14/10/15 Alan Gibbons

It took Kellie some time to work out what was unusual about the panel of buttons. Let's face it, you don't get into a hotel lift expecting anything out of the ordinary. That's what hotels are. Ordinary. Only this one wasn't. Kellie's parents were in room 1302, on the thirteenth floor. That was the problem, there wasn't one, a thirteenth floor, that is. No matter how Kellie searched she couldn't see the button. Finally, a member of the hotel staff got in, pushing a room service trolley.

"Excuse me," Kellie said. "My parents are staying on the thirteenth floor, but I can't find the button."

The member of staff, a weary-looking woman in her fifties, gave Kellie a pitying look.

"We don't stop at thirteen."


"There isn't one. People think it's unlucky. We go straight from twelve to fourteen. You must have got the room number wrong."

But Kellie had the room number right. Mum had sent her two emails and a text. It was the same number on all of them.

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Comment by Sarah Love Mandurah Cath Coll WA on October 14, 2015 at 3:40
Kellie was in panic. She had so many thoughts traveling through her mind, such as, where were her parents? Was she in the right hotel? Was her mother correct about the room floor? It was time for her to find out, she rode the elevator down to the ground floor and saw the concierge. He was a young man of somewhere between 25 and 27 and he looked extremely comforted.

"Hello" Kellie panicked "I can't find my parents and they were supposed to be in this hotel" Kellie blurted.

"What were their names" He questioned her in a bored tone.

"Tim and Sarah Walters" Kellie replied.

"I'm sorry they checked out two hours ago"...

Jackson & Jesse, Mandurah Catholic College, Australia
Comment by Annalise Taylor on October 14, 2015 at 8:41

“Can I use the reception phone?” Asked Kellie.

“Yes of course” Replied the concierge

She went to the reception and called her parents from the phone, but they did not reply. She called again, they did answer this time 

“Where are you?” Asked Kellie

“We are waiting for you on the thirteenth floor!” Replied Sarah, her mother.

“But mom, there is no thirteenth floor!” Screamed Kellie

“Why can’t you come down to the reception, and show me how to get to the thirteenth floor?” Asked Kellie

“We tried to come but we can’t, someone is waiting outside, for the moment we go outside.”

Seema, Horacio, Misha

International Community School, London, UK

Comment by Leah Falkingham on October 14, 2015 at 9:48
“Urghhhhhh!” She slammed the phone down.

Thoughts were racing through her head. Should she go outside? What does her mum mean? Where is the thirteenth floor? Kellie decided to go outside. She went through the automatic spinning doors when she stopped dead.

“Ouch!” Kellie exclaimed, the spinning doors had not stopped.

What was standing there did not look human. It had bony, ivory skin, sending shivers down her spine. It had no nose or mouth but bright, glimmering, red eyes. It wore a black hoodie draped over its non-existent shoulders and long, wrinkled fingers reached out towards her.

She tried to escape but slammed into the window bruising her nose. The hooded figure shook like it was laughing at her and it took off its hoodie. Turning around she sprinted into the automatic spinning doors but immediately had to stop because the doors were going about two miles per hour. The figure walked slowly towards Kellie and walked through the window.

Kellie knew that her parents were not ordinary people, but to be involved in this was something extraordinary. It blocked her path out of the spinney doors, so Kellie crawled under its legs.

She sprinted towards the concierge asking for protection.

“Protection from what? My dear girl there is no one there.” Said the concierge cautiously. “Are you ok?”

He must not be able to see it, thought Kellie, what should I do?

Kellie ran to the lift and pressed floor 14, as the lift started going up, she saw a bony, ivory hand reaching towards her through the lift floor…

Ethan, Dylan, Charlotte, Stephanie and Grace: Chantry middle school, UK.
Comment by Hollie Rush on October 14, 2015 at 11:09

A high pitched squeal escaped Kellie’s shivering lips. The bony ivory hand proceeded to force its way into the lift and Kellie, left with no alternative, both rapidly and urgently, slammed her fingers onto the button. The hand, reluctant to the screams of Kellie, tried, this time with less force but more desperation, to pull apart the closing doors once more. However, before Kellie could contemplate her next reaction, the doors slammed shut. Now for the first time in what felt like hours she let out a sigh of relief.


‘My parents!’ Kellie was instantly reminded. How could they have checked onto the thirteenth floor if there was no such thing?


Kellie retrieved the small receipt, turning it over to take another glance at the hotels address. Had she written it down correctly? Was this the correct post code?  Was that a 2 or a 5? All questions that Kellie desperately needed the answers for but had no idea how to get them.


She attempted to ring her mother once more but it went straight to voice mail.

‘How the tables have turned.’ Kellie laughed, reminding herself of the countless times her mother had told her to always answer the phone. She felt her heart race slow.


‘There has to be some sort of explanation for this.’ She laughed bitterly, finding all the reassurance she could muster.


However, before Kellie could question whether tonight’s events were just the likings of another teenage Halloween prank, the lift halted to a stop.


This is exactly how things go wrong in a horror movie,


She thought anxiously, before the lift floors gave way and she was dropped into an abyss of darkness.


Megan and Georgia – Ashlyns School, UK.

Comment by Jayne Davidson, WHHS, UK on October 14, 2015 at 12:05
“IM DEAD, IM DEAD!” screamed Kellie’s ghost as she levitated in mid-air. She was flustering about thinking what she should do next. DING! There appeared, out of nowhere the 13th floor. Room 1302’s door was ajar. Inside was a letter with a white rose beside it. With each of Kellie’s steps the rose began to wilt and inside the note read:

Dear Kellie….

By Taylor, Tilly-Mae, Ealasaid, Laila, Jadeeyn and Kacie.
Comment by Clare Bond on October 14, 2015 at 13:50
Kellie hesitated after those two simple words. A cold, sharp shiver danced along her spine, the goose bumps upon her skin were hard and visible and the beating of her heart felt like a small explosion had occurred within her with every beat. She then continued to read.

Dear Kellie,
Life is not always a perfect place, furthermore it is not fair. Especially for the ones who deserve happiness. But I would like to ask you a question Kellie, do you deserve happiness? Do you deserve to be loved and cared for? Or are you the opposite, a sinister being who should be rotting down in hell as their horrendous spine-chilling shrieks and screams entertain others. Are you the being who is tortured ever so slowly and incredibly painfully? Do you even deserve life at all?
Kellie I know that all the events which have just took place today must have been confusing and frightening, but from the bottom of my heart I would like to say that, what you have just witnessed will only be the beginning and I will make sure all your worst nightmares will come true and haunt you till you die, as well, YOU deserve it…
Look up…

And as I read that last sentence, a droplet of an unusual red thick substance, landed upon the note…

By Eden
Knutsford Academy
Comment by Allison Painich on October 15, 2015 at 2:24

So many thoughts were streaming through my head like a river.  I looked up and saw something that scarred me for life.  My parents dead, blood dripping from their neck.  At that moment, I saw a shadow standing in front of me.  I looked up and saw the scary, boney, noseless demon that was chasing me, and he said, "Hey child!  I wouldn't try to run if I were you!"  At that moment, I turned tot he door and ran into the hall.  I pressed the elevator to go down, but it wasn't working.  Then, I went to the stairs but the door was locked.  When I turned around, I saw the guy and he said, "I told you not to run."  There was no where to go and the boney, noseless, mouthless scary looking demon walked towards me laughing.  He said, "You deserve it."

Greg, Cole, William

Lee Jr High School

Monroe, Louisiana, USA

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