10/10/2014 Sally Nicholls

“Now don’t forget,” said the woman. She gave me the envelope. “Promise you’ll remember. Give this to your dad the instant you get home, all right?”

“I’ll remember,” I said.

But then at school, I forgot my maths homework, and got put in detention, and then I got into a row with Ms Rasheed because I didn’t go, and I had a fight with my best friend, and went off in a huff to the park with Allie and Jamie and Fatima, and we had a mud fight, which was brilliant, and then when I got home my mum yelled at me because I was covered in mud, and in the chaos I forgot all about the envelope at the bottom of my bag.

And it wasn’t until the next week, when my dad wasn’t there, and the police were asking me all those questions, that I remembered.


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Comment by Sarah Cook on October 9, 2014 at 23:54

Something told Darren to open the envelope after the police left his house. When Darren opened the envelope with shaking hands he found a note that read

“I may not be with you right now. But to reach me complete these 3 challenging tasks and you will see how to bring me back.

1.Go under my bed don't bump your head you will find a key

2.Go to the graveyard do not fear the bears that are here! Go to Uncle Strong and then sing along to his favorite song

3.When you have sung his favorite song a light will show you to an underground temple

when you reach the temple you will go through a set of tests to see if you are worthy of finding me.”

Darren couldn’t believe it, how did the women get this note? He grabbed his bag and shoved in a torch and rope from his camping set and left his room.

Daniel and Aaron

Christ the King Australia

Comment by Rosa Harkin on October 10, 2014 at 9:22

Darren tiptoed down the stairs and crept through the kitchen. His hand was trembling as he slowly opened the old wooden door. The door was halfway open when he heard his mother turn off the television and move towards the kitchen. Darren quickly charged out the door, heading for the white picket fence. He scrambled over the fence, ripping a small hole in his shirt.

Darren sprinted around the corner and continued running until he came to a dead end. His heart was pounding so fast it felt like it was going to explode out of his chest. Darren pulled out the letter. He noticed a postcode scribbled on the bottom of the sheet. It said KA1 4AA. It looked rather familiar thought Darren.

When Darren arrived at the post code the sun was setting. He walked up to the door and saw a dusty sign. He realised why the address sounded so familiar, the sign said Prescott Manor. This was his great grandfather’s house.

Aarushi, Prisha, Abdullah, Mohika, Deena, Sophie, Sujatro, Matas, Lakshit, Roshan, Jevan from Norbury School, Harrow

Comment by Bev Edmeades on October 10, 2014 at 11:21

He knocked. No one there. He knocked again. The door crept open suddenly. The towering tunnel opened with a long misty moan as he tiptoed inside the immense hall, it was as big as a football pitch, as tall as a seven story mansion. The staircase lit up the hall, spiraling around the room.

Boldly he bellowed up the staircase, the echo whispered secrets back of the sinister desolation. He edged up the staircase and staggered up the hall. The cat screamed viciously. “Meowwwwwww!” Darren jumped in fear before realizing it was only a cat.

“Settle down!” he screeched. “You’re making me nervous.”

In the distance he heard a noise. This was definitely not a cat. “I’m scared now!”


By Thomas R, Leila, Erin, Dougie, Toby


Hemingford Grey Primary School


Year 5

Comment by Bev Edmeades on October 10, 2014 at 13:54

What was it? Darren slowly turned. What he saw was unexplainable. It was a figure of his great-grandfather. “Wait a second. Granddad died three years ago.”

“Darren my dear. I have waited for so long. You have done well in succeeding on my quest,” Granddad croaked. A cold feeling rushed down Darren’s spine. Oddly, as granddad spoke, gusts of wind whistled down the hallway. “Something’s not right,” Darren thought. “Why did granddad want me?” His voice was as if he was a vampire hissing at him, bearing his fangs. Darren was lead by granddad down to a room, the most majestic of all. It was a towering skyscraper, ruling the house. Granddad floated over to a chest, unlocked a dusty, wooden chest and revealed a small, but deadly weapon. A pistol. “Darren, I never meant to do this. I’m so sorry it had to be you.” With tears streaming down his face, Darren couldn’t speak because he was trembling so much. Granddad raised the pistol, and pointed it at Darren’s forehead. Would Darren live?... 

Issy, James, Leannah, Jasper, Matty

Hemingford Grey Primary School

Year 6

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