14/10/2011 David Gatward

No one likes a clown. And I'm not just talking about the idiot in class who passes wind and thinks it's funny. I'm talking about real clowns. Freaks with false faces, stupid shoes, and a crappy circus act. They do my nut. There's something wrong and creepy and disturbed about clowns and that should've told me something. It should've told me to not go up to the circus that night, for a start. And it should've told me to not buy a ticket, or walk in there laughing and joking around with my mates as though everything was cool. It should've told me that, when the lights went down, and the fat clown with the huge nets came in (he was licking his lips, too), it was probably as good a sign as any I can think of that I should've left. But I didn't. None of us did. We just sat, waiting, stuffing our faces with popcorn, while the clowns went to work..

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Comment by Carola Webber on October 14, 2011 at 0:03

I was trying not to be too judgemental; maybe it was a regular routine, hanging nets from the air, putting little kids in, but then again, I wasn’t too happy when they pulled me from my seat. My mates egged me on to get into the ring, but I wasn’t too keen. “C’mon Bob! It’ll be fun!” Kingsley shouted, followed by some words he probably wouldn’t have used in front of his mother. I stood up. I can’t believe I actually stood up. Out of all the things to do, sit down, well, that’s about it, but it would have been better than standing up. One of the fat clowns pulled me up and into a net, he smelled like fish. Up close, you could tell why he needed makeup. All of a sudden a massive lion leapt out of a room onto a platform. My heart skipped a beat. Maybe even two. I could hear Alf and Ernie cheering me on in the background. Gilbert was scoffing down popcorn faster than I thought possible and I don’t even know where Rufus and Marvin were. While they were looking away, well, it’s hard to explain…

Krystal and Lochlan  Delany College, Australia

Comment by Annalise Taylor on October 14, 2011 at 10:51

As I am running I look back and think to myself “Where am I, where am I going?” I stop running and look around and see someone in the distance….from what I could see it looked like the clown who’s head got taken off, but why would he be walking isn’t he dead? I get a little bit closer but not trying to make a lot of noise so that whoever or whatever is up there won’t hear me. As I look it gets bigger and louder then I hear laughing in the gloomy distance. I am frightened I can’t take one more step. I am glued to the road with fright. What do I do now do I get even closer or do I turn around and walk away? I decided to get closer as I get closer and closer the laughter that I heard gets louder and louder. And when I see the grey figure and it says BOO. “Do you want to know where I come from?” is what the figure says.
I say “Yes who are what are you doing in the middle of the road?”
They grey figure says “I was summoned here to talk to you and warn about your future.”
 I say “Well what do you have to warn me about? Is it bad or good?”
They figure says” You must be careful when you walk, you must be careful you trust and you talked to. People now a days are very unpredictable……”



International Community School


Comment by John Iona on October 14, 2011 at 12:03

As I approached a rubbish dump I slowly drifted off to sleep. I suddenly found myself chained to the wall in a dark, gloomy chamber. Out of nowhere the severed clown appeared again he quietly started saying weird words, it felt like somebody was walking over my grave. It gave me the shivers. “What are you doing to me?”I demanded. Then the clown vanished into thin air. A blurry grey figure appeared to be right in front of my very eyes. I still didn’t understand what the grey figure was warning me about it felt like a nightmare. The grey figure asserted me that I had the curse of mankalooloo. As the clown reappeared into the chamber, I started to hear voices in my head I didn’t understand at this was all about, I whispered to myself “Why did it have to be me? Why couldn’t it be Jake my sworn enemy?”.  I noticed a sharp knife appearing next to me. I freed myself. I ran for my life…


By: Tugce & Amandeep at Oasis Academy Enfield, London

Comment by Janet Rothwell on October 14, 2011 at 13:56
I am running, maybe sprinting, so numb and sick I don’t know where I am running to. One step, two steps, everonyone says the third is the luckiest, but not for me. I put my my foot in the wrong place, I feel myself sinking, falling into the land below our feet. I want it to be a dream, something which I can kiss away in the morning, but that doesn’t happen with me. I hear the metal clunk above my head, as my only way out is consealed. Being so involved with what had happened I didn’t realise the excruciating pain in my leg, suddenly I feel a large wet twig piecing out of my leg, I realise its my bone, I feel the hot stickiness of my blood against it. Standing on what I now call my good leg, I turn to examine the room, all I can hear is a dripping sound. I turn back to see my leg. Shock horror. I see the headless clown in front of me, then as soon as it registers in my brain it was gone. I stumble backwards triping over something, I don’t know what it is, but it gives me the creeps….

Amitoj and Misha, Langley Grammar School.
Comment by Allison Painich on October 14, 2011 at 15:48
When I look back, the headless clown was behind me. I tried to get up, but I couldn't. I began to yell for help! The clunk of metal started to open, and it was pitch black dark up above. I started to hear the headless clown. It said it was going to kill me. It began closing in on me with a hammer in his hand. Just as I fell back down, I woke up with it's hand on my face. I started to cry, and my sobs woke me up from that dreadful dream.

Sallie Humble Elementary
Monroe, Louisiana, USA
Comment by janet dowey on October 8, 2012 at 11:47

I raised myself from off my bed and began to walk slowly out of my room. All of a sudden I heard a noise from the kitchen. "Come on time for breakfast" the voice shouted. It wasn't a voice that I had heard before. I slowly walked down the stairs shivering tremendously. I looked through the crack of the door to see something frightnening. The clown.

I quietly ran behind my sofa to peek on the dangerous creature. Suddenly he caught sight of me and grabbed me by the hand and through me at the wall. Shaking I got up and grabbed my vase and hit him across the head. The thing was laying there unconious. I got all my clothes and my stuff in my suitcase. As I done that I heard a moan from the front room. I quickly ran down the stairs opening the door I grabbed my suitcase and slammed the door shut and locked it.

As I closed my gate I heard a noise from the house I could see someone at the window. I stopped the window was opening. I walked quicker. Then it shouted " I have your parents and im gonna get you!" 


Sophie Hopkins

Unity city academy

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