14/10/2011 Barry Hutchison


It was Tuesday. But then, it was always Tuesday.

                At least, it was for him. He was the Keeper of Tuesday. It was his job to make sure Tuesday arrived when it was meant to, and left before it outstayed its welcome. His task was to ensure everything that was supposed to occur on Tuesdays occurred at the right time, and in the right order.

                It was a straightforward enough job. Nothing much ever happens on a Tuesday, anyway.

                The next day was Tuesday. So was the next one, and the one after that.

                The following day was his Day Off. It wasn’t, strictly speaking, a Tuesday, but it wasn’t any other day, either. It was just his Day Off, which rolled around every seventh Tuesday, regular as clockwork.

                The next day was Friday. And this, he would later come to reflect, was when everything started to go pear shaped.


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Comment by Carola Webber on October 14, 2011 at 1:12

The residents of Dory Town had nicknamed the Keeper of Tuesday  “Kotman” (Keeper-of-Tuesday-man). Everyone thought that Kotman was a trustworthy and reliable pizza shop owner. Little did they know he was a sneaky and shady food thief. It was a very horrible time for the people of Dory Town. Every Tuesday Kotman would steal all the food they ever had and unfortunately, once again, he was the Keeper of Tuesday which meant that he believed that every day was Tuesday!  One day as Kotman was roaming the streets of Dory Town everyone stopped to notice how fat, oversized and suspicious he had become. They had a plan! All the day keepers of the week decided to gather up and banish Kotman for life. So when they decided to confront Kotman in his empty Pizza Shop. They questioned him about all the missing food and why he had become so fat. Kotman began to explain himself “Alright, look I must admit that I am not the person you think I was, I was just so bored, it being Tuesday EVERY day. If you really want me to stop, you have to...

by Angela and Jayden

Comment by Annalise Taylor on October 14, 2011 at 10:49

“The Tuesday Keeper can’t be arrested on Tuesday for stealing food.”
The cops read that out loud in their service station. One said: “We really can’t stop him, not if we don’t let him do everything he wants on a day he creates!”
One other cop said: “Wait a moment… the law said that he can’t be arrested on TUESDAY!” – The other policemen said all together: “What do you mean?!” – Then the policeman said: “Don’t you see? If we tell people to vote for the second law too, the Tuesday Keeper will create another day, that is not Tuesday, so the first time the created day comes, we arrest him!”
“Man, you are a genius! We can do it!” – screamed all the policemen together. The very next day a mail had been sent to all the people in Dory Town, with the updates on the plan.
That day, the whole population of Dory Town, aggregated in St. Patrick’s Circus, the biggest place in the little city. The Tuesday Keeper had been summoned, and the spokesman of the Metropolis said: “All the residents changed their mind, Mr.Kotman. We will allow these laws. – Once he spoke, Mr.Kotman went up on the stage, and said at the microphone: “The first thing I want to say is THANK YOU, thank you for leaving your freedom to me. The name of the day you will obey is Golday, because after your vote, I will be rich! Now, Friday will be replaced by Golday, and you have voted for that, so I can just say that today is Thursday, good luck for tomorrow!



International Community School



Comment by John Iona on October 14, 2011 at 11:59


The people of Dory Town were overjoyed at how their plan had commenced. Some of them were celebrating in some of the most unusual ways. Some had been going to their doctors ,some had been invitnig people over for a medeival themed party in which you MUST attend in full medieval costume. However  the two twins of the Cheif Commisioner were not involed in any of these celebrations. In fact they  were the only two citizens of Dory Town who were not celebrating.I  feel mlike I have not introduced you to the main heroes of the story, what type of author does that. One of the twins was called Melody and the other was Hope. Now Hope and Melody were both bright and shared their passion for:



World Peace


and Music

The two twins were both incredibly musically talented and could play an variety of instruments.


by Sharnali, at Oasis Academy Enfield, London

Comment by Janet Rothwell on October 14, 2011 at 13:58
Hope and Melody were at the meeting, hiding in the shadows of the dark, spooky corridors which screams silent. They were just outside the room, taking caution and carefully listening to the master plans that Kotman and his gang were discussing. They were planning to trick the whole of Dory Town into giving him the master key to rule the over time forever. Golday was the answer and key to his problem. It was the day he chose to do anything he wanted. So only when that day came across, would he be able to commence his not so secret plans.
Hope and Melody were already on the case. They began to discuss ways of defeating the keepers of the days. They decided to open a time portal by using, Melody’s magical musical skills, and to lock the keepers away forever. But will this plan work? Melody would have to lead them in with her and she would be locked away too. But Hope will always be there….
Sohil and Saranian, Langley Grammar School, UK
Comment by Allison Painich on October 14, 2011 at 16:03
Hope will be the one who rules time, but no one knows that. Melody doesn't even know. At the medeival party, Kotman was eating mutton and being as fat as he could possible be while his followers were sitting like statues as nervous as worm trapped with a bird. See the "followers" of Kotmn weren't really loyal, but Kotman handpicked the people he should befriend. Kotman said to himself last Tuesday, "If you don't trust them, keep them close!" That's how he chose his disciples. "Today," started Kotman at the mic, "we will have the first Gold day!" Everybody hald-heartedly cheered. Melody and Hope silently jeered. "Everyone shall buy a large pizza with extra muster and mutton toppings." So...pedestrians and nobles, everybody, line up to buy your pizza pie."
Hope and Melody got ready for the attack. BOOM! All of the sudden, everything happened exactly how they wanted it. Kotman was pushed over Melody by Hope. Melody was crouched in the shape of a footstool so Kotman fell into the worm hole. Melody jumped in after him to hold him down. Well, Kotman was so enourmously FAT that the wormhole couldn't hold him! The whole town was sucked in and water filled the huge crater. That is how Lake Michigan came to be.
I am truly sorry this turned out differently than I told you, but you can't expect me to give the story away before it ends! You've been hoodwinked!

Sallie Humble Elementary
Monroe, Louisiana, USA

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