10/10/2014 Alex Milway

The book looked older than my gran, and that was saying something. Over time, so many fingers had gripped it and touched it that the title had long disappeared and all that was left was the name of its author: Francis Darke. I was warned not to read the book. I was told that it would change my life for ever, but I couldn't stop myself. The dark leather cover seemed to open by itself within my hands...


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Comment by Sarah Cook on October 9, 2014 at 23:56

The temptation was more than I could bare. Suddenly I could feel myself spinning  through  white illusions, it felt so tight, as if I was cramped in a box. Before I could do or think anything it all stopped! What I saw before my eyes was a place I had never been before, it looked like an photograph. I was standing in clearing with big, old drooping willow trees, everything seemed black and white. Before I could start searching anywhere I found a note under my shoe which read

“Follow the chapters and you will see

going home is all you need.

Throughout the chapters you must go

to find yourself back at home.”

As I was on my way to see what I could find I was taken to chapter 1 . Out of nowhere I saw...

Alyssa and Sarah

Christ the King Australia

Comment by Rosa Harkin on October 10, 2014 at 9:17

A glooming forest with tangled trees, where time stood still, and leaves fell from the dull branches like feathers from the sky. Stranded and alone, my heart beating frantically, it echoed through my head like a marching band.

Pushing the tangled branches aside that lay lifeless across the forest floor, I found what appeared to be the beginning of a winding path.

Confused, I questioned myself as to whether I should risk my life to get home. I decided to take the risk, and tiptoed as silently as a panther hunting its prey.

Time passed, hours I don’t know, beyond the trees I caught a glimpse of what appeared to be an abandoned castle. I knew my destination and I raced there with anticipation. As I walked up to the door, I heard a voice whispering through the mist,

“Do not enter!”

Norbury School Harrow - Osman, Jamal, Abesa, Aadin, Tristan, Reem, Yadira, Zainab, Ri-Sheng,Zaynab

Comment by Bev Edmeades on October 10, 2014 at 10:56

Then everything was silent… I carefully reached out and slowly pulled open the door which seemed to lead me into my darkest nightmare. Inside it was a dark misty room with old cobwebs hanging from a crooked sculpture. SUDDENLY, I felt a cold breeze whipping against my face, and then it got stronger, so strong I couldn’t control myself until with a thud I fell into a dark, misty dimension. When I woke up I found myself caped in metal bars.

Suddenly I felt a sharp, daggered claw grab me by my shoulder and try and drag me away.

I tried to grab a sharp metal sword but a magical spell had cursed the sword so the sword slowly slipped from my hands and before I could stop myself I was dragged into a            

ghostly wet dungeon like an ancient prison sell…    





Ben, William, Noah, Heather, Queen Esther


Hemingford Grey Primary school

Comment by Alison murtha on October 10, 2014 at 12:22

As I looked around in the ancient dungeon I saw rat nibbling at deserted rags. I was terrified. The gloomy, grey mist covering the abandoned prison cells. The howling wind sounded like a wolf in the distant. We stop. I got chucked into a prison cell and left there for the night.


The sun rose in the morning and I planned my escape. I struggled through the metal bars and ran up the hallway to the steps. Instantaneously a guard robot had appeared right in front of the spiral staircase…


Charlotte and Eleanor , Cockwood School

Comment by Bev Edmeades on October 10, 2014 at 13:56

Sprinting back down the hallway, I tried to squeeze back in the cell before it was too late. Frantically, I tried to fit through the bars, the robot just coming down the corridor. After what seemed like a year, I was back inside the cell without the robot knowing nothing about my escape. The under ground cell was infested with cob webs. A nightmarish feeling ran down the back of my stone cold spine. The never ending darkness encased with fear was all there was to keep me sane. Over powering his mind, chaos controlled him. Anxiously, I tried to hide the fact that I tried to escape as the robot approached the cell.



The robot articulated a rhyme that went like:


If you stay here you will be no more,

Try to find a hidden door.



I knew it was a clue. I found a lock in the wall and it had a key in it. Frenetically, I turned the key, it was hard because it was rusty. I gave up, my eyes where glazed with water, I was about to break. It was an old lock, it was nothing at all. Desperately, I applied force to every known thing in the cell hoping for that one life saving light. In the corner of the room stood a lonely boulder. I dashed towards it, the warmth of the hope inspired me to dig the rocks up. Rock after rock came out despite all the cobwebs and spiders. I reached down to try to move the boulder but it wouldn’t budge. The lonely stone was now encaved by force from my panic stricken hand, but it still wouldn’t move. I was tempted to move on, I jumped out of the hole. But when I did so, I accidentally stood on the stone, “bleep bleep,” it rang twice and then stopped. Suddenly the stone split apart and a shaft of light appeared.


This is it. Everything he had worked for was now there in front of him. It was beckoning him to take the step of freedom…             


Tom, Max, Mark, Lottie, Jay

Hemingford Grey Primary School

Year 6

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