SOMETHING is stuck in my eye. Not a bit of grit. Not a vindictive finger from my brother, either. We all see things, don’t we? Tricks of the light. Well, yeah. And I’ve been seeing tricks of the light for a couple of weeks. Something dark to my left. Something… crouching. Always to the left. But of course, as soon as I turned to look… nothing.
Until this morning, when I sat up in bed and saw it again. To the left. Crouching. I opened the curtains, ready to find it gone again.
But when I let the light in, it was still there. It is still here. Its eyes are pale yellow. It has blackened fangs. And it’s growling…

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Comment by Jan at Delany on October 14, 2010 at 23:35
I know it’s not my imagination, because when I turn to my left, it won’t go away like it used to. It just stares at me with those beady eyes. When I sleep, I can feel its warm breath on my face, and I can hear its growl turning into a purr, so I know it’s comfortable around me. That’s why it keeps coming into my room, but I just want it to leave me alone.
Now each night it comes closer and closer towards me while I’m still looking at it. When it finally reaches me, it continues staring at me, and it gives me a shy smile. At least that’s what I think it was doing.
One night while I was sleeping, it woke me up and the room started to spin. When it finally stopped, we ended up in my old house, but the shock was I saw me and my family were there having dinner the day my dad left us. I could see my dad storming out the door and never returning. Now I felt really angry because I had to witness this horrible memory again. It fast-forwarded to the day my mum was sick. I could see my mum coughing and coughing until she couldn’t cough any more, she just lay in her bed not saying a word…and she was gone.

My anger triples because that THING was bringing back my worst memories. Then it brings me back to my room. I scream at it to “LEAVE ME ALONE!” Its smile slowly fades away and it gives me a deadly look…

Michelle and Joanne
Delany College, Granville NSW
Comment by R Buckland on October 15, 2010 at 10:12
The next night it haunted me again. I could feel the sweat trickling down my forehead and I was shaking all over my body. How long was this going to go on for? My head hurt and I thought the night was never going to end. I saw something glint in the darkness and I saw a dark shadow moving across my room. Then it appeared and laid its hand on my burning forehead. I tried to resist the temptation of screaming but then I realised his hand was clamped over my mouth. I hid under my bedcovers and tried to get to back to sleep but the covers were pulled away from me. I felt his heavy breathing on my chest. Then I fainted.
The next morning I woke next to my radiator. I couldn’t remember anything. My mind was blank. I slowly got up and plodded over to my mirror. I looked at the awful figure peering straight at me. With red eyes, pale face and hair that only a gargoyle would like. To my horror I suddenly realised it was me.
There it was! The thing that was bugging me in my eye. I looked again to see if it was there, but it wasn’t. I couldn’t see it in the mirror but it was always there living in the corner of my eye. I was so scared! I ran downstairs at top speed. In my class I am the slowest but now with this speed I could win any race. George, my brother, was sitting at the kitchen table sipping a can of beer. This always annoyed me because he came back late from the pub and he was terribly drunk.
“It’s in my eye get it out, get it out!” George just looked at me with a puzzled look. I knew I was in trouble and I had to explain EVERYTHING…..!
Comment by Lynne Coppendale on October 15, 2010 at 10:58
I was just about to explain to my brother George… Then it happened again, the room was spinning but the spinning went on for much longer-the only reason for this I could think of was that it was a deeper memory, but I didn’t have any deep, emotional memories……
I woke up and I was in a different place, the scary thing was that I can’t even remember going to sleep; I can just remember the thing giving me that look and the room spinning and spinning.
Then I saw a man-well there was lots of men really, they were soldiers, but one of them stood out. I remembered him, but I couldn’t think of where from?
It was from the picture from the living room, the picture was of my great grandad Ernest. This place was a battle field, a battle field of ww2.
It wasn’t right, both armies were scared-but who or what of? It certainly wasn’t of each other.
Then it happened. The look came into the things evil, yellow eyes, and it did it. It killed them all with one single raise of its deadly pupils. They projected across the battle field in a violent manner and became impaled on the barbed wire surrounding the trenches, blood oozing out of the soldiers who were not yet dead. So the thing decided to torture them, it was horrific. It made their eyes bleed, the soldiers cried for their loved ones-they screamed in pain….
The thing was the one that killed my great grandad Ernest-it wasn’t the war after all. I was angry…very angry

By Shannon Fouweather and Alicia Knitter.
Danum school technology college
Comment by Ann Brine on October 15, 2010 at 11:55
And once again I was back, staring at my brother George as he waited for an answer. He folded his arms and walked away, looking back at my terrified face.
For the rest of the day I didn’t see the strange figure in the corner of my eye. Nor did it seem like it followed in my footsteps; where had it gone? It had probably gone to torment someone else. But surely it would once again haunt my nightmares turning them into reality, when I wake.
I leaned on the wall for support as a wave of anxiety washed over me, and sure enough, there it was again. I remembered the bleeding faces of the soldiers, and those taunting yellow eyes coming closer....closer. It scowled at me, enjoying my fear, which it created.
I ran, not knowing where I’d end up, as long as I was away from ‘it’. But as I ran towards the door, the floor was knocked from my feet and I was drowned in nothingness. It was pitch black everywhere and the figure was near. I could feel it. It moved closer until he was practically breathing down my neck. It let out a deep snarl, echoing round the room as if he was trying to tell me something. It ran its claw-like structured hands through my hair.
I was scared. Where on earth was I? If I was still on earth.......

By Lucy Ong and Lauren Kempin
English Martyrs RC school.
Comment by kgarnett on October 15, 2010 at 12:46
I reached back hoping to find a light switch, luck wasn’t on my side, I was terrified now, my heart was beating as fast as ever. I backed away and I tripped over something, I felt two paws on my chest. It had sharp claws and a piercing glare, the light of his eyes allowed me to study his face. It was dark and furry and his teeth were yellow and deadly sharp. His breath was rank and smelled of flesh, drool poured out of his mouth with an unending supply. It cracked a smile and released its grip, I took the opportunity and ran, it made a swipe, I avoided it and searched for a door or a window. I saw a window about twenty metres away. I sprinted with all of my might and jumped through, the werewolf tried to attack me again but missed by a mere centre metre and I made a hasty escape. There was a set of stairs leading to another door. I ran. Suddenly all of the bad memories flooded into my head, my mum, my dad and my great granddad, it was all too much. I stopped and fell to my knees. The beast caught up with me and sunk its razor sharp claws right into my back...
Cameron, Oliver and Elliott Elizabeth College
Comment by Nikki Heath on October 15, 2010 at 14:12
I made a very hasty escape with it's claw marks all over my back, with that terrifying beast behind me the memories kept flashing through my mind uncontrollably was scared out of my mind could feel it's boiling hot breath purring on all over my back. I stared at a Forest and sprinted for my life towards it. Startling beast grabbed a huge tree and with a terrifying growl it launched the tree straight at me. I quickly dodged it with all my breath, then stared at the beast. Soon it's eyes met mine then it jumped from tree to tree flying around and launched me to the ground. It’s claws pierced into my arms screamed with all my breath then a tear trickled down my face. The werewolf slowly pulled it's claws out I quickly booted it in the mouth one tooth fell out, I quickly ran away with the tooth in my hand. The memories came back again more tears ran down my face. With the tooth in my hand I launched it with all my might it flew straight into the beasts eye tones and tones of pure red blood flew down the beasts face. It fell to the ground with a huge thud, my eyes went very blurred and I appeared to be under my bed covers and the trick of the light had gone. I ran down stairs to George with excitement and said "IM FREE!"
by Declan J Werneth School, Stockport, UK

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