The sign reads Danger – Live Explosives. Danny and I ignore it as we duck under the black and yellow Do Not Cross tape and step into the entrance hall, which is deathly quiet now all the tenants have moved out. Tower Block #3 has a bad reputation, even by local standards: muggings, burglaries and all the unsolved murders. It’s a good thing it’s finally being demolished, if you ask me. But not until 2pm this afternoon.
As we enter the lift and the doors close, Danny asks, “How much cash do you think is up there?”
“Dunno,” I say with a shrug. “A million?” Rumor has it that, before he died, the tenant in apartment 10/2 stashed a lottery win in the walls… Or under the floorboards… Or behind the bath… Depends who you ask.
This afternoon those winnings are going to be blown to smithereens. Such a waste.
“I heard it was more like…”
Danny stops dead as the lift grinds to a halt between floors 8 and 9. The ceiling lights flicker madly. I start pressing buttons on the wall, to no effect.
“We’re stuck,” Danny whispers, clearly thinking about 2pm.
There are tools in my backpack – a crowbar and hammer we were going to use on the door of apartment 12. We can pry open the doors or even get out through the ceiling. I tell him to stay calm…
And that’s when something drops onto the lift roof.
Something heavy…

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Comment by Jan at Delany on October 15, 2010 at 0:00
an enormous rock! The rock was as dirty as a mud field. It must have fallen hundreds of feet above us. The thought of how it got there passed my mind for a split second. Nothing could get to that height, it was impossible. But I had a new problem, Danny. He was as white as a ghost, he was horrified.

“Danny, it will be alright. Were going to get out of here,” I said quietly.

Danny replied, “Okay..” and he gave a slight smile.

The light continued flickering. As the rock fell through the lift I noticed that the lift began to swing. Half the lift was taken down as the rock left the lift. As the rock disappeared down into the dark floor under us, Danny and I stood on the small part of the lift left. Danny and I were swinging side to side, too scared to look up. We did not know what to do. I knew we had to stay calm.

“Hang in there, we’ll be fine!” I said. I tried talking to Danny hoping it would help him forget about his fear of heights. I was thinking of a plan to get out. One wrong move and we would be goners. I thought about the reason we were here, I thought about the demolition time, I thought about the locked door and finally I thought about being trapped here. But that was the least of our problems at this point in time.

Taylor and Salwa
Delany College, GRANVILLE NSW
Comment by R Buckland on October 15, 2010 at 10:12
Out of the blue another rock falls from the sky. I look to Danny he was now frantically rummaging through my heavy rucksack.
“What do you think you are doing?” I yelled, secretly frightened myself now. “We are in the middle of a crisis and all you can do is look in my bag!”
“Are you stupid I am looking for the crow bar to open this worthless door!” Danny replied, who I thought was about to collapse.
“Of course why couldn’t I think of that?”
I grabbed my bag and started rummaging through even faster than Danny. I finally found it and yanked it out. Danny and I set to work pulling pushing till eventually the door gave way, what we saw was far beyond expectation and anyone’s imagination.

As Danny and I stepped out into the mysterious world, we where both completely speechless, as we were in the presence of the greenest, slimiest, scaliest most disgusting thing we had ever encountered. Its scaly wings stretched out as far as the east is from the west and its body was almost as tall as the building we were in or at least the building we thought we were in.

“At last you have come, I’ve been waiting many years for you, and now your finally here so let the ceremony begin!” boomed the monster.

Suddenly there was an outburst of commotion as the walls started to move.

