12/10/2011 Michael Lawrence

When the pot fell on my head, I knew that I had to leave. Things had been throwing themselves at me all day. Yesterday had been fine, but today? Bedlam. What had I done to deserve such treatment? Apart from poison my aunt, of course. But that was an accident. They should have believed me. They really should. 


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Comment by Lorna Beardmore on October 12, 2011 at 11:29

Panic struck inside my heart. It was painful. Why was this happening to me? I didn’t mean to poison my aunt. It was an accident. Now that she was dead my curse had begun. The pots and mysterious objects had been hurling themselves at me all day, they wouldn’t stop without a fight. I assumed it was my auntie’s spirit coming  to seek revenge.

I suddenly heard a bang on the front door. What was it this time? I heard sirens coming towards the house. It was getting closer and closer by the second. The bang sounded again from the door, this time it was louder, stronger and more threatening.  I went to open the door but to my surprise, the door flung open before I could react. Police streamed into the house. The world was black and I was taken away.

The next day I awoke to find myself in a cell. I was too exhausted to understand what was happening to me. I jumped up and stared at the lock, which was holding the cell doors together. I tried the lock but failed in the attempt. I made another effort but it proved to be useless. Helplessly, I sat back on the bench in the corner and waited.


Hamzah Ali and Amy Cottrell

The Hollins Technology College Lancashire
















Comment by Tommy Donbavand on October 12, 2011 at 11:37

After what felt like hours, the cell door was finally unlocked and a police officer entered carrying a tray of food.  I tried to ask her what would happen to me, but she ignored my question and kept her back to me while she set the tray down.  

I asked again.  "What's going on?  How long do I have to stay here?"

This time she turned, and my breath caught in my throat.  It couldn't be!  The policewoman had the face of my aunt - the dead aunt I had poisoned myself!

Comment by Adrian Thompson Laisterdyke UK on October 12, 2011 at 11:47
I heard footsteps in the corridor, and turned to see another police officer - a man this time - but he too had the face of my poisoned aunt! I pushed past both of them, grabbing the tray and swinging it,in an attempt to get out. As I hit them, they melted away, turning into mist before my eyes. Then I heard a loud, commanding voice "How long do you have to stay here? Forever... and possibly longer!". The police station disappeared, to be replaced by a marble maze. All the walls looked the same, except there was red stuff smeared on the floor in one direction. I knelt, and smelled it. It was blood. You get to know the smell when you've been bought up by vampires...
Comment by N Francis on October 12, 2011 at 14:03
I had always resented the fact that my parents were vampires. I was the only one in the world to know about this, apart from their fellow vampires, of course. My parents had always told me that this must be kept absolutely secret in order for them to stay alive. However, once, I went to stay with my aunt in her country mansion. I’d always preferred the luscious greenery and the fresh air of my aunt’s country pad to the cramped, urban space of my parents’ musty apartment. That was the time my aunt found out, early last weekend, partway through my stay with her. She should not have found out, I completely forgot to close my diary, overseeing the fact that my Aunt was a clean freak, and would certainly enter my room. It was my mistake and I knew it, so when she threatened to go to the police the very next day, I knew I couldn’t let it happen. The potion I concocted, although looking and smelling like tea, was actually as deadly as a cobra. It was only meant to cause short-term memory loss; however, I was no scientific genius. All these thoughts were still whizzing round my head as I hurtled round a bend in the maze, escape my only goal, I failed to see the tall, dark figure looming over me…

Ben Browning and Ben Gale

St benedict's Catholic School
Comment by Allison Painich on October 12, 2011 at 16:12
It was mom and dad vampire! They noticed that I had been in this cell for a while. "Mom, Dad, HELP ME!" I said. "I can't stay in here forever." Mom and dad gave me a gloomy look and vanished. "Mom, Dad," I said, "Where are you? Help!" They never came back. I started to cry. Today has just been a terrible day. Everything has been hitting me in the head, and also you can't forget about me accidentally poisoning my aunt. "Wake up, wake up. It's time to go to school." Oh my gosh! The whole time this was just a dream! The first thing I said right when I noticed what was going on was, "Mom, are you a vampire?" My mom answered, "Honey, I am NOT a vampire." Back to regular like it was.

Lexington Elementary School
Monroe, Louisiana, USA

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