectically, they pen window. Was that Moggsy’s exit? Scrambling out the window thinking Moggsy might still be there. As the wind whipped his face, his vision started to fade and the difficulty of climbing to the roof began to increase. Petrified his hands started to shake rapidly and to slip from the thin ledges between the bricks. Relieved, he grabbed the final tile to find it crumbling away. With only one hand holding on the grip started to loosen. His mum could not hold on any longer then causing Jon to fall with her. As he collided with the surface of the perishing water he felt his breath being knocked out of his lungs. His mum got swept into the distance…


By Lottie, Jessica, Max, Harriet and Jasper Hemingford Grey Year 5

Comment by Rosa Harkin on March 10, 2014 at 11:54

"Mum, come back!" screamed Jon.  Jon started swimming towards Mum's direction. Looking everywhere he started to panic, but Jon couldn't find Mum anywhere. "What if I cant find her?"

He was panting because he couldn't breath under the gloomy, deep, dark water. Jon was petrified, because he couldn't find Mum  or Mogsy anywhere!

His lungs sucked his breath up! He clutched onto a floating tree-trunk, that had been ripped from the soil. Trying to get his breath back, he struggled to climb onto the tree-trunk. the he took a deep breath.

Out of the corner of his eye , Jon  spotted ...

written by Sophie, Kirthya, Tanish, Abesa, Tristan, Divyam, Jamal, Matas, Zaara and Diba

year 4 Norbury School.

Comment by Bev Edmeades on March 10, 2014 at 13:18

… a dark conjectured shadow heaving an axe. Rapidly, Jon felt a bitter chill slither down his spine. Just then, the isolated young boy heard the mysterious shadow slice down the tree trunk that Jon is holding on to. Is he trying to kill Jon? Struggling to his feet, Jon gathered his balance on the tree trunk while he took a good look at this drenched man. With blood streaming from his face, he makes eye contact with the defenceless boy. “I’ve got your mother,” the man exclaimed boldly. Panting, Jon threatened the man “if you do any thing to my mother you will regret it!” Who is this man? Impulsively, a booming sound erupted and echoed in the atmosphere as the oak tree from behind the man fell…  Everything went black.

Waking up, Jon realised he was stranded in the middle of a boggy field.

How will he find his mum now?


By Riley, Remy, Abby and Izabella.
Hemingford Grey Primary School


Comment by Nikki Heath on March 10, 2014 at 15:19

Unmistakably, he could feel pain, Pain! Pain! Pain! Jon lay there helplessly, covered from head to toe in slimy, black, greasy mud. Gently he felt a nausiating wave of energy hit him which gave him enough strength to stand. Looking around he noticed the sun clinging on to the distant horizon, a closer examination revealed an etched figure, hold on two, getting closer and closer. Eventually the figures got close enough to get a good enough look at and my heart stopped! Mogsy was in my Mum's arms. "Mum, Dad, Mogsy!", I exclaimed. "Where is the Zombie?!" His Dad replied, " It seems he's dissapeared," and strangely he winked!!!

By William M & Chris A, Werneth School, Stockport, UK

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