“What’s happening?” screamed Danny
“How am I supposed to know?” I replied a little furious that Danny was acting as if I was his mother.
As little green beings came scuttling in Danny cried “How are we going to get out if this one?”…
Comment by Lynne Coppendale on October 15, 2010 at 11:02
They started scuttling around holding candles, and knifes everything that we got taught in our history lesson about sacrificial ceremony’s, one of them came up to us with a big cylinder shaped canister, we were astonished at what it was, Daniel trying desperately not to cry. It was something that is not recognisable by the bare eye until Danny pointed it out to me that it was a gas canister, with a rare glint in his eyes, which for me I have never seen before.
The gas canister said on it ‘For people that can not sleep at night’, then suddenly, gas started to surround and swarm consuming every square inch of the place we were in, it looked like we were underground, but the weird thing is that the gas never left the room, it just stayed in it making me and Danny fall to the ground while my whole body started to go numb, and as I started to feel a bit dizzy , as if someone had just gave me a large dose of anaesthetic to get me ready for a serious operation. When I started to blackout, I noticed that the little green things, getting ready for something, because they dropped us onto the hard surface. I finally couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer as I started to fall into a deep, life threatening sleep and the anaesthetic rapidly weakened my body to the limit that no-one could bare I realised that I probably shouldn’t have come here in the first place….

After I came to, with a bit of memory loss, I noticed that Danny was not with me any more, and that my hands and feet were shackled in this really hard type of titanium, combining me to this thing at the other end of the room, it looked old and half eaten, oh my god it was a dead body, and it looked like it had been there for quite a while, and just think, we only came here to get some cash for our family….

Kelsey Douthwaite, Danum School Technology College
Comment by Ann Brine on October 15, 2010 at 11:54
Then suddenly I broke, I started sceaming at the top of my voice desperately hoping that this was all just a bad dream and I would soon wake up and see my family gently comforting me. But this was not going to happen.
After my constant shrieks a big heavy door opened and through it came the ugliest thing you would ever behold. It was one of those monsters that haunt you throughout your life. To this, the bogey man looks like a pink fluffy rabbit. He came close to the table I was strapped to and he breathed out a rancid, putrid stench of a breath that almost made me vomit there and then. He started to speak a language that is not at all from this planet I’m sure. Then once he sensed that I could not understand him he injected a fluid into my neck and from that point onwards things really got freaky.
The monster then started to speak in my language telling me about the awful things he was going to make me endure. I asked him about the decomposing body I was next to and he answered
“Ahh, that is my last subject. He was an experiment of medicinal purposes I was trying to cure a disease from my planet.”
That was when I felt only the slightest bit intriuged and sympathetic toward the being. All of a sudden a large siren rang and the being was so shocked his face almost jumped from its natural position. He then hurried out the room which I was going to remain in (yeah sure) .

By Dominic Fitzpatrick & Niall Godfree English Martyrs School Leicester
Comment by kgarnett on October 15, 2010 at 12:39
I was still shackled up against the wall, wondering what was coming to me next. The horribly ugly being shuffled back into the room.
“Now you’re going to experience a pain you would never have imagined of.” It spat out the words as if they were made of venomous daggers. Thoughts swirled around my dizzy head as the creature pressed a button on the slimy, blood encrusted wall. He seemed to do this with relish. It quickly stumbled out of the room as a hatch opened rapidly releasing a tsunami of large, bloodthirsty sewer rats. I looked at them with disgust. Fear crawled all over my body. They had the red, menacing evil eyes of the devil. Teeth like sharp knives, covered in yellow slime. They scampered towards me, hungry for my fear-filled flesh. They started nibbling at my fingers, removing my nails. The pain was immense. Then they started at my face, in particular, my eyes. They picked and gauged at them, removing them from their sockets. I wondered if I was ever going to escape...

Jack and Anthony, Elizabeth College
Comment by Nikki Heath on October 15, 2010 at 14:01
A shiver went down the back of Danny's spine. " What was that?" Danny whispered. The lift suddenly stopped. Danny shot from one side of the lift to the other side of the lift.......

A hand came into the lift, it looked like a human hand. "How could it be a human hand a human hand hasn't got that kind of force?" Danny whisperd. Danny stood still while the hand moved around. Danny's heart was beating too fast it was so fast that even Danny could hear it. The hand all of a sudden vanished. The lift started to move again, Danny said in a shocked voice "Oh my god what was that? " The lift door opened at the floor that Danny wanted, then he got to his office and told everyone what had happend, and never went in a lift again!!!!!!!!!!! d:-) Written by Dominic H Werneth School, Stockport, UK year 7.

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