11/10/16 Secondary - Andy Briggs

When it first arrived nobody could understand the message.

It came in a series of electronic pulses, a binary code that could only be interpreted by the world’s most powerful computers. It was unscrambled into a series of mathematical codes, each more complex than the last, that could only in turn be read by the sharpest of minds. Yet even those scientists lacked insight to understand the actual meaning of the incredible message.

Without comprehension the media went wild. Speculation filled the airwaves while conspiracy theories dominated websites. Was it a message from an alien civilisation or a more mundane one? Did it come from outer space… or an inner realm we had no knowledge of?

Was it a message of war? Or of peace?

The greatest minds on the planet speculated. Politicians discussed. Yet months passed and nobody was any closer to finding out the truth.

That came from a chance discovery. A discovery made by the most unlikely investigator…

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Comment by Jenny Noble on October 11, 2016 at 0:44

That person was me, Sue May, private investigator. I was listening to my handheld radio, scanning through the channels, when, on 84.2 FM, the message came through. I stopped scanning, and I heard... nothing. Nada. Zilch.

Later that evening, my radio relayed the message again, and I listened. I put the radio down, with my iPhone on record. At midnight, I heard the message again.

 I rushed to my iPhone, and stopped the recording. I listened to it, again and again, searching for a clue of what it meant. I couldn't find a hint, it sounded like a jumble of sound, incomprehensible to my brain.

The next morning, I called the authorities, to see if 1. they had heard it, and 2. if they knew what it meant. I sent the recording, hoping they would know what it meant.

Nearly a year later, after decoding, an answer came through. At first, it sounded like a big ball of mucus was talking. After analysing, listening and analysing again and again, this is what the voice said:

"You face a threat, bigger than anything. We, the...' the voice made a sound that sounded like a burning bear 'will forge an allegiance with you, on one condition; you accept us onto your planet, letting us live, talk, act and think like you. You have 20 months, earth standard, to accept. After this, your planet will either survive or be destroyed.'

The governments talked, and talked and decided they would...

By Emily

St Mary' College 

Comment by Hollie Rush on October 11, 2016 at 8:59

Say that they should trade people, 50 aliens for 50 humans.


We sent an email but they didn’t get it, so the world decided to make an enormous speaker so the aliens can hear them. 1 year later the speaker was finished, they had to get it up to the moon but how? So they took the speaker up on a super-fast spaceship to the moon. Then they asked the man on the moon to speak to the aliens and tell them the deal. The man on the moon then tells the government that the aliens said yes.


A couple of months later the Aliens came down from their planet like an eagle swooping to catch its prey. They took the form of anything it wants to be so they all transformed into lots of boy bands like one direction and the vamps. They then helped us get 50 people to their planet. When the humans got to the planets they were welcomed by their king Lord Boylan.


“Welcome to our planet!” Lord Boylan exclaimed


“What’s it called?” Mia asked.


“Oh yes, I forgot” he said “It’s called Monochromeia.” He answered.


“Cool cool” Jack said.


“I’ll get my servants to show you to your rooms.” Lord Boylan said.


“Ok” Archie said.


Once they reached their rooms the servants locked the doors but in their quarters there was no food, no drink, no bathroom and no colour anywhere, there was something suspicious about these aliens…


By Jack and Mia.

Ashlyns School

Berkhamsted Hertfordshire


Comment by J Dennis on October 11, 2016 at 9:57

The only thing in the room was a small grey lever.

"What the heck is that?" asked Jack.

"I dunno maybe we should pull it" Archie said.

"I don't think we should Archie" whispered Mia.

Archie didn't listen as he went to pull the lever a strange machine came out of the wall and vaporised him!

"ARCHIE!" screamed Mia and Jack.

Suddenly a loud voice come from some where in the room.

"Foolish humans and your inquisitive nature -  we are the ones who will destroy you".

"NO," shouted Jack.

"Oh don't worry we won't kill you and your she friend!"

"Phew" said Mia.

"We will make you watch and the we will turn you into ...

By Jack Llewellyn

West Kirby School

Comment by Nikki Olhausen on October 11, 2016 at 11:02

“Scientific test units!”

The words themselves turned the children’s blood cold. There was no mistaking what this cruel alien meant. There was no mistaking what the chilling true intentions of this terrifying race really were.

Mia and Jack were marched through strange, bare, and colourless corridors, silently praying that these would not be the last moments of their lives. For what seemed like hours, they trudged along floors of grey, drunk with exhaustion until they entered a vast room, with hooded figures creeping silently along the shadows, some carrying strange large objects, that seemed to resemble some sort of syringe. One of these dilapidated forms turned to them, and the dim light seemed to illuminate its face. Mia and Jack suddenly came to a grim realisation– it was a human.

At the far end of the room, Archie was strapped to some sort of operation table. Suddenly with a tremendous screech, three aliens appeared, carrying three brown hooded cloaks. This could not be a dream. They had felt the cruelty of these aliens, and they had a sense that they were about to endure much more. The aliens were approaching, with no intent of stopping…


By Alexander Jones, The Beacon School

Comment by Nicola Gowing on October 11, 2016 at 13:51


A man, a young man, with dark red hair and bright green eyes. This code was a lot difficult than the last. But this man was around my age and probably way more intelligent than me. Discovered that it was a message that someone had wrote in the 1900’s by a girl that killed her parents.

“In this piece of code” he stated “She said she killed her parents because her father was always raging at her and her mum, also her mum would shout at her, She said she had enough of it so in the she folded up two clothes and one by one covered each mouth and pinched each nose, their pulses stopped”.

I was shocked! That’s what happened to me! My dad would shout at my mum, me and my brother when he was drunk, so my mum would always argue with me. Obviously I would never want to kill my parents I love them too much...but I killed my brother…….. Ellë, Great Yarmouth High School

Comment by Sara sheldon on October 12, 2016 at 2:33

A deep voice, split with static and crackles, spoke through the television. Bright images flash, illuminating this dark, empty room.

“Earlier today a young girl was discovered in her house, which has been turned into a crime scene, corpses of her murdered parents all around her.”


Her face was shown. Her eyes were wide, her lips colourless and twisted in a grim smile. Her face was pale, contrasting against the dark circles beneath her eyes. She was  unknown, yet I felt I had seen her before. Perhaps at school? Across the street? I was sure of it… but I was also in denial.


It was like I remembered her in a different life. Her eyes full of life and excitement, her red curly hair bouncing as she talked. Talked of her joys, her mouth beaming with pride as she spilled out each word saturated with happiness and light. But now, the tiredness is etched into her bloodless skin.


Now, she is just existing, not living the glorious life I remember her in. I feel conflicted to go and find her; how can I be so eager to find a girl I don't know... but once did?


By Keanu, Naayrieka and Rayann from Garden International School Kuala Lumpur 

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