16/10/15 Andy Briggs

When he had woken up, Ben was convinced today would be a magical day.  Now he was on his way to school - not very magical, admittedly, but it was a crisp autumnal morning and Ben and magic was very much in the air.  He couldn’t resist kicking mounds of fallen leaves that nestled along the path.  A particularly large pile caught his attention and he booted them in a spectacular golden-brown leafy rainbow.  The wind caught them and spiralled the mass towards an old building that stood alone on the hill.  They pirouetted across the yard and through the crooked front door where they were sucked through with a WUMP!

Ben pressed himself against the grimy railings and peered across the derelict grounds.  It was the old toy factory.  For years it had been the main source of employment for the town, but it now stood sad and vacant since video games had stolen children’s attentions from more traditional board games and wooden rocking horses.

Ben was about to turn away but stopped.  Did he hear something?  Something familiar but oddly out of place?  It took him a few moments to realise it was the ringing bell from an old telephone crooning away from within the building.  Ben gently pushed the gate and the wind took it from his grasp, opening it with a welcoming creak.

With an apprehensive step Ben stepped into the yard, intrigued with what he would discover inside the old toy factory.

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Comment by Sarah Cook on October 16, 2015 at 4:13

Ben could still hear the eerie tone of the phone. He slowly crept up towards the door. This brought back memories of the dreaded day he lost his best friend, Phelix. That day still haunts him like a stalking crow. Ben remembered how Phelix left him on his own. Phelix had entered a mysterious house, just like this. Ben never saw him again.    

As he pushed the door slowly, it crept like a car, running out of petrol, in the middle of nowhere. Ben entered the old factory, with extreme care. The sound of the phone had now become beyond bearable. He found himself picking up the phone. Suddenly, a SCREECHING HORRIBLE sound ran from the other side of the phone!!! Ben immediately dropped it. He could see a figure emerging from the suffocating darkness. Ben raced for the door, but before he knew it, he was immobilised, pinned, to the ground.

The figure was now clear. He could not believe his eyes. IT WAS… PHELIX!!!!

Jakob & Lara

Christ the King Primary

North Rocks Australia

Comment by Alex Petrella on October 16, 2015 at 9:22

Paralysed with fear, he was reluctant to turn around. Willing himself with all of his might, he turned…slowly…cautiously. Phelix disappeared, as if he had been sucked into the depths of the shadows. As quickly as he had appeared, he vanished. Shaking with fear and uncertainty, Ben darted for the door only to be met with the slamming of wood and the turning of a lock.

Trapped, his face paled. His body shaking uncontrollably, fear had consumed him. It wrapped itself around him like a coat. His only option now was to venture deeper into the factory to find his way out. His body moved forward, ignoring his conscience, warning him not to take another step.

A flash of neon purple light flickered ahead. Ben continued forward, his heart pounding with a deafening force. He felt defeated by the darkness. Just as he was about to give up hope, he arrived at the old attic door. Something had led him here, but who, what?



Anna, Aiden, Maryama, Maher, Keshini, Venus, Razan, Nabil, Pranav, Hanaa, Mohammed, Zayn, Dimeiro

Norbury School


Comment by Alex Petrella on October 16, 2015 at 13:03
Ben approached, cautiously, his hands trembling with fear. He grasped the ancient doorknob with hieroglyphics inscribed on it. Overwhelmed with curiosity, with an unwelcoming creak, the wooden door prised open. There was dust everywhere, nothing to be seen…

In a haze of grime, he took a step forward and started to walk towards a glowing, faint light in the far away corner of the attic. The door slammed behind him, he instantly regretted coming here and going inside.

Something pulled him towards a white, glistening sheet of cloth wrapped over a mysterious object! Carefully, he grabbed the sheet and threw it across the attic floor to discover what the mysterious object could be.
In front of him stood an immense, faintly lit portal. He was paralysed with fear but before he could regain his bravery something or someone pulled him in, through the portal.

Suddenly he was in ancient Egypt and found himself on top of a pyramid! He turned around and he heard an echoing, evil cackle resounding in his ears. He turned around to return to the portal and his own world but to his astonishment the portal had completely faded away and in its place stood PHELIX…

Glenda, Tanish, Kael, Ashraf, Osman, Yadira, Zaara and Basanta.
Norbury Primary School
Comment by Leesa Sharpe on October 16, 2015 at 13:56

Flynn Broomgrove Junior School

He leaped into the small hatch of the attic his heart still recovering from the shock of the chase, he then had an idea - maybe Phelix was trapped and or even worse… turned into a ghost. Maybe the ghost of Phelix was trying to save him.

He was drowning in his own thoughts, sinking deeper into sadness. He had to snap out of it and try to save himself. He looked around the old attic he was in. As soon as he had opened his eyes he saw cobwebs, and lots of them. Ben then barged his way through the mass of webs (he hated spider’s). Just then his eyes widened, heart stopped it was his worst fear… clowns. This must be where they used to keep the “un wanted” toy. Ben then glanced to his right and saw a small door that he could climb through. He sprung straight to the door. Suddenly a flash of shadow flew by his face then a cold hand grasped his shoulder. A shiver ran down his spine, his hairs stood on end. Someone or something had pulled him into the darkness of the door. The familiar face of his friend stared at him and put his hand over his mouth to stop him from screaming. He then, pulled his finger to his own ghostly mouth to shush him. “Get out of here”, the ghost mouthed the words silently…

Comment by Jenny Noble on October 26, 2015 at 23:01

“What do you want?” Ben stammered at the ghost of his friend. Phelix’s icy cold grip on his shoulder loosened and he slowly started to drift away. “No, come back!!” Ben yelled at Phelix, but he was gone. Ben was all alone in the grime of the old attic. He shrunk down onto the floor and put his head in his hands. Suddenly he heard a sinister giggle. “Who’s there?” Ben looked up. He heard it again. It was coming from the far corner of the room, near the shelf of clowns. He stood up abruptly, looking for the owner of the voice. He saw movement, and something on the shelf fell onto the rotten floorboards. “Oh no, please no!!!” Ben groaned. The clown stepped into the light. “He he!!” It chuckled again. Ben backed against the wall. “Get away from me!!” He yelled at the clown. Ben looked closely at its little hand. Before it had been holding up five fingers. Now he was only holding up four. His smile seemed to be growing wider and wider. Another finger went down. Ben began to sob, why did he come here?! Two fingers. One finger. No fingers. The clown lunged at him and everything went black. Ben woke up and saw a bright light, and a face appeared above him. “Hello Ben.” Said Phelix. “Welcome to Heaven.”

Isabel Burdick and Cecilia Hutchinson

St Mary's College

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