The cave entrance was dark and forbidding, the only light came from my torch. I stood completely still, frozen in terror. Behind me was the monster, relentless in its pursuit. I had no choice. Either I faced my fears or I turned back the way I’d come - back towards the monster. Yeah, like that was a choice…
I closed my eyes and tried to summon up courage. It’s only darkness, I told myself, repeating what my mum used to tell me, when I wouldn’t go to bed. Nothing to be afraid of. My legs thawed enough for me to edge forward, my eyes still shut. I reached out my free hand, hoping to steady myself. Took deep, even breaths so that my heart would stop pounding. I felt the cold stone of the cave wall, slick with moisture and slime. I reacted to the sensation, pulled back my hand, dropping my torch…
Then the screaming started.

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Comment by Jan at Delany on October 15, 2010 at 1:58
It was pitch black. I tried to find my torch, but my brain would not allow my hands to move. The torch was on the floor just before the monster. I could see blood running down the legs of a grey looking leg.

The monster picked up the torch and held it underneath his face. I could see now that he was a skeletal gargoyle that had large bony wings. Its face was disgusting and filled with hunger. It was covered with what looked like fungi. His teeth were rotten and yellow with holes in them.
‘Dropped something?’ he sneered.

I looked at him and tried to figure out if I should run past him or stay where I was. What strategy gave me a better chance of surviving?
It seemed like it took me a long while to decide to run.

The grey, hunchbacked gargoyle flew after me. I ran as fast as I could, knowing that my life was hanging on a very thin line. I could not see much, just the walls flying past me. I started running, I stubbed my toe on a large rock and before I knew it, something hit my face. It took me a while to realize that I had tripped over the rock. I felt the wind of the gargoyle fly past me. I could not bring myself to get up because my head was spinning frantically.
I heard the monster land and could feel the floor thud as he walked towards me with heavy footsteps…

By: Katia and Raphaella
Delany College, Granville, NSW
Comment by R Buckland on October 15, 2010 at 10:12
The next thing I knew I was trapped in the evil clutches of the skeletal gargoyle. My heart was in my throat. I couldn’t hear anything else apart from the heavy breath of the beast above me. I couldn’t bear to open my eyes; the beast was all sticky with goo and saliva. I felt the wind blow in my hair and I knew I was no longer in the cave! I forced myself to open my eyes and I saw that we were flying high over the mountains. I gave a scream of surprise and it echoed through the valleys below. Suddenly the monster started to lower, where was I going …?

As the monster lowered I could see a ruin of a building and a huge hollow oak tree. I looked down to my wrist and I saw the claws had dug into my hand so tight that they had turned bright red with no circulation left in my hands . “Where are you taking me?” exclaimed Georgia.
“You will be one of us” spoke the gargoyle with a deep voice. He flew around the tree a few times, making a high screeching noise. Its wings were stretched out like a bed sheet billowing in the wind. The sky was dark and the air was thick and cool. I felt drops against my skin, cold and wet. First I thought it was blood but when I looked up I found it was raining. It began to fly towards the opening of the giant tree, what was it going to do with me …?
Comment by Lynne Coppendale on October 15, 2010 at 11:07
It was then that the darkness took me.

Waking up I felt a rough band of metal around each wrist. Shackles, great! Right now I wished that I was safe at home but deep down I knew there was no chance of that, especially with what’s happened over the past few days. I remembered the wounded look on Fathers face when I told him that I hated him and never wanted to see him again. How was I to know that he’d go and die on me? The guilt haunts me still but there’s no way I can change the past. Suddenly someone interrupted my train of thought, jerking me from the past and back into my unsure future.

I opened my eyes and looked into a mans face full of loathing and curiosity. I tried to stand but my weak legs couldn’t hold me, I tried to scream but only a muffled sound came out as I realised I was wearing a gag. My whole body was paralysed with fear and even though adrenaline coursed through my veins it wasn’t helping me now. The man sniffed the air near me and spoke to the gargoyle creature.
“Nephrium, you have done well, I shall not punish you today.”
I heard the pitiful sounds of the creatures grovelling gratitude as is shuffled away.

It was dark here so my eyes couldn’t follow the creature; it looked like I was in a cave again. This cave had a different feeling about it though, a feeling of not-quite-rightness and secrets…

Jessica Wheeler and Tina Limbu
Danum School Technology College
Comment by Ann Brine on October 15, 2010 at 12:14
My torch dropped to the muddy damp floor, wherei began to scamper around this dirty cave looking for my torch. Ironically, the batteries died and i had no idea where the torch could be. I continued to look for the touch in the darkness of the cave relying on my senses to guide me out. Suddenly, i felt a shadow close in on me invading my space, i looked behind me but the darkness disgued the creature creating an illusion as if nothing was there. i still felt as if i could see something which had another figure behind it but i couldnt figure out exactly what it was. I assumed it was another figure but maybe i was wrong...
The malevolent figure maliciously grabbed my ankles and as i wrestled with its strong vigourous grip. Tighter and tighter his large paws seemed to imprint into my skin. My body feeling light, blood rushing to my head as he grabbed and turned me upside down. He was demanding me to sit on a cold jagged rock with my knees trembling. I tried to scream but no sound escaped my mouth through the echoing cave. The monster foaming now at the mouth, stomach rumbling, mumbling words i couldnt make out through my fear. I froze. His vulgar laugh sent shivers down my spine as i thought the worst was still to come. The monster leaned forward with its long, sharp claws i felt as if he was about to viviously tear into my skin when suddenly he stpped. His presense intimidated me, his small evil eyes glaring down at me as i sat trembling on the rock. He moved closer like a lioness about to surprise attack her prey. His eyes widen, jaw relaxed to complete calm moment. He opened his mouth, smiled and said ‘’wheres my food for me then?’’

By Chibuye Chipili
Benjamin Rene
English Martyrs

p.s sorry for the delay our work got deleted!
Comment by kgarnett on October 15, 2010 at 12:50
I couldn’t answer; I was too stunned to speak. “Well?” rasped the bizarre creature. My mouth was open but no words came out. The head of the beast was like a crocodile, the body; a fat lion with paws the size of dinner plates. “What are you?” I asked, my throat still clenched tightly in horror. The beast laughed, covering me in saliva. “You do not need to know; now I expect my food.”
“What do you want?”
“I want a whale.”
“You can’t eat all that!” I gasped. The beast laughed again, giving me an extra coating of saliva. “Big beasts like me need a lot of food.” His stomach then let out a monstrous growl.
“I would be able to get you one if you unchain me.” The monster then took one slice at the chain and it snapped. “Off you go then,” he laughed one more time drenched me with a final helping of saliva. I turned back for one more minute, the beast smiled. I knew the monster will be watching me, so the option of running away was terminated instantly. The monster stood glaring at me with its eyes full of malice and cunning...

Lewis and Caius
Elizabeth College
Comment by Nikki Heath on October 15, 2010 at 14:19
As I timidly crept through the dingy tunnels the beast started slowly and steadily following me so I didn’t run off, but before I knew what was happening I was being flung through the air by a wooden catapult full of moss and goo so it blended in with the floor. When I finally had the courage to open my eyes, I was being carried through the air by a cloud. In battle gear .Then all of a sudden, I was being dropped towards what looked like the ocean full of giant blue whales, but before I could think, I was plunged into the clear blue depths below. Lower and lower I went; I frantically tried to make my way to the surface. One of the giant whales began to talk to me. “What are you doing here?” it boomed. I must have been having a nightmare. “Well?” It repeated. Before I could think I had already thrusted my sword into its forehead. All of a sudden it disappeared. Before I could wonder where it had gone I arrived back in the cave with my normal clothes on. “You have done well, human,” rasped the beast. Behind it was the whale I had killed. ‘But now you die….”
By Jordan B, Werneth School, Stockport, UK.

